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A Map of Her Own

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Alex explores the castle

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The next day Alex spent some time exploring the castle, taking care to check out passageways mentioned in the books. Completely on accident she discovered that there were various other secret rooms and passageways that even the marauders and the Weasleys didn’t know about.
Of all the rooms, Alex’s favourite was within the passage that she had led Remus through; it was a little room that you could access by tapping three bricks. It led to a little garden with a bench, ponds, and flowers. It was where she went to relax and forget that a war was coming.
Alex also found more ways out of the castle and started to create a map of her own, which was just like the Marauders’, only more detailed. She spent most of her evenings working on it, carefully detailing every inch of the castle. It took her several hours of searching in the library to discover the enchantment the marauders had needed, but once she did, she was pleased to find that it was a simple enough enchantment for her to accomplish. She finished her map and signed the back of it in her sweeping hand before casting the enchantment on it. She laughed in delight when it worked and she found her own footsteps standing still in the Gryffindor Common Room where she sat with her map. She then placed another spell on it, making sure that it wouldn’t reveal itself to anyone unless they knew the password, and also created an enchantment to hide it from others. When it was done, Alex decided that it was a job well done and headed down to her office to continue working on her research.
A day or so later Alex went into the great hall for lunch and found only McGonagall and Jane sitting at the table.
“Hello Alex dear!”
Alex skipped up to their table and sat down in between the pair. Instantly food appeared on her plate and she took a bite calmly.
“Later this week Dumbledore will be sending you with another student to go and get your supplies.” McGonagall told her.
“Isn’t it still kind of early in the summer to go do that?”
“Dumbledore sends certain families their letters early, mostly the larger families or families that go in large groups, so that the shopkeepers aren’t swamped.”
“Oh, okay.”
“So be prepared to leave and go shopping the next time you’re called up to Dumbledore’s office.” Jane added.
“Will do.”
“And make sure you bring your money with you.”
Alex laughed. “Okay, I get it. You don’t need to be mother hens, I’ll be fine!”
Jane and McGonagall exchanged a look, but said nothing more on the issue.
“Do you think I’m prepared enough for the year’s lessons?”
McGonagall and Jane both nodded. “Yes. We’ve all taught you everything you’ll need to know and you passed all of your exams with extraordinary results.”
“Okay good. I’m just nervous.”
“Which is understandable, but it will be fine dear, we have faith in you.”
“Thank you. That means a lot. I’m so excited, but I’m scared too. What if I don’t fit in?”
“Dear, no matter where you go, you’ll always be unique. You’re just that type of person. But that doesn’t mean that you won’t find a place at Hogwarts that will be just right for you.” McGonagall smiled, placing her hand over Alex’s.
“Exactly. Don’t change yourself, no matter what. If someone is actually your friend, they won’t want you to change.”
“You already have Remus. He’s one of the truest friends you can have. You’ll be fine.”
Alex smiled gratefully and went back to her tea as McGonagall and Jane shared a look.
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