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Hm....should I?

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I need your help.

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Hey guys!

So,this little awkward thirteen year old needs ya help.

Okay,so,a few weeks ago,my friend at school Ellie told me that there are nude band member pics.She briefed me on them and told me she looked at Taylor Jardine's one.By the way,myfriend Ellie is a fucking awesome lesbian.
Should I look at some? The only..bit.. of a band member I've ever seen is Alex's butt (thank you twitter.)
I don't know if I should..
So,I fucking need your help with this.I want to,but I don't know who specifically I want to look at...

Gotta remember to download BBC iPlayer for my PS3 bc the radio on my phone is fucked up now.

Also,do you reckon I should continue with my SWS fic? I don't know..
Also,I have no ideas for Out For Revenge,so I will delete that fic.

I'll play skyrim too today,as I never did last night I played Tomb Raider instead.
Yep,I'm procrastinating because I've got french homework due tomorrow,about our diet.
I'm going now,but before I go.
I wanted you to know..

Gerard:That the world is ugly but -

Gerard? Really?

Gerard:Sorry,I got tempted.

What I wanted to say was I'm gonna be updating my Romance oneshots,but what pairing do you guys want?
Also,I might update MHAIBHD,the even better twilight.
Gonna ignore da haters.
Haters gonna hate,Potatos will potate and tomatos will tomate.
Also,I'm gonnaupload another cover today,a song I want to sing this time.I'll do this every now and again.
I'll be doing Scene Two-Roger Rabbit by Sleeping With Sirens,which Mia is now a fan of.

clapping wildly for her because she finally got into them

Be prepared girl,for our facebook chats will be filled with SWS.
Also,last night from the light pf my TV,telling me it's switched off,I saw Kellin.Well,his silouette,but still.
I also saw creepy murderer gerard above my head..he was holding a fucking knife.

Gerard:I was trying to protect you.

Yeah,by scaring the shit out of me everytime I look at you..

Gerard:I scared you?

Dude,you scared everyone that looked at you.Even Brandon,but he's four so..


Yeah,okay.I forgive you.

So,I'mma go write something now..
A poem maybe?

A sad poem.
In the style of a letter.

Btw,Mia I can't wait for the oneshot.

It's set in a mental hospital,she told me last night on facebook :)

I wanna be friends with all you now! I know Hozzie and Christy accepted my request,and Becca sent one,which I accepted.

So far,none of the kids from school have found me :)


Okay,I'll go..

leaves,closing the godamn door behind me,so Panic! At The Disco don't tell me off

See what I did there?
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