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First Steps on a New Path

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A story which shines a spotlight on the kunoichi in Naruto's life as he continues in his goal to unite the shinobi world in a way that would make Jiraiya proud

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Eroninja: The Limelight

Chapter 3: Ayame

First Steps on a New Path

Ayame was humming to herself as she stirred a pot of broth that she was preparing for the nighttime crowd. She had just survived another onslaught of customers that the early afternoon generally brought to her shop as people stopped by in order to pick up or eat their lunches there. The lull she was currently enjoying was when she would eat her own lunch as well as prepare for the nighttime crowds yet to come. It was also the period of time when her fellow shopkeepers would take their lunches as well. One of whom was currently sitting at her stands bar eating a bowl of Ramen, but Ayame suspected the women’s true reason for visiting was to learn some of the juicy gossip that she believed the ramen waitress was privy to. Particularly since she was one of the principal players in the rumors going around town due to whom she was lucky enough to call her boyfriend.

Her fellow shopkeeper was at least slick enough not to lead off with questions about Ayame’s love life as she said nonchalantly, “My the village sure is bustling with activity, isn’t it?”

Ayame nodded as she replied, “It’s easy to understand why, what with Suna capturing that Kumo-Nin who was attempting to poison the goods stored at the Food Inspection Facility. I’m sure it’s going to be lively around here for the immediate future.”

Emi leaned forward over the bar conspiratorially as she said, “I heard that the kunoichi that was captured is a jinchuriki. What’s more, rumor has it that the Hokage is going to Kumogakure herself.”

Ayame didn’t do anything so avert as shake her head, but she was always amazed at how the network of shopkeepers almost always seemed to be in the know. She suspected that it was fortunate that for the most part the things the women and even men who participated in the gossip mill tended to want to know about the more innocuous things, such as who was sleeping with whom. Emi proved to be no different as she pivoted from the topic of village security to Ayame’s love life as she asked while stirring the contents of her bowl and as she rested her head on her hand, “Speaking of jinchuriki how is the one you’ve landed for yourself?”

“Please don’t use that term so freely.”

“I didn’t mean to offend you,” the raven haired beauty said quickly hoping to limit any damage she may have done.

Ayame inclined her head to the woman showing that she understood, but replied, “I know. The truth is that it is a term that to Naruto doesn’t really have any negative connotations. But, considering that for so long it was one used as justification for how the village treated him. I just don’t like it being thrown around so nonchalantly.”

Emi nodded in understanding, but then with an amused smile she asked, “How about lover boy? Do you mind if I call him that?”

“Oh not this again,” Ayame said her tone somewhere between amused and annoyed. “I already told you there is nothing to tell.”

Emi pouted as she said, “Aw, don’t be so stingy. I’ve told you about all my past sexual adventures. You can’t tell me you haven’t sampled the goods.”

Ayame turned away from the tailor since she felt her cheeks begin to color as some of her own past sexual adventures began to flash before her and so busied herself by cutting some ingredients. While she knew Emi to be somewhat sexually outgoing, she knew the woman would be positively scandalized if she learned just how active Ayame had become since becoming a member of Naruto’s harem. Regaining her composure, Ayame said, “I don’t know if it’s fair you trying to leverage what you told me in the past as a way to get me to open up on what I may or may not have done with Naruto. I never really asked you to share after all.”

Emi conceded the point, but not one to give up said, “Well, you can’t tell me nothing happened that first night, you two shared a hotel room. Ami said she saw the two of you head up to the suite he rented arm in arm. She wasn’t working the desk in the morning, but she said you both stayed the night and the room only had one bed. Is that how you got ahead of your competition?”

Ayame stopped her cutting of the ingredients and sighed before turning to face Emi. Finally after a handful seconds she said, “Let’s just say that what happened that night is what started me on the path to becoming his girlfriend. Before you start spreading rumors, do try to remember that Naruto was trying to ease the pain of my learning what a scumbag my previous boyfriend was.”

“That was pretty sweet of him,” Emi admitted. Leaning forward again over the bar the woman said in a hushed whisper, “You know if you’re ever looking for a third party to help spice up your relationship all you need to do is ask.”

Ayame had a hard time not laughing due to just how much spice her relationship had, but hoping to turn the subject said, “My that’s quite a reversal. Weren’t you just propositioning me a few weeks ago to join you and your boyfriend? Whatever happened to that?”

