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Do You Really Know Me?

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based off the movie American History X, all in Danny's POV, some parts may seem similair to the movie others all made up by me. If you havent seen the movie some things will be a little confusing. ...

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Part 1
I sat on the couch looking outside of the apartment window lighting yet another cigarette then playing with the large silver lighter opening the hatch and snapping it shut, thinking to myself that Derek had been in prison for 3 years and left us just wondering, and last night i knew, i knew why he had told me that this whole venice beach gang is bull and i shouldnt believe in any of it. Maybe he was right after what he told me i understood why he wanted nothing to do with it but that doesnt mean they wont come after us for leaving them Cameron wants Derek dead, i wont let that happen.

"hey Danny" Derek came walking in ruining my train of thought "how was school? did you turn that paper in to Sweeney?"

"yeah he got it" i sat up putting the half of a cigarette out "hey listen, Derek. Im gonna go check a party out tonight-"

"no! no Danny we cant risk it!" Derek raised his voice cutting me off

"its not anywhere near cameron's!" i stated but Derek just looked at me " its literally just up the road"

Derek ran his hand through his hair and shook his head, i knew why he didnt want me to go but i cant spend my life hiding plus, its not like its one of cameron's parties.

"fine..fine! but promise me if you see Seth, Cameron or anyone! you run home. got me?" Derek pointed at me.

"yeah, i got it"

i walked to my room sitting myself on the bed looking at the now naked walls that used to be filled with Svatika and hiter posters, im leaving a huge part of my life behind but that doesnt mean the people who have been made my enemy's are giving up, i lit another cigarette then thinking of the party, i knew Savannah would be there and so would her asshole boyfriend ive known her a long time and i could just tell shes embarassed by him, who wouldnt be. Savannah though, a weird yet very pretty girl deserved better than a guy like that talking as if i would ever have a chance but i know out of all people if i told her about my life she would truley understand. Would she?

i heard Derek talking on the phonbe and i just used that to get out of here, i quickly got up and walked out of the house making my way down the street in the dark, even now it was dangerous out here. You never know when a drive by shooting just might happen i lit yet another cigarette looking over and noticing Savannah's boyfriend's car parcked in front of the house, but i didnt care if he had a big enough problem with me he can deal with it himself or come to me. as i got to the door he was out on the porch giving me a real nice welcome

"and who invited this peice of shit?" he stood tall in front of the door "what you lookin at!?"

i just looked at him slipping the cigarette out of my mouth then blowing it in his face directly, i just walked by him as he looked pissed as hell in the corner of my eye i saw Savannah giving a small giggle. i walked inside and greeted a few people i know others just looked at me questioning amongst their friend why im even here. i sat on the stairs leading up to the upper levels of the house and just lit once again another cigarette watching Savannah in the distace talking to her friends and dancing a little i couldnt help but notice that she hada nice figure to her, i then looked over at her boyfriend who was playing drinking games with his buddies out in the back yard.

"hey!" Savannah yelled making me jump a little as she was standing in front of me.

"oh, hey Savannah" she sat next to me on the stair.

"what re you doing by yourself huh? you should be socializing" she smiled at me and nudged my shoulder.

i shrugged "just thought id check it out, dont really know people here anyways" i blew out another puff from the cigarette.

"well you know me" she laughed "come on!" she picked me up by the hand and from there we just took a few drinks and talked about a lot of things, she was very open with me witch was weird because the closest we ever got was in school, being partners in Geology class.

the night seemed to last forever and i looked at my watch reading 12:00 in the morning, i got savannahs attention who was laughing with her frineds.

"i gotta get going" i said getting up off of the couch and she stood up with me

"Danny.." she looked at me then looked behind her as if checking that her man wasnt near "come with me?" she looked right at me and i just followed her.

she lead me to a room upstairs and just looked at me her happy mood suddenly changing to a serious one "Danny.. this may be weird but uhm.." she struggled. "ive had feelings for you for a while and i-" she stopped right there.

i chuckled a little not really knowing what to say as this was all random, she just looked up at me then stood in front of me i looked back at her bright green eyes she then just plunged in for a kiss holding my shoulders as i went a few steps back my eyes a little wide but i found myself kissing her back, when our tounges met i just held on to her hips i walked backwards only to find that i fell on the bed and she landed right on top of me things getting heated really fast her hands dug into my shirt as she grinded on my lap dry humping me she moaned a few times leaning her head back grinding harder.


we heard her asshole boyfriend call her from downstairs she jusmped and leapt off of me pulling her dress back down.

"Sorry Danny.." she looked ashamed

"hey" i pecked at her lips "dont be.. ill just see you on Monday?" talking as if we were an item now. When we werent.

"y-yeah" she smiled still blushing "bye Danny"

i smiled at her before i took the shortcut out of the house that being the window, walking home i thought what am i doing? she loved me but she has a man, a man that could be impossible to break up with without a fight, well then let the battle begin.

End of part 1
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