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Just Move On

by XavierHazelwood 1 review

Free verse

Category: Poetry - Rating: G - Genres: Angst - Published: 2013-03-27 - 147 words - Complete

Bury your tears in my shirt.
Let them rain like drops of sin.
Like drops of sin from the heavens.
After your done hold me close.
Hold me like I'm about to die.

Forgive, forget, just move on.
There is nothing left but dead memories.
Take them and burn them.
Their no good to you anymore.
Don't let them kill you like they did me.
Just move on.

Pretty and beautiful are just disguises.
Run before it's too late.
Day is just a cover up for what happens at night.
Just move on.

Searing pain in my bones.
Torturing my soul with the knife of love.
You never loved me, it can't be real!!!
Stop trying to hold on to something you never had.
Just move on.

Life without it is better.
No pain, no worries.
Screaming, shouting that I'm free!!
All because I just moved on.
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