Emi gave a small smile as she said, “It seems you are interested in my sex life after all.” Ayame’s cheeks began to color as she tried to sputter a denial. But Emi laughed as she said, “I’m just messing with you. I did open the door after all. Let’s just say it was a good time had by all, but to be honest even though he was a great guy willing to try just about anything once. He just didn’t have that spark I’ve been looking for.”

“What spark is that?” Ayame asked genuinely interested since not only had Emi’s boyfriend let her bring another girl into the relationship, which naturally worked out in the guy’s favor, but he had been willing to try a few other things in order to keep up with Emi’s ever evolving sexual tastes.

To Ayame’s surprise Emi’s cheeks began to turn red as she looked away for a moment in order to compose herself. Ayame was about to tell her she didn’t need to share, but Emi finally said, “You know I had a small adventure with your boyfriend once right? I’m not really sure what happened, but from what the old perv told me I was put in something called a genjutsu. I remember bits and pieces but it was like somebody had taken control of my body. You might think it’s crazy, but I want to experience that loss of control again.”

Ayame thinking about some of the crazy thing she had done since becoming a part of Naruto’s love life said sincerely, “I don’t think that’s crazy at all. But I’m guessing he did.”

Emi sighed and then nodded as she said, “Yeah, I asked him to tie me up one night and before you knew it he was saying he didn’t even know me anymore. But that’s life. On a more serious note though, you have to be pretty worried.”

Surprised at the sudden change of topic Ayame asked, “What are you talking about?”

“Well it’s only a rumor at this point, but I heard the Hokage is taking Naruto with her to Kumogakure. Considering what happened the last time a Senju stepped foot in the Land of Lightning you might want to consider trying to convince him to call in sick.”

Ayame frowned as she hadn’t even considered the danger involved in his upcoming trip with Tsunade. But before she could give voice to a halfhearted reply that Emi was worrying over nothing. The dark-haired young woman paid for her meal and took off with a quick goodbye, leaving Ayame with a sense of dread that hadn’t been there when she woke up that morning. Hoping that her fears would dissipate by the time she had to close up shop she busied herself with work and tried to think about what she would wear for her date that night.


Ayame walked beside her lover while holding onto his arm as they moved through Konoha. She noticed quite a few looks directed their way and was pleased to see that the vast majority of them were approving. She had long been aware of the fact that the village’s opinion of Naruto had steadily been improving even before he left on his three-year training trip with Jiraiya. Not that she would have cared if they hadn’t, but she was just glad that it appeared Naruto was finally getting the respect he had long desired.

Approaching the end of their date, Ayame was tempted to ask Naruto to once more take her to the hotel where they had first become one. However, aware that word would likely reach Emi’s ears before too long she discarded that idea. Not to mention that as the night had progressed, her fears about what could happen on Naruto’s trip to Kumogakure had begun to grow stronger making thoughts of a night of lovemaking difficult to hold onto.

Although she thought that she had kept her worries suppressed. That turned out not to be the case as Naruto asked, “Are you going to tell me what it’s been eating at you all night, or are you going to make me guess?”

Ayame looked up in surprise to see him looking at her worriedly. She tried to give him a reassuring smile, but couldn’t keep up the pretense. She ended up looking away from his face to take in the path before them as she said, “I know it’s silly, but something Emi said today has really been eating at me. She basically brought up how every time a Senju has stepped foot in Lightning Country things never go as planned.” She expected a quick reassurance from Naruto that she was being silly. Yet when that didn’t come she looked back at him to see that he was staring straight ahead and that his brow was wrinkled in thought. Really wishing he would just tell her everything would be all right she asked, “Don’t tell me you’re worried too? I wouldn’t really mind if you would tell me that I’m being silly right now.”

“I wish I could,” Naruto said turning his gaze to face her. “But, today Tsunade and Koharu basically told me all about how the Second Hokage’s quest for peace with Kumogakure ended up costing him his life.” She could tell that he wanted to reassure her and he attempted to give her some peace of mind by adding, “Not that I don’t think that between Tsunade and I, we wouldn’t be able to handle anything those hoping history repeats itself could throw at us. But at the same time it would be foolish to not be a little worried.”

Ayame found it strange that although Naruto was basically telling her there was plenty for her to be concerned about, his words ended up having the calming effect she was looking for. Staring at his face and although he had only grown a little taller than her, she found herself thinking, “When did he become so tall?” She rested her head on his shoulder as they continued on their journey to her home and while her fears hadn’t completely disappeared. She did find that due to the maturity Naruto was showing in recognizing the potential dangers to come she wasn’t as fearful as she would’ve been if he had just given her a talk filled with platitudes about how she didn’t need to worry.

