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Another Side

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He had to be messed up in the head or something...

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As he watched the remains of the fireball he'd made start to sink, I felt a small tug on my arm. He pulled me away grin the side of the ship and back to his quarters.

I saw the small cut on his cheek. And anther on his neck. He was as strong and confident as ever. Until he shut the door behind me.

Once again, he took off his coat and hat. His white shirt had a few small patches of blood on it. He sighed and fell onto the bed, his face buried in the pillows. I watched his bare, back raise and fall as he breathed.

Not sure what to do, I stood there, folding my arms behind my back. "Frank, light a lantern and chine here." His voice was soft, but still commanding. I found a pile of matches next to a gas lantern.

I struck the match against my thumb. It burnt to life. I lit the lantern, and the came to life with the soft glow.

Leaving the lantern where it was, I say next to him on the bed. "I want you to rub my back and shoulders." He said softly.

The order confused me. Did he really trust me so much after so little time with him? How easy it would be to kill you right now...

But, I find myself straddling his waist, my hands kneading his muscles. His soft sighs were caught by the pillows. I kept working on his toned back and up to his shoulders, erasing knots as I went.

Once his upper half had relaxed, I let my hands ride low on his back, moving myself up and over his nice ass. I circled my thumbs into his lower back, gaining a low groan from him.

I'm not sure what possessed me, but I leaned forward and kissed the dip between his shoulders, making him gasp softly. I kissed down his back as I rubbed, making him sigh with each soft touch.

I felt aroused as I watched him shift his legs, making his ass wriggle in front of me. Maybe he didn't feel it?

He twitched a little when I flicked my tongue over his skin, tasting him. He tasted like sea salt and some kind of spice.

I felt him roll over, but my position didn't move. I was settled a little below his hips on his thighs. Until he lifted his legs up and I slid down them into his lap.

His hands rested on my waist as I put my hands on his chest, leaning forward. I felt his own excitement through his pants, rubbing against my own. Biting my lip against a moan, I leaned further, putting Mt hand on his shoulders.

As I kissed his neck, his head tipped back and a short, soft groan came out of his parted lips. I lifted my head and kissed him.

At this point, I wasn't sure why I was doing this. And I really couldn't care. He kissed me back, his hand on the back of my head.

His other hand was undoing my rope belt. Sighing into the kiss, I undid his belt as well, rubbing at the waist if his pants.

I wanted it. Him. The pain from before was burned away by this need. I raised to my knees as I felt him pulling my pants down.

Once mine were off, I started on his. He lifted his hips up, making to easier for me to pull them down past his knees.

I hadn't seen his member earlier, and now it made me understand the pain I'd felt earlier. He was huge. Just looking at it made my cheeks burn.

But it didn't change my mind. I lifted myself over him, but his hands on my waist stopped me. "What's wrong?" I panted.

He smiled and pulled me down against him. I was nervous, for some reason. Does he not want me?

His lips caught mine and held them. I felt the head of his member push into me and a hiss out of my mouth.

"You're mine, remember? I know I took you for the first time. And I won't let you hurt yourself." He slowly lowered me onto him until our hips met.

I felt my body shaking as he filled and stretched me. He kissed me again as my body conformed to fit him. Once I felt my muscles relax, I felt my whole body ease up.

He felt it too, and his rough hands rubbed at my back softly. "Why?" I whispered. He blinked at me. "Why are you being so nice to me?"

"I thought we'd gone over this already." I shook my head. "You're mine. I don't know why, but I'm very attached to you. The last person I cared about was my mom. And then I caught you." His fingers stroked my cheek softly. "And I felt like I had to protect you."

"Can I tell you something?" I asked him softly. He nodded. "Just now, before the raid, when you were holding my hand. I didn't want to let you go. Or for you to get hurt. And you did." I touched the cut on his neck.

"Oh well." He caught my hand. I felt his his lips touch my fingers.

Tears welled in my eyes at that. "I care about you." I said, my voice unsure.

"I care about you too." I smiled at that. I wasn't sure how this went from having sex to confessing feelings. "Frank, I really do."

I kissed him and the mood came back instantly. He thrust into me and I gasped. He hit something in me that made my back arch. Colors blinded me as he hit it again and again.

"Gerard!" Was all I could say as he pounded into me. "G-G-Gerard!" I screamed.

I felt myself exploding as he came deep in me, making me shiver. I slumped onto his chest, my energy gone.

His heart was pounding like mine. It shook my body with every beat. "Please don't get hurt." I whispered. He poor his arms around me and lifted me up off of him.

I flinched as I felt him leave me and relaxed against him. "I won't." He hugged me to him. I kissed his neck and held him too.

He kicked the blanket over us and pulled his fingers through my short hair. I fell asleep to that.

His pulse, the way he pulled his fingers through my hair and the soft sighing of the ocean under us.

So another chapter. I stayed home today cause I felt like shit this morning. So I took advantage of my freetime and wrote this.

And now I should eat. So R+R and all that and I shall be back later.

Hugs and Maruchan,
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