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Disappearing Act

by AlexisSCREAM 0 reviews

It means nothing to me, nothing to me at all.

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I have no idea what this is. I was bored. The poem makes no sense.


One day, I’ll disappear,
No one will know where I went,
I’ll laugh and I’ll laugh but no one would hear,
And I’d draw out my hate with a Sharpie.

Or a blade, a knife or whatever feels right,
A bullet to the brain, a wound to my heart,
I’d cry and I’d cry, far away from the light,
And I’d paint you my sorrow with poorly mixed paint.

Or I could send you my hate, gift wrapped with a bow,
Painted venom, my words, and a distant crow,
From the bird that wants me to rip out it’s throat,
It means nothing to me, nothing to me at all.

I lost all my common sense so long ago,
An innocent child turned into this,
Hateful, spiteful, never wanting to grow,
I’m afraid of a future that’s not meant for me.

It’s not painful, it is,
Is this an act?
Pass me the axe,
Let me react.

I’ll destroy, deploy then annihilate,
Bleeding out emotions to the tune of the street,
Below me, the cold nothingness leaves me as bait,
For the useless humans to consume.

If you wanted a symphony, I’d play out the notes,
But don’t blame me if it’s ruined.
If you want me to hurt you, then go ahead,
Go ahead, and see me for who I am.

If you wanted a saviour, you’ve come to the right place,
But I’m a broken, taunted, a freak and a disgrace,
If you understood a word of this...
Then I assure you that you’re better than me.
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