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Chapter Thirteen:Fate.

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"The fetus is growing too strong."

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Chapter Thirteen:Fate.

We returned back to the Way household after a few hours.Everything had gone into a panicing mood,as Gerard called for his father to prepare the operating table.He kept saying that this baby would be out soon,but in that time I had grown to know that this was a child,a child that needs caring for.As soon as the operating area had been prepared,and the scalpel was nearing my abdomen,I finally blurted out.


"Sadie,what's wrong? We're going to get that thing out,it'll all be fine-"Gerard had tried to reassure me,by reminding me of what was about to occur.

"Gerard,our child isn't a thing.It's a baby."

Gerard stood still for a while,his father had the scalpel in a position,yet had stopped.After a while,Gerard spoke.

"Put the scalpel away."He said,expressionless,before leaving the room.Arthur put the scalpel away,then followed his son out of the room,leaving me led on the cold table.After a while,though,I moved to the front room,to see a bed set out for me.I sighed,slinking under the covers of the bed,slowly drifting off to sleep.


After a few days,the buldge of my stomach had grown bigger,and more painful.I had multiple bruises on my stomach,formed from the inside.I had grown weaker and weaker,and my voice got even more hoarser as the hours passed.

I was awake on the sofa,watching the TV,when I heard a familiar voice.

"Is she home yet?"


"Yes,she's upstairs.Andy I really don't think this is a good time -"

"Andy,is that you?"I called,and after a few seconds,he appeared in the doorway,with Arthur stood behind him.Mikey had seen Andy enter,and stood in front of me bravely.Over these past few days,Mikey had been taking care of me.He's grown fond of me,it seems.

"Move,Dog."Mikey growled.

"Mikey,it's okay."I reassured him,and Mikey loosened the tense.He stepped aside,yet still kept near.Andy took a seat beside me.

"So,you gonna show me what's up with you? Or will I just have to guess?"He laughed,and I smiled a little.

"Mikey? Help me up?"I ask,and Mikey helps me stand up,with Andy standing at the same time.I slid the hem of my t-shirt down a bit,over my buldge.Andy gasped,before Arthur entered the room with a sheet of paper.

"Sadie? I have the test results for the baby."


"Spit it out,Doc!"Andy said,impatiently,as we all sat in the lounge.I was led back down on the sofa,with Mikey sat at the end,tensed.Gerard was sat in the armchair in the corner of the room,Donna was sat on the kitchen counter on one side of the room.Andy had taken up the position of the floor,just under my head.

"Right."Arthur began,looking at the sheet for a little while,before looking gravely at Gerard.Gerard got up,crossing the room and looking at the test results.He then looked up at me,hazel eyes glowing with anger.

"I can't believe this!"

"What? What is it doc?"I spoke up.

"The fetus -"

"Baby."Mikey corrected his father.

"Baby has grown too strong.It is growing stronger."

"It's breaking you,Sadie.It's crushing you from the inside out."Gerard had calmed down a little,yet was still angry.

"So,what does this mean?"

"It means,there is a small chance that you'll make it through delivery."Arthur finished,before leaving the room.Gerard then returned to his seat,not making eye contact with me.


"Save it."He muttered,before leaving the room.

I began to cry a little,in both anger and sadness,I then felt the sharp pain in my stomach,and hissed in pain as I clutched onto it,and fell onto the floor.Andy caught my head,before calling for Gerard.


"The placenta must've detached!"Mikey screeched,as he helped Andy carry me into the other room.

I knew what this mean't.
The baby,was coming.
The baby,was dying.

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