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I'm Back!

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Sup broskis

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Sooooo I have been gone for like half a year right? Yeah, well, there's kind of a long story why.

So basically what happened was initially my parents grounded me because I told them I was depressed. They kind of freaked out on me and told me that I was just looking for attention and blah blah blah. They took my phone and internet privileges and I was even more depressed. The next day they told me they'd find a therapist for me to talk to but that never happened. After a few days I got my phone back but not my computer and yeah.

So the next month my step-mom was being really pissy so I sent a text to two of my friends saying that she was being a bitch and she got mad at me for something, took my phone, and read that text. So then I was grounded again. In retrospect I really shouldn't have sent that text, I was in the wrong, I deserved to get grounded. But I was grounded for so long because I "didn't apologize" which is bullshit.

Right after she read that text I started apologizing but she wouldn't take it. So I figured "well shit, I just burned that bridge." She wouldn't talk to me, or look at me, or even acknowledge me. It was hell. So what in my mind would make me think "Oh, she is treating me like I don't exist and she wouldn't take my apology before, she will take my apology now." Why would I think that logically. I wouldn't so I didn't and she got pissed when a month later I finally apologized because my dad told me that was the problem.

Things got better after that (sort of). That was December. In January I got my phone back and like last week I got my computer back.

My step-mom is still being ridiculous because of stupid shit like me talking about non-existent prom dress shopping plans that didn't involve her at that very moment. But it's whatever because I don't need her shit. I'm going to college next year.

Oh and that reminds me, I GOT INTO MY TOP CHOICE SCHOOL! HELL-TO-THE-YES! But I'm actually not sure I'll be going there because this other school is offering me more scholarships that almost completely cover my tuition. It's also like 20 minutes from the beach, and is a better choice for my major. Sooo right now Francis Marion is looking good.

Another awesome thing that happened!!! I went to a drama competition on Saturday. It's a trip that my teacher has been planning for a few months now and we've all been freaking out about it and working on it and all that shit. Well one of the categories we could compete in was original dramatic monologue, so I did. This is the first time that our school has gone to a competition in like thirteen years so it was pretty crazy. The thing about drama competitions is that the judges, if it's your school's first year competing, they usually don't give you anything because they feel like other schools deserve it more. Even making it to final rounds is great if it's your first year (making it is still pretty great, it's just harder your first year). But when finals were posted I was just sitting outside like "I'm not gonna be on that list, I'll wait for everyone to stop crowding around." Then my best friend came out screaming that I WAS ON THE LIST. I literally started crying because of how amazing that was! I started shaking and I couldn't stop, like it was bad. I couldn't breathe. It was so crazy. I went back to the room I performed in and I HAD TO GO FIRST so I was freaking out even more but then I went and did my stuff and just yes. It was great. I was so nervous for the awards ceremony and when they got to my category I grabbed my best friends hand and almost started crying. THEN THEY CALLED MY NAME FOR THIRD PLACE. HELL. FUCKING. YES. I was the ONLY person in my school to bring home a trophy. I am so proud of myself. I'll probably post the monologue some time if you guys want to read it.

In other news I've started working on my sequel to Let's Kill Tonight. Not sure what to call it but I have the first three chapters written so once I contact my beta I'll send those to her. I haven't written anything for We're All Just Melodramatic Fools yet but I'll get on it. Eventually. If I can make myself do it. I've gotten pretty lazy lately. I've also started a new original that's kind of sort of but not really based off of the MCR Danger Days music videos. It sort of takes place in that post apocalyptic time but it's not really a killjoy fic because it's just not. It has similarities but it's not the same. I'm getting a lot more free time now since school is starting to wrap up (holy shit just a few more months left!) so I'll probably start writing a lot more again.

And that is all! It's been so long you guys, I'm so glad I'm back! I hope you missed me and weren't like "Man, thank God Chloe is gone!!!" haha Have a lovely rest of the day guys!
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