The ramen waitress felt a smile tug at her lips as Naruto said, “I know I just ate, but I could really go for some ramen.”

“Is that a not-so-subtle hint for me to invite you into my apartment?”

“Maybe,” Naruto admitted, “I’ve never actually been inside of it you know.”

“I do,” Ayame replied lifting her head from his shoulder with a teasing smile. “But that’s because I doubt eating my ramen would be the only thing you got into. I know my dad is still out of the village, but knowing he could be back without warning tends to mean that I can’t relax with you at home.”

“Why?” Naruto asked confused, “Haven’t you told him about us yet?”

“Of course I did,” she replied quickly. “I just haven’t told all about us. If you get what I mean?” When Naruto nodded she added, “I also don’t want him coming home to find out just how far you and I have already gone.” Naruto nodded as he shivered slightly causing Ayame to suspect his imagination was painting a picture of how her father would react if he came home to find him rutting away atop of her. “Besides,” she said her voice taking on a throaty quality, “I want you to go home and get plenty of rest because I want you to focus on making it back home safely and the reward you’d get from me when you do.”

Reaching her apartment Naruto spun her towards him and kissed her greedily. He pressed her up against her apartment door causing her to almost relent and invite him inside to let the kiss progress to its natural end. But he concluded it before she did and with a playful smirk he said, “There, now I don’t think I’ll be the only one eagerly anticipating my return to the village.”

Ayame nodded and unlocked her door before giving him a chaste kiss on the cheek and whispered in his ear, “I love you. Come back to me in one piece.”

“As you wish, my Ayame,” her lover replied making her feel as if she was a princess. She slipped inside her apartment before the hunger she felt for her man drove her to invite him into her bed. She rested against the door as she felt through her Fox Mark his presence retreating, and not for the first time wished she had pursued a different path in life. One that would have allowed her to accompany him on his journey, and to be there to help defend him from those who would come for his life like most of his other lovers.


Ayame sat in the darkness of her apartment. She was sitting on her bed with her knees pressed against her chest and her arms wrapped around them. In her hands was clutched a knife from her kitchen as she stared at her bedroom door as if the monster that had nearly raped her was still a part of this world. She still could not believe that Toshio, her former boyfriend, had attempted to rape her or that if not for Kiyomi she would have been the reason that Naruto’s mission in Kumogakure could have soured. Although she had tried to not call out for help using her mark, since she was aware Naruto would have used the Hiraishin to teleport to her location. After Kiyomi had appeared to deal with her attacker she had been able to feel Naruto’s concern for her as well as Tsunade’s. She could only imagine how the shinobi of Kumogakure would have responded had Naruto suddenly disappeared right before them.

Once Kiyomi had finished transforming her former boyfriend’s body into a vessel for the chakra being she had created to weaken Naruto’s determination to contain her, the Bijuu had invited Ayame to stay with her. Although she had been tempted to accept, the truth was the incident had only brought back the feelings of inadequacy she had as one of Naruto’s lovers. She looked at the knife in her hand and scoffed since she knew that before anyone could harm her; either Kiyomi or Naruto would appear to defend her.

She placed the weapon down on her nightstand as she began to feel overwhelmed by feelings of inadequacy. These feelings stemmed from the fact that while she knew she wasn’t the only civilian Naruto had as a lover. Her own contributions to his ambition and life appeared to be negligible. After all, even Tsunami had a more active role in his ambition then her as she was leading the rebuild of the hotel that Karin had purchased with her help. Also, Koyuki was currently undergoing training from Fubuki to become a shinobi. The Spring Country Princess had decided that she wanted to take a more active role in helping Naruto’s ambition along. To that end she had recruited her bodyguard/lover to train her all the while keeping it a secret from Naruto.

Ayame had been surprised to learn such a thing was possible when Koyuki had told all the women what she was up to during a meeting of Naruto’s lovers while the blond man had been keeping his distance from them due to the chakra entity Kiyomi had set loose within him. She had always been of the mind that one needed to train in their youth in order to become a shinobi. But she had been informed that part of the reason Koyuki could pursue the path of a shinobi was because her father had taught her exercises in her youth to calm her, but also were of the type used to channel and focus chakra in new Academy students. Koyuki had often used them to prepare herself before performing scenes during her acting career so her chakra coils had never atrophied.

