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The monster in my head

by 9BladedMiradai 2 reviews

This is just a short description of the monster in my nightmares not too sure what to rate it...

Category: Horror - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Horror - Published: 2013-03-31 - 125 words - Complete

It has sickly white grey skin which stretches tight over its bony body. Its limbs are long and disproportionate; arms to its knees with curved talons blackened by dirt and blood. Its stomach is hollow showing all the bones as though it has no organs. Its feet are rough and bony and slightly big. You can see its shoulder bones, it has no hair at all. Then there its face, just a skull in shape. Its eyes are dark hollows which seem empty and deep as hell. It has no nose or any real features. Then you see its mouth; A large grimace of a smile stretching from cheek to cheek and sown shut with thick thread making it always look like it is pleased.
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