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Ash's Song.

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Ash, darling, this is for you.

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she’s an actress as you can see
takes center stage every night and day
dances through lies that are nine inches deep
ignores the sneers on the manager’s face

three weeks until her final performance
she recites her lines and grinds out a smile
she’s lost her mind, she’s lost her sense
yet she plasters a grin on all the while

the screen flickers to life
static corrodes the memories
little girl playing with a kite
happiness is all she sees

skipping around past lullaby graves
singing songs of their wretched cries
little girl doesn’t understand the pain
she only notices the bright blue sky

mama’s in the kitchen
daddy’s in the garage
little girl drowns the kittens
she watches from a queer facade

she has lollipops of cyanide
waltzes with arsenic-laced dolls
drinks from tea cups full of lies
little girl uses crayons of liquid salt

peers at the soldiers stumbling home
stares at the drunken men cheering at war
little girl gives out dreams on a loan
but they think she lies as her heart is sore

her teddy bear’s stuffed with organs
her balloon’s filled with bone
from rotten candy she’s been hoardin’
little girl herself is stitched and sewn

blindsided by joy and cut off from faith
she’s thrown around by the dogs and kids
like a toy she doesn’t really have a place
used by old friends from thick and thin

computer labs and empty canteens
pours her soul out with paper scraps and lead
the wretched watch her gurgle and bleed
criss-cross lines stitched on wrists with thread

watches the world spin by as it ignores the miserables
quietly sings as her voice floats on to the weak
yet as she is deemed damned and horrible
she stumbles on and performs dazzling feats

she’s a singer, an actress, a harmer, a dreamer
but all we see is through the little doll’s eyes
behind that is macabre beauty if you looked inside her
she knows not what she is so she chooses to hide

of better days to come and better things to be
the scars will heal and soften
the world would be worse if she were to leave
I think of that lovely girl often

wondering eyes seek out the truth
innocence yet warped is still fleetingly bright
even though her wounds are what I cannot soothe
I like to think that she’ll carry on in life

Well, Ash, I know it's been shitty for you these past months. I can't even imagine the pain you go through everyday. I wrote this as something you can look back on and something that will keep you from hurting yourself. I know I said this before, but you are beautiful. I'm honestly saying this not some shit I just made up. I mean it. Your voice is amazing, you're writing. . . I don't even have words for it. I didn't write this to compliment you though. You should already be getting those from other people. I wrote this because I care about you. You were the only person who emailed me after I attempted and it meant the world to me. When I'm about to hurt myself I think of you, and Sam, and Sadie and Nikki and everyone else who has stood by my side. If you were to leave, I'd be broken. I would never get over that and I'm dumb enough to take my life also if you were gone. Don't make me do that, doll. Just remember that across the world, a hyper Guatemalan midget cares about you. I'm Not Okay, you're not okay, but it doesn't matter. I just want to see you smile. xx Kitty
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