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Anger Issues

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Axl's angry about something, but what was it about?

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It’s been three months since I first went on tour with Guns N’ Roses and wow didn't time fly by? I wasn't the nervous shy girl around anymore. Everyone knew pretty much everything about me and I knew everybody else. I was proud to say that I had a friendship with everyone in the band. I wasn't getting along too well with majority of the girls, except one. But oh well. Probably out of everyone, the person that I was closer to was Axl. He was really a fun person to be around and I don’t know, we just clicked some how some way. Today we were just hanging around backstage after the show and everyone was pretty much gathering around having a huge drink fest. Slash was really the only one that was drunk out of his mind. Me? I was too young to legally be drinking as I was only 19. But they encouraged me to drink with them anyways, so I did. No one who was legal strict was watching so why not? Me and the boys were all gathered around drinking and talking and having a good time, except Axl. He was always wondering off doing something else so I had no clue what he was doing. But then I saw him off distance across the hall with this woman…

Stephanie Seymour. Some model chick that he was in a relationship with. I didn't know why, but I really didn't like her. I never spoke to her but every time she always looked or glanced at me, she would like evilly glare at me or something. I don’t know. I hoped she didn't get the wrong idea about me and Axl’s relationship because let’s face it, I’m not a home wrecker despite the fact I didn't like her to begin with. I just kept glancing at them. I couldn't hear what they were talking about, but they looked like they were in a conversation before I saw Axl face expression swiftly changed to cool calm and collected to pure anger. Stephanie was trying to calm him down it seemed but Axl just shook his head and stormed off into his room backstage. Stephanie looked a little frustrated as well as she walked off. I was just frozen solid as I held my drink. My heart sunk. I was worried about Axl. But I didn't want to go in there and ask him what was wrong because that’ll look like I was snooping. Which I kinda was. But still.

“Ch-Christina? Christina?! Ea-earth to Christina?”

I looked back at the guys seeing who was calling my name which was Slash who was sitting over their just laughing completely wasted.

“You alright?” Duff asked me.

“I’m good.” I lied.

“You sure? You looked a little out of it a few seconds ago.”

“Yeah, I’m great.” I said before taking a sip of my drink.

Duff nodded as they boys began to talk and drink, while I sat their quietly. I wasn't great at all. The image of Axl being so pissed off had me worried. I just kept wondering what was the problem.
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