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As Promised :3

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I don't even know, dude...

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I'm actually in a really good mood right now. I mean, I wasn't around 10 minutes ago, but I'm talking to "Ducky": now, so life is good :3

I honestly don't know how Ducky puts up with me. I freaked out for 10 minutes earlier because I couldn't find my glow in the dark bracelet. And then, when I found it, I freaked nuzzled the bracelet.


I'm not weird at all.

Oh, and Ducky and I have fangirls. My friends were actually fangirling. Like, seriously, why? O.o

I had German today. It's the only lesson Ducky and I have together, and, as usual, we did practically no work. In fact, I think we did more than usual.... (NOT LIKE THAT YOU PERVERTED CHILD!)

Ducky and I have a very interesting Sim family on The Sims 3. It's basically us. I'm a fairy and she's a werewolf. Oh, and we got married and adopted a boy called Arius (who has an imaginary friend called Xabier). Arius is an aqua skinned, bright pink haired vampire. We also used cheats to have 2 biological kids (we're badass like that). The kids are called Allie (who has an imaginary friend called... Osane, I think) and Balthazar (who also has an imaginary friend. Called Iker). Oh and I have a Sim horse called Roderick. And Ducky has a cat called Floof. And there's another cat called Bella. And Bella and Floof have a kitten called Patch.
I'm sure you're so interested xD (and I'm sure you're thinking "Why do the imaginary friends have Basque names?")

Yesterday was rather interesting. A psycho girl from my school asked Ducky and I if "it was true". We both dislike this girl (Okay, I hate this girl. She took the piss out of Amy's surname and then pretended that I'd said that shit...) but, as we knew it was pointless lying about it (thanks to one of my 'friends' who told the entire school -_-) so we said yes.
The stupid girl then turned around and asked us "If, when you're older, you two get married, who'd be the man and who be the woman?". I hate gender roles with a burning passion. BUT I found it absolutely hilarious because... I mean seriously, what the actual fuck? Why, dude, why?!

After that, she told us we shouldn't laugh because relationships are serious.

I guess that her idea of a relationship must be awful and unhappy.

I'll leave you on that note.

Bye, guys :3

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