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Fuck you Wednesday.

by MCR-99 1 review

Bit moody,at school and some fanbase (not ours though.)

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Sorry,but I'm pissed at a lotta stuff.


It was lunch at school,I had my headphones in playing Professional Greifers.I was walking to PE and some bitch pulled my tie off! The tie was clip-on,but still! also,my headphones came out and I was like 'FUCK YOOUUU!' and nearly punched that bitch in the face.But,Gerard,Mr.Careful,told me not to,so I put my headphones back in,clipped my tie back on and walked to PE.

Second,and last.

I hate beliebers even more now.I read a newstory about some girl in my city getting death threats from beliebers because of one tweet that Justin retweeted so his 34m followers could see it.The fanbase started a shitstorm.Now,personally I don't like beliebers,but to be honest I think it was fucking bitchy to do that.

BTW.The link for the story,which is online,is here!

(Did it post? If not just put into google '' and you should find the story entitled 'Teenager's Hell After Tweet About Pop Star Justin Bieber'. and read it there!)

Thoughts about the story? and general hate when some people do something that makes you want a shitstorm,and does any band member or band calm you down?

This is Sadie,signing off from her diary!

xo Sadie
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