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Chapter XI of The Black Mist, in which Mireille defends the survivors from the monsters and Dr. Phillips learns of Mireille's supernatural powers.

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The Black Mist
-A Junctioner: Hylianis Story-

DISCLAIMER: The Legend of Zelda, and all related characters, places, concepts, ect., mentioned within are property of Nintendo and Shigeru Miyamoto. All other original concepts presented within are property of me, myself, and I.


Dr. Phillips watched from the descending elevator as the vault door opened. Like a spectator, she and the other survivors could do little more than watch as monsters flooded the upper area of their sanctuary. As she and the others lost sight of the upcoming battle, they could hear Mireille's battle cries and the sound of metal clashing against one another. Dread filled her heart, and expressions of fear and panic formed on the faces of the survivors.

She could do nothing to assuage them as the sound of something being thrown against the elevator doors above jarred the survivors. Part of her dreaded allowing Mireille to remain to combat the monsters, as if leaving a child to do a soldier's job. Yet she found herself at a quandary once more— she, like the other survivors, were powerless against these monsters. The images of countless friends and colleagues being consumed by darkness and rising as monsters filled her thoughts. Soon after, visions of military personnel twisting and writhing appeared.

Like the others, it was only by luck she managed to find this place. When all hope of the military ever stopping this newfound evil faded, those who remained took whatever they could carry into the fallout shelter... and here was where they remained, toiling in the darkness of the earth. She didn't know what was worse: the darkness of the earth... or the darkness of the human soul. A faint laugh escaped her lips.

Am I truly such a fool?


Loud snapping echoed throughout the stairwell as Mireille found herself staring into the soulless eyes of hundreds of monsters. Her eyes narrowed in concentration as her mind reeled at the sight of their numbers.

I'm such an idiot... why did I do this? Mireille thought, I'm going to die here... all because I couldn't keep my big mouth shut....

As she slashed at the monsters in front of her, her thoughts continued to trail off in opposite directions.

I want to go home... but these people need me. I can't just leave them hanging... but what if this thing inside me takes over? What are they going to do then? I'll....

She furrowed her eyebrows as the monster in front of her roared. It slammed its claws into the ground, sending bits of concrete flying. Other monsters encircled her, preventing any sort of escape. Mireille flipped over the monster in front of her and thrust her sword into its body. It howled and writhed in pain as an eerie light burst forth from the sword and the wound she had inflicted. The monster dissolved into light and faded into the shape of an unconscious human body. It fell onto the ground like a cadaver engulfed in a white hot fire.

As if sensing the death of a fallen comrade, the other monsters became more aggressive. One lunged at her from behind, and she found herself caught off-guard. She collided with a nearby wall and could do little more than scream as its companions joined into the attack like a pack of wolves. They bit into her arms and legs, and Mireille found herself powerless.

No... I won't....

She squinted her eyes shut as the familiar mark shimmered on the back of her left hand. Mireille frantically looked around, spying the frayed wiring dangling from the center of the stairwell. As her mind raced to find a solution to her predicament, searing pain surged through her leg, and she struggled to repress the scream in her throat. Shutting her eyes, she imagined the power-line colliding with the monsters above her.

Moments later, the roar of the monsters around her shot through her pounding ears. She opened her eyes and watched the monsters become electrocuted by the wire above. As they released their grip on her body, she slashed at them one by one. Mireille impaled the monsters onto her sword, watching the light envelop them once more. She struggled up the stairs, feeling blood running down her legs. Her gauntlets had large teeth-marks in them.

I'm going home. Grandpa will be able to get rid of this thing... I know he will! I'll put an end to this nightmare...

She reached the top of the stairs, and looked at generator. At that moment, an idea hit her, and before she could act, she felt something tear into her body. Blood filled her mouth as she peered down at the claws poking out of her shoulder. Mireille felt her body waver as she began to feel cold. A satisfied snarl escaped the monster's jaws, as if content with its handiwork. Moments later, a light flickered in Mireille's eyes, and the monster soon found its claws enveloped in white hot fire.

Its limb vanished into light as the holy fire spread, and before long, its entire being was consumed by the flame. With her right arm, she latched onto the monster's face as more light surrounded it. The monster faded, only to be replaced with a humanoid body. Mireille's vision began to grow hazy as she felt fatigue begin to take hold of her. Through the haze she could make out a lever. As she stumbled forward, she fell onto the lever, pulling it down as she collapsed onto the floor.


The generator hummed to life, and Mireille saw a bright light emanate from her sword, still lying where she had dropped it. She held her hand out, imagining the blade returning to her hand. When she felt cold steel enter her hand, she jabbed it into the side of the generator. As she collapsed onto the ground, the generator roared with power as a holy light began to fill it. A bright light filled the room.

...and for all.


Dr. Phillips stood inside the elevator as it ascended to the upper level of the shelter. An hour had passed since the attacks had begun, and an eerie silence filled the air. She surveyed the extent of the damage to the entrance of the shelter. The vault door lay fallen on the ground, like a giant cog that had fallen out of a clock. Rock and concrete lay strewn across the floor. What struck her the most was not the lack of a wall separating the shelter from the power plant above, but the piles upon piles of human bodies that lay collapsed onto the ground. The expressions on their faces were peaceful, as if dreaming.