With all the information of the dangers that they faced that she was privy to as a member of Naruto’s harem, she felt so small from the fact that her only contribution was that she cooked his favorite meal. Even the few times she had gathered her fellow shopkeepers to attend to the shinobi of the Training Force didn’t make her feel as if she had contributed anything meaningful. She sighed since with her thoughts taking such a dark turn, even her position as Naruto’s official girlfriend felt more like a gift given out of pity then because she had earned it. She knew that everything she was feeling was of her own making, but knowing that she in the end she would always be the one waiting for the others to return couldn’t help the way she felt.

A red flash blinded her for a moment but knowing what it signified caused her to leap from the bed into the warm embrace of Naruto. Her lover squeezed her tightly saying, “I’m so sorry I took so long to…”

“Shh, you don’t need to apologize,” Ayame said reassuringly. “Kiyomi handled it. Toshio won’t be bothering anyone ever again.”

“Still, I should have left a clone or something to watch over….”

While she knew Naruto was feeling guilty about what had almost happened and at his inability to act due to his being in Kumogakure and surrounded by the Raikage’s shinobi, his words were only making her feel more useless since she doubted he would have been as worried if Toshio had attacked one of his other lovers. Therefore, she said, “Naruto, drop it please. You can’t be everywhere at once and Toshio was obviously waiting for a moment where he believed that you would be unable to come to my aid. Besides, I’m fine I promise.”

Naruto didn’t look convinced, but aware his words hadn’t calmed her and may have aggravated her further decided to remain silent. From the way Ayame pulled herself tighter against him, he guessed that was the best course of action for the moment. He then picked her up and carried her to her bed where he set her down before joining her.

Ayame placed her head against his chest and from his steady heartbeat and warmth soon found herself asleep. When she awoke the next morning she found herself alone. Aware that Naruto had needed to get back to Kumo, less his presence be missed, she didn’t begrudge him taking off. Noticing that she had awakened later than usual she quickly got out of bed to get ready for the day, but stopped upon noticing that the knife she had placed on the nightstand was gone to be replaced by the tri-pronged kunai Naruto used. Picking it up, she admitted it felt more reassuring than the knife had been, but felt a resolve to only rely on it as a last resort. Knowing what that meant she needed to do, she felt herself stand a little taller as she marched to the shower in preparation for the day’s activities.


Ayame watched as the last lunchtime customer left her stand. Before she could think of what she would like for her own, the flaps of her stand were thrown open as Kiyomi and Yoruichi stepped inside. Although always pleased to serve her fellow harem members, she was aware their visit had less to do with hunger then for concern about her well-being. But hoping she was wrong she said, “Welcome to Ichiraku. What can I get you?”

Kiyomi seemed to get the hint first so moved to the bar as she ordered a miso ramen. Yoruichi stared at her a moment longer, but followed suit by sitting next to her sister as she ordered a shrimp ramen. Ayame quickly filled their orders and then turned to scrub out one of the pots, but could feel their eyes on her. As she performed her chore she silently willed the two Bijuu not to bring up what had happened the night before. Finally after what had felt like an eternity since the pot had quickly been scrubbed clean but she had kept on going anyway, Kiyomi paid for the meal as she stood while saying, “We just stopped by to make sure you were alright. If you do need anything, feel free to ask.”

Ayame stopped and with her back still towards the two women asked, “Would it be possible for you to enlarge my chakra coils so that I could train to become a kunoichi?”

“Easily,” Kiyomi replied causing the ramen waitress to spin towards her. A small smile appeared on Kiyomi’s face as she added, “Why so shocked? You did witness me turn your would be attacker into a woman after all.” The Bijuu could see that Ayame was about to jump at the opportunity so she cautioned, “But don’t be too hasty. It wouldn’t be a quick process or a painless one. There is a reason why children are often selected as jinchuriki. My first host was able to find a way around this, but only because of the intricacy of her seals which allowed her to overtime absorb my power. To be honest, there is no reason for you to subject yourself to…”

“You’re wrong,” Ayame said determinedly. “I know that nobody thinks poorly of me because of my being just a civilian. I just don’t want to be the only one that is always going to be left behind to worry about whether or not he’s going to come back home. I want to be there at his side as he tries to make the world a better place. I can’t do that by just making ramen.”

Kiyomi sensed her determination, but still cautioned her by saying, “At the very least think about it further. I just don’t want you to be jumping into this as a result of what almost happened. Once a little more time has passed and if you still feel the same way, come seek me out. Thanks for the meal.”

