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The Girl in the Window

by AppetiteforAxl 1 review

my first post, take a chance with it. feedback welcome.

Category: Romance - Rating: G - Genres: Horror - Published: 2013-03-18 - 235 words

I was looking at a girl through a window and I wanted her to drop. if only, just look at her! If only she would drop to the ground and i could see how small she really is, and i could run in there and love her like i never could while she was conscious. If she would only drop, I could see how none of it matters.

I twitch. nothing happens and i twitch. But i'm still looking. Her hip is pushed out just so and oh god how i hated that hip. I know I've had enough but I'll still stay until the darkness is enough to send me home to watch the mold grow. but i can't think of that now. SHE's all that's here. SHE's all that's real. she's all that's real and I want it to die. I want her to shatter into a thousand pieces and i wouldn't cry because she's up there and I'm down here and I don't like that at all. like i didn't like how she made my mind go wrong.

She won't drop, he tells me. and yet another tells me to stay. I look into the garbage disposal that is her mirror and it looks back at me. Could it be... I envy an inanimate object? Could it be I have become the inanimate object?

It was all the same in the end.
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