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:) happy little buzzing bee.

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My music has been saved,my phone is fully charged.

I played roger rabbit and litteraly said aloud :

"omfg Kellin me missed your voice :3"

What? Is that weird?


So,I think I already said this,but I'll say it again.

So,at school we're doing this thing (I think it's a talent show,I'll ask the teacher organising it tomorrow,then inform you guys later) and I am gonna sing something.My song choise is:

Sleeping With Sirens-With Ears To See And Eyes To Hear.

Tomorrow I'm going to my singing teacher (I haven't been in ages,because of my laptop addiction,but I still practice) to see if I can get that song on backing track,along with the other songs from If You Were A Movie,This Would Be Your Soundtrack,also gonna get Let Love Bleed Red,Fallen Angels,In The End and Rebel Love Song.

With Ears To See And Eyes To Hear is currently playing.


Now,I think I'mma update WYPSAPBM (ignoring the troll.)
You guys got any ideas for it?

xx Sadie
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