Ayame watched the two women leave, yet was confident that time wouldn’t lessen her determination, but strengthen it. Nevertheless, she was forced to agree that given her current emotional state it was a decision to make at a later date. Therefore she turned to more important matters like how she would welcome her lover back to the village.


Ayame could feel Naruto approaching her apartment and felt a wave of anticipation course through her. She had been present at the gate upon his return from Kumogakure and after a brief welcome back hug had placed a note in his hand telling him to meet her later that night at her home. Waiting for the inevitable knock at her door she continued to stir the pot in front of her while thinking about all that she had learned about his trip from his other lovers, primarily Yugito who had already filled them in on what had happened. Much as she expected, upon learning that Naruto and Tsunade had been attacked upon their return trip her desire to begin down the path of a kunoichi had only grown stronger.

The knock she had been waiting for cut into her thoughts causing her to say, “It’s open.”

Naruto stepped into the apartment but stopped as his drank in Ayame as she stood in front of the stove stirring the chop vegetables in her wok. Having not heard the door close she looked over her shoulder to give him a sultry smile and said, “Please close the door. It’s getting rather drafty in here.”

Her lover quickly did as she asked although she suspected it had less to do with him letting out the heat, but with what she was wearing which was nothing but an apron. She could feel his eyes on her naked backside and she felt herself grow wetter as a result. Turning to face him, she said, “Please have a seat, dinner is almost ready.”

Naruto did as she asked, but only after washing his hands and upon sitting at her family’s table asked her, “Um, aren’t you worried about what would happen if your father came home?”

Ayame smiled, but instead of answering held up a letter she had received a few days earlier and tossed it to Naruto. The blond shinobi caught it and upon examining the envelope could see that it was postmarked several days prior as well as placed the point of origin as the Land of Demons. He was about to open it, but Ayame saved him the trouble by saying, “Daddy says hi. Also, apparently upon learning that one of the heroes that saved the Kazekage grew up eating nothing but Ichiraku Ramen, the shinobi of the Sand have made his stand one of the most popular ones in the village. He said he found a chef he trusts to run the place and has decided to try and open a new stand in the Land of Demons. I think that he believes that since you saved the priestess there he already has a built-in customer base.” Naruto chuckled at that as she finished cooking his meal and after spooning it out onto a plate began to bring it to him while adding, “Plus with my dad clear on the other side of the Elemental Country. I don’t think we need to worry about him interrupting any fun we may get up to.”

She placed the plate of sautéed vegetables and rice down in front of her lover and could see his brow furrow together at the meal she prepared. Before he could complain about it not being ramen, she was about to remind him how he had promised his many lovers he’d start eating better. Yet, instead of complaining he picked up the chopsticks she had laid out earlier and began to eat his dinner. She could tell he was not overly thrilled with it as he would sometimes make faces upon placing one of the vegetables in his mouth.

She had a hard time not smiling since the way he was acting made her think back to when he was younger and she would sometimes force him to eat vegetables before serving him the ramen he so often craved. Figuring his good behavior deserved a reward, she returned to the kitchen in order to make him his favorite food as well.

She had just filled the pot she would use for the broth and noodles with water when she pressed up against the sink by Naruto. “Wait,” she began to say as he pressed his lips against where her neck met her shoulder, “F-finish what I already brought you and I’ll make you some ramen.”

Naruto pulled his lips away from his lover’s neck and began to nibble on her earlobe as he whispered, “I already have Ayame. I remembered how you used to make me eat vegetables before I could get what I really wanted. But right now I’m not hungry for ramen…” He then placed a kiss on the back of her neck, before kissing his way down her spine as he dropped to his knees. She shivered as he worked his way down her body and when he spread her ass allowed him to pull her hips back so he could clamp his mouth to her pussy.

Ayame moaned loudly as her blond haired lover began to eat her with all the fervor he devoted to devouring his favorite foods. As he ate her, his hands traveled up her sides until they slipped beneath her apron to tease and fondled her breasts. She soon found herself leaning forward further as she spread her legs apart to grant Naruto greater access to her quim. Her moans of pleasure grew in intensity as she neared her end which came as her lover began to tease her clit with his tongue before finishing her off by sucking on it hard. Ayame screamed as her release coated Naruto’s face and sunk to the kitchen floor as her strength left her legs.

Panting as she clung to the counter to prevent from falling over she felt her body flush as Naruto smacked his lips as he said, “Delicious, it was worth suffering through those vegetables.”

