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This is a chapter story, well that is if you like it. Frerard!

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Oh my gosh! The most famous dancer in New Jersey is coming to MY highschool! He is so hot and nice and the reason I wake up in the mornings with wet sheets!
He is the one and only Gerard Way. I look around the school to make sure I don't run into any jocks or mosh pits on my way to my locker. It seems all clear
except my friend Raeven, but I just call her Rae, waiting for me at my locker. I run up to her still looking around.
"It's alright Frankie. I already checked everywhere and no one is in the halls." I smiled at her and sighed with relieaf. Rae was always there for me
besides Kat and Jake.
"Thanks Rae-Rae. Where Katie Kat and Jakey?" I ask looking around for them.
"They went to the potty. I told them not to make noise. Everyone knows they're going out so..." I giggled but then suddenly I heard someone's laughter
coming closer and when I turned around, someone bumped into me.
"Ow, fuck! I'm so sorry I wasn't looking I was just..." I trailed off as I looked into his eyes. Gerard Way's eyes to be exact.
"Um... I.. I wasn't really... paying attention..." As me and him stared into each other's eyes someone caughed behind him. He spun around to be faced with
the school's biggest bitch; Lindsay.
"Hey Gee. Long time no kiss." She grabbed his head and kiss him fiercly. I blushed and looked down. I realised my books were on the floor and I bent down
and picked them up. The slut still kissing the sex God. Rae looked at me with tears in her eyes and I just smiled sadly. Finaly the two broke apart.
"Lindsay! Wow, hi! Um, look we need to talk." He looked at her sempatheticly. Before he could carry on though she interupted him.
"Uop! First things first! I heard you were coming to dance this afternoon." Before she could he stoped her and then Bert the biggest ass in school came by
and laughed at Rae. She was wearing a puffy tutu.
"Halloween was last year tutu!" I glared at him.
"Then why are you dressed like tool?" I asked angerly. Rae patted my back and looked at me sempathetiely. I hated it when my friends were made fun of.
"Wanna say something shorty?" I smirk.
"I would slap you but that would be animal abuse." He raises his arm but I knee him in the nuts and grab Rae arm and take off.
"See you later!" I yell.

-_-_-_-_-_-_-__- TIME LAPS

Music room. That's where I'm going. Yeah, I know that school ended but I always go here. I get on stage then grab the guitar, I start singing and playing
'It's not over' by Secondhand Serenade. When I finish, I look at my guitar. She always makes me happy. I wish I had my friend Samantha back. When she
found out I was gay, she couldn't stop giggling and smiling and asking me if the first time I have sex to record it for her. I laughed at the thought. She
moved away when I was 15, so last year. I call her everyday and told her about Gerard. The door opened and I looked up to see Gerard.
"Oh... uh.. hi." I say waving.
"Were you the only one in here?" He asked, sounding shocked.
"Yeah, why?" I ask with an eyebrow raised.
"You... are amazing at singing." I smile like an idiot and look down.
"Thanks." I say shyly.
"Hey Frank?" My head snaps up.
"H-how'd you know my name?" He blushes a little.
"Oh.. I uh- asked that girl, Rae, when she was in my class." I giggle and jump down from stage.
"Bounjour Gerard Way" I say in my French accent. He chuckles and takes my hand.
"Bounjour." He says. I smile big and step around him.
"Would you like to get coffe?" He blurts out. I turn around and see him smile nervously.
"Sure, Gerard I would love to get coffe with you." I say smiling. He sighs releif and then pulls out a sharpie.
"Come here." He say while taking the cap off the pen. I do as I am told and walk toward him. He grabs my hand and writes a number on it. When he's finished,
he kisses my hand, causing my heart to spead up and for my breath to get caught in my throat. I smile like an idiot and he chuckles.
"It was nice meeting you, Frankie. I hope to get to know you a lot better." He winks at me before kissing my cheek and walking to his car. I look back at
him and wave, he waves back and gets into his car. I sigh happily and and turn around smiling, biting my lip. I started giggling like a school girl while
walking- no, skipping to dance class. I look back one more time to see Gerard smiling and driving off. I turned around and started to do some random dance.