She recognized most of these faces; they were townspeople... who had gotten lost in the mist. Before she could think of anything else, the sound of labored breathing filled the air. The bloodied figure of Mireille descended the stairs. Her tunic, once green, was now stained crimson. Her sleeves and tights were torn in several places, and hung off her body like appendages about to fall to the ground. A waterfall of crimson ran down her face as a satisfied expression formed on Mireille's face.

"Doc...," Mireille collapsed onto the ground, her breathing heavy and labored. "I... did it...."

Dr. Phillips ran to the woman's side.

"Don't speak. We have to get you medical attention!"

"It's... it's nothing...."

"Mireille... you're—"

A scream escaped Mireille's lips as she closed her eyes. Pain wracked her body, and she found herself falling into a fetal position on the ground. Dr. Phillips attempted to ease her pain, only to be pushed back by Mireille's functioning arm.

"Get... back!"

The researcher watched with amazement and horror as an eerie light streamed out of the girl's body. Before her very eyes, muscle tissue began to repair itself. As Mireille's wounds vanished before her eyes, the transformed woman's screaming began to ease. When the light faded, Mireille's vision blackened as darkness enveloped her awareness.


A soft groan escaped her lips as Mireille slowly awakened. Her entire body was wracked with pain, especially in her left shoulder. Closing her eyes, she gritted her teeth as her right hand moved toward her shoulder despite the pain her arm exhibited. As she lay there, her thoughts drifted back to the battle.

Those monsters... is everyone safe?

Mireille forced her eyes open as she gazed at the room around her. The familiar walls of the room that had been her prison greeted her, though they were now covered in cracks. On the ground were fallen bits of concrete and plaster. Beneath her was a small cot with a pillow. As she stared at her bloodied clothes, she could only imagine what she must have looked like.

I... I'm back here again....

At the hells of that thought, Mireille examined her body for wounds. When she found none, feelings of dread began to manifest themselves. Whatever force was responsible for restoring her time and again had done its work, and she felt afraid once more. She had tried so hard to prove her humanity to the survivors of Brume, only to fall victim to the force inhabiting her body once more.

...No... not this again!

Before Mireille could do anything else, the door to the room creaked open, and the figure of Dr. Phillips walked into the room. A dreadful expression etched itself onto Mireille's face as she approached.


Dr. Phillips watched the girl with caution and intrigue. She found herself both captivated and amazed by Mireille's powers. Regenerative abilities such as those Mireille seemed to possess were thought only to exist in science fiction and Hollywood. As she looked at her bloodied body, the researcher's mind toyed and danced with all of the possibilities this girl could achieve.

"I have seen many things in my life time, but this is the first time I've seen an actual resurrection."

Mireille said nothing as a nauseated feeling began to manifest itself in her stomach. To say Mireille was less than enthused about her regeneration was an understatement. She wondered if the researcher would ever see her as a person again, and not as some inhuman entity. Her thoughts once more turned to her grandfather as Dr. Phillips continued.

"That light... that light that your body emanated... I have never seen anything like it! How is it that you're able to generate this kind of power? How is it that you're able to regenerate lost tissue at such a rapid rate?"

"I don't... know...."

Dr. Phillips raised an eyebrow at the girl as her excitement lessened at the girl's look of melancholy. She was many things, but she was not without empathy. Though she was still amazed, she could sense the young woman's bitterness at this turn of events. There was a part of her, however, that still wanted to know more about the light that emanated from her body hours ago.

"Do you even know what this power inside of you is?"

"Not a clue...."

Tears welled up in Mireille's eyes as felt a twang of pain in her left shoulder. With her regeneration came pain, as though the wound were still there. She did not know why she felt it. To the young woman, it was not only a terrible reminder that she was not what she once was, but of her desire to return home and rid herself of this force once and for all.

"...You're still in a lot of pain, aren't you?"

Mireille nodded. Dr. Phillips looked back at the girl with understanding. Dr. Phillips was no fool; everything had its price to pay. She supposed, after a moment, that restoration of life was not without its consequences. Without further information, she would have no way of knowing just what those consequences are. Sensing her distress, Dr. Phillips decided to relent on the matter- it was the least she could do for their hero of the hour.

"I suppose nothing is without its price to pay... Forgive my outbursts. As a researcher, I am... absolutely amazed at these abilities of yours. They're unlike anything I have ever seen before!"

Tell me something I don't know..., Mireille thought as feelings of bitterness manifested themselves.

"I would like to speak with you more, but I see you are in no condition to do anything right now. Perhaps when you are feeling better, we can talk more then. Before I leave, I just have one thing to say: on behalf of the survivors of Brume, I thank you for what you've done for us."

As she said this, she walked towards the door. With a click, the door closed, and Mireille was alone once more with her thoughts.
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