Ayame feeling her strength returning reached behind her and began to fondle Naruto’s cock through his pants while saying, “Now it’s my turn.”

“I don’t know,” Naruto replied his tone telling her he was teasing, “I didn’t see you eat any of your vegetables. I don’t think it’s fair that you can skip right to the dessert.”

Ayame smiled before pushing him back onto his butt and quickly taking a position between his legs said, “Dessert? My meal is filled with lots of protein and calcium all the things a young woman needs.” She then pulled down his fly and as his cock sprung out folded her hands in front of her as she said, “Itadakimasu,” before swallowing his dick like a starving woman.

Naruto groaned and placed a hand on the back of her head as she bobbed in his lap. Although only capable of taking about half of his length into her mouth, the way she allowed her drool to coat the rest in a cooling sensation while she swirled her tongue over what was in her wet and warm mouth caused Naruto to delight in the two separate sensations. As a result when her hands clamped around what wouldn’t fit in her mouth as she began to jerk him off as well it was only a matter time before he shouted, “I’m cumming.”

Ayame’s eyes bulged out as her cheeks puffed up from the torrent of cum her virile lover released. However she quickly managed to recover as she swallowed the several mouthfuls of Naruto’s seed that she received. She kept her mouth clamped around his hose until the last burst and confident nothing more was to come allowed him to slip from her mouth as she swallowed the last bit. Smacking her lips she said, “Mmmm, now that was delicious and good for me too.”

Standing, she stood to turn off the water that had been overflowing from the pot and just as she succeeded was pinned against the counter again. “N-no not here,” Ayame said as Naruto began to press his cock against her entrance.

She quickly led Naruto to her room, where after stripping off her apron found that the jinchuriki had managed to strip out of all of his clothes in the same amount of time. Before she could comment though she found her ability to speak hampered as he pressed against her and stole her breath with a passion filled kiss. Their tongues danced against one another and she moaned as he picked her up and slid her onto his cock. He then fell forward onto the bed causing her to break the kiss and scream in pleasure as his manhood bottomed out inside her. Her legs instinctively wrapped themselves around him as she locked her ankles behind his back as he jackhammered her gripping cunt.

“That’s it Naruto… that’s the spot,” she shouted as he broke the lock she had around him with her legs so that he could push on her knees to change the angle at which he was driving into her. As a result, his cock began rubbing along her G-spot causing her to see fireworks every time his cockhead rubbed along it. Her pussy also began to grow tighter around him as his thrusts became more forceful and powerful as he fought against the increased resistance.

She felt that her release was imminent, but suddenly found herself disoriented as Naruto rolled them over so that she was on top. Now in the driver’s seat, Ayame began to raise and lower herself on Naruto’s stiff pole. She leaned back as she gripped Naruto’s thighs while he began to meet her downward thrusts with his own upward ones. That along with how he fondled her right breast while his left hand rested on her hip soon had Ayame ready to cum again. Which she did a few thrusts later, once he jammed his prick up inside her violently as he coated her womb in his white man cream.

Ayame screamed in adulation as her womb almost began to feel too full as Naruto pumped more and more cum inside her. She stared down at her lover and leaning forward began to kiss him passionately while riding out the rest of her orgasm. Both were covered in sweat but neither was ready to cool down as Ayame began to slowly writhe atop of her lover.

Sensing that for the moment Ayame wouldn’t be able to move much more than she currently was, Naruto spun them back over. After slowly withdrawing his length, he slammed back into her causing her to yelp and some of his seed to be forced from her pussy as he began to churn it once more. The brunette moaned her approval and held on as her seemingly inexhaustible lover began to please her once more.


Ayame slipped from the bed naked and was pleased to see that she had at least learned how to do so without waking her shinobi lover. Staring down at him, she felt a small smile tug at her lips as he looked so innocent whenever he slept. She quickly showered and left the apartment but instead of heading to her family’s restaurant bypassed it to stand before the gates of Kiyomi’s mansion. Punching in the code she was privy to as a member of the Konoha Women’s Bathing Association. She headed to the Hot Springs. However, instead of stripping to enjoy the warm waters of the main area, she stepped into the grotto that led to several of the themed ones. Yet, instead of taking the various paths, she approached a torch which she turned causing a section of the cave like structure to slide open.

She entered the hidden path which opened into the basement of Kiyomi’s mansion and allowed the various women access to it without being spotted by shinobi passing through the