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Chapter Eleven:Honeymoon.

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"This,is Isle Esme."

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Chapter Eleven:Honeymoon.

We stopped the car at the airport.Gerard got out the car and told the pilot all the information needed for us to board the flight.The pilot nodded,and Gerard shook his hand.Then,Gerard came back to the car and got out our stuff.I got out the car and helped him carry our bags onto the plane.We found a few empty seats in the back row,and Gerard put our luggage in the shelves above before sitting down beside me and wrapping an arm around my shoulders.The plane then took off.

"So,where are we going then?"I asked during the flight."For our honeymoon?"

"You'll have to wait and see..Mrs.Way."Gerard chuckled,adding my official title as his wife at the end.I smiled,before resting my head on his torso.


The plane boarded in Rio De Janero.We stepped off,and I noticed where we were by the famous statue,Christ the Redeemer.

"Rio? That's where our honeymoon is?"I smiled,hoping I was right,as we got into the taxi.

"No."Gerard laughed."Just passing through."

We drove through the crowded markets of Rio,and I gazed out the window.I could hear music,andI saw couples dancing,kissing,hugging.Gerard saw me looking.

"pare aqui,por favor."Gerard said,quietly.He handed over $10 in Brazilian currency,before leading me out of the car and into the streets.We stopped in the midst of dancers,and began moving slowly to the mariache band that were playing.

"I didn't know you knew Portuguese,Gerard."I smiled,as we moved slowly on the spot.

"I know a lot of languages.We have a lot of family all around the world,and I seem to have picked up their ethnics."

I sighed,as we continued to dance for a while.After some time,me and Gerard walked slowly to the dockyard.Gerard found the boatmaster,who was stood by a white speed-boat.

"este barco,por favor?"Gerard requested to the boat master.The middle aged male in charge of the boat smiled.

"sim, aqui você vai."He replied,handing over the golden key to the boat.We put on our luggage,and then we sped off into the night.

After a few hours or so,Gerard sighed,then pointed into the night.

"That's Isle Esme.It was a gift from my father's grandfather,Carlisle.That is where we will be spending our honeymoon."Gerard smiled.I saw the rough outline of the mountained island.We moved closer towards it,and I saw it was very floral.Sandy,too.We stopped by the side of the wooden deck that led up to a huge cabin,that had many glass windows.We both stepped off the boat,and I walked up the decking,carrying my stilleto heels.Instantly,I was swooped up into the arms of Gerard.I giggled as he carried me inside,the traditional way,and placed me onto the black leather couch.

I looked around the extravagant room I was it.There were three black,leathered couches,two facing eachother.The one I was sat on was facing a huge,stone fireplace.The fire-tools were golden,along with the fireguard.To my left was the kitchen,which was large.It had two fridges,connected to eachother.There were also two ovens and two sinks.The counters were black with ruby red tiles,and the wall tiles were black.I walked along the wooden floor towards a bedroom,with white walls and a pale blonde flooring.The bed was facing the door,and it had white bedding.The wood holding the bedding was a chocolate brown.Also in this room was an ensuite bathroom,and a door leading to the beach.Gerard rested our bags on the bed,unzipping one of them and getting out a towel and washcloth.

"How about a little swim?"

"Okay.But,can I have a few human minutes first?"

"Don't be long."Gerard smiled,before walking out the glass doors towards the beach.During the trip to the water,he unbuttoned his shirt and dropped it by a tree.

I grabbed the towel and washcloth,along with my makeup bag,and walked off towards the bathroom.I then began brushing through my knotted hair,before running a bath.I filled the bath halfway,before removing my clothing and stepping into the warm water.I washed my body over,also shaving my legs and under my arms.After a small soak,I stepped out the bath,and wrapped a towel around my body.I then walked off towards the bedroom,tipping out some clothes that Donna had packed for me.I took a look at all the silky bikinis in shock,before dropping the clothes to the floor and putting my head in my hands.

"Don't be a coward."I told myself,before I moved myself off of the floor and stepped out into the night in my towel.I quickly ran down the beach,then noted Gerard's crumpled clothes.I sighed deeply,before dropping my towel down and joining my husband in the water.I moved slowly through the water,then stopped beside Gerard,who turned to me and kissed me with passion;lust.

"Gerard..We can do this.."I gasped during his ice cold kisses down my jawline,then neck.

"But,what if I hurt you,Sadie? I can't control myself."

"I'll tell you if you hurt me,I promise."I said,looking up at him with puppy dog eyes.Gerard hesitated,before swooping me up in his arms again and carrying me,with great speed,to the bedroom.


He layed me down on the bed and kissed me.I giggled as his kisses tickled my skin.He lined himself up and thrusted in.His hands moved up onto the back board of the bed,and he gripped to it tighter with every thrust.I heard the crack of the board breaking,just as his jizz was squirted in.Even though he was like ice,his sperm was warm.Gerard got a panicked look on his face as the board broke more.

"It's okay,we'll stop."I re-assure him as he pulled himself out,and layed beside me.His heart was beating wildly,as I drifted off to sleep in his arms.

pare aqui,por favor -- Stop here,please.
este barco,por favor -- This boat please.
sim, aqui você vai -- Yes,here you go.

All of these translations are portuguese (the language spoken in Brazil,where Rio is) to English.Yay for google translate!

So,that's that chapter done!
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