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A cross to stick in your sinful soul

by 9BladedMiradai 3 reviews

I am incredibly proud of this! It works with the title and there is a pun in the title :D

Category: Poetry - Rating: G - Genres: Fantasy - Published: 2013-03-01 - 222 words - Complete

Sell your soul to the devil,
Cut all ties with heaven,
And bury your heart away.
Revel in the dark emptiness,
Sin until you're soot in the ashes.

Proudly scream your name,
Righteous and ultimate
In a world of endless,
Darkness closing over you,
Even to your last breath.

Everything else is better and,
Nothing of yours is good.
Vile possessions and mannerisms
You want in the casket too.

Sleep forever and never wake,
Live and breathe laziness,
Opposition requires effort,
Then don’t go against anything,
Here is ok as it is and will be forever.

Gorge yourself in taste,
Loving each sweet bite,
Under the delicious spell,
That flavour delicately enthralls,
The budding of your hunger,
On and on it gnaws, yet,
Never is your stomach,
Yeilding to satisfaction.

Gold as easy as broken,
Rubies glistening bright.
Eventually it is all yours,
Even the people will,
Die in red for your sake.

Leering eyes you wear,
Underwear shown to the world,
Sluts and whores in your web,
Their bodies your toys.

War is your only friend now,
Rage is your alibi in hell,
And you will be the general,
That leads us all to destruction.
Hell welcomes you back.

Soul and body once more together
In a place most accurately hell and,
Now never to be apart in the flames.
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