Wow, I have a date with that SEX GOD! I'm very confident when I talk to people so maybe I'll get atleast a kiss from him when I drop him off at his house.
I get out of the car and head to dance class. I suppose to teach the students there how to dance. When I get there, someone grabs my hand and I turn to see
Lindsay, fan-fucking-tastic.
"Hi, Gerard." She tried to say seductively, BUT FAILED! You could NOT beat Frank at the sexy game. He would crush you.
"Hi, Lindsay." I said, as I was walking. She stopped in front of me and went to kiss me but I just stepped back and sighed.
"Lindsay, we talked about this. It's over, I'm sorry. But I found someone else." I smiled thinking about how perfect Frankie was. Damn, I just met the dude
and I'm falling for him. Lindsay scoffed.
"Who is she? Is she prettier than me? What's her name?" I smiled knowing it was a guy, NOT a girl.
"Frank Iero. No, he's not prettier than you, he's sexier and a lot more seductive than you." I smirked. She looked discusted when I was finished but her face
soffened a little. She sighed.
"Gerard, you're probably going threw some phase where you think you like boys but baby, I promise once I'm done with you, you'll know who you like." She said
smirking. I felt like I wanted to throw up. Over the tour, I relised I'm gay, I don't like Lindsay like I used too, hell, I don't like her atall.
"Lindsay, I'm gay. Deal with it." I said walking away. The builing was empty so far and Lindsay was flirting with some guy. I looked around and I heard a
faint noise of music and followed it. I went through a hallway and saw a figure dancing to a song. I started to walk closer but not close enough to make it
stop because from what I could see, it was amazing. As I closer, I realised it was Frankie, dancing to Flesh by Simon Curtis. He was dancing with
so much vibe, I watched closely when the music replayed and so did he. He sat on a chair, him facing the back of it, and grinded on it while pushing his
hair back. He leaned back and arched his back. I tried not to fucking jizz my pants right then 'cause this dude was fucking sexy. He sat up and started to
dance while standing up and pushing is hands down his body and dancing to the beat of the music. He stopped dancing and layed down on the floor, breathing
heavily. I started clapping and he jumped up and looked around. I walked up to him, still clapping, and smirked. He was blushing.
"U-um... h-how long h-have you been... erm... y-you know... w-watching?" I smiled at his cutness. I walked around him and whipsered in his ear,
"Long enough to know how..." I went to his other ear," are." I saw him shiver and he turned and looked at me. I smirked at him.
"You'll have to do a private dance for me sometime." As if that were enough confidence, he pushed me down on the chair and strattled me. I looked up at him
and smirked. He bit his lip and hit a button and the music started. My heart was thumping and I was smiling so wide. He looked at me while smiling and
biting his lip. He started grinding on me and pushing his hair back. He got up and grabbed my hand backing up and looking me up and down. I smiled a little
and let him drag me to the middle of the room. He turned around and started to grind down on me and back up. I felt so fucking horny right now. He turned
around and smirked at me. He put his hands on my shoulder and I put my hands on his hips. He wrapped one leg around me and leaned back, still grinding on me.
He came back up and turned back around, this time me grabbing his waist and him with his hands above him, he started to grind down me. He turned around and
looked me in the eye right when the music stopped. He was breathing heavily and he started to lean in. Coming closer and closer... then our lips met. I
slowly ran my hand down his back and cupped his ass. I heard him gasp and I smirked. He ran his hands up my chest and rested it on my neck.

As our kiss got more heated, I got more horny, FUCK! I pulled away and looked him in the eyes. Wow, I got a dance and a make-out session. Hell yeah. He
smiled and I smiled back. I pecked him on the lips again and pulled back, again.
"Frank, do you want to be my boyfriend?" I asked after awhile. He giggled and said
"As long as I get to dance for you when I want." I pushed my hand back down and gave his ass a tight squeeze. He moaned and bit his lip.
"Oh, baby... I'll want more than a dance." Oh my God... yes! He bit his lip and smirked.
"Then I guess you'll have to come over some time." He said and winked. I kissed him again and picked him up bridal-style. He giggled and broke the kiss.
"Where are we going?" He asked, still giggling a little.
"I belive we have a date to go to." I said smirking. He bit his and smirked.
"I have a better idea." He said seductivily. Damn, this boy. SHIT! Why the fuck does he have to be so sexy?
"What is that?" I asked smiling. He leaned in close and whispered,
"Strip tease." My jaw fucking dropped.
"O-okay." He giggled and bit my earlobe. I moaned and grabbed his ass.
"Let's go babe." He said, grabbing my hand and leading me out of the building.
"Your house?" He asked. I still couldn't speak from his major turn on, so I just nodded. He smiled and grabbed my neck, swinging side to side.
"Are.. your parents home?" He asked. Damn it Gerard! Pull yourself together!
"Nope." I said smiling. He giggled and kissed me.
"Let's go." He whispered in my ear.

Frank pushed me into the chair and went to my computer. He turned on the song Put It All On Me by 50 cent and started to sway his hips. He turned around and
started to walk towards me, still swaying his hips. He strattled me in the chair and bit his lip, smirking. He started to grind on me and dip his head back.
He closed his eyes and ran his hand through his hair. He started to take off his shirt and he opened his eyes. I stared at him and watched as this sexy
piece of ass danced like he fucking does it for a living. His shirt was off and he was getting off me. He started to swing his hips around, like hula hooping,
and started turning around, all while slidding his pants down a little. He grabbed the belt buckle he had and unbuckled it, taking it off and putting it
behind his neck, still swinging his hips, making my boner grow... fuck. He pulled his pants down some more, purposly pulling down his boxers too, showing a
little of his dick, oh fuck. He strattled me and put his hands on my neck. I put my hands on his hips, pulling him closer. He started to grind again and
dipped his head back. I couldn't help but bite his neck and suck on it. He moaned and started to grind harder. Since the music was so loud and I was destracted
by Frank to see that my brother had walked in on us.
"Hey Ger- OH MY GOD! MY EYES!" Frank's eyes went wide and he scrambled for his shirt, hiding behind it, blushing madly. I got up and stood infront of Frankie. Frankie had put his shirt on and grabbed onto my waist, hiding behind me.
"Mikey, what the fuck?! I thought I told you not to walk into my room like that!" I yeld, still holding on to Frankie.
"How was I suppose to know that you would be getting a strip tease?" Mikey asked, eyes still wide.
"Mikey, just go! Really! Frankie and I are busy!" Mikey just smirked.
"Yeah, Gerard. I got that. Seemed you guys were having some fun." I through my pillow at him and he closed the door. I ran to it and locked it. I looked at
Frankie and he was smiling at me.
"What?" I asked. He walked over to me and pulled me down to kiss him. We kissed long and passionitly. We pulled apart and I opened my eyes, not realising I closed them in the first place.
"I guess we'll have to do it at my apartment." He said, smirking.

Sorry if the typing is weird, I typed it on my notes and I didn't write it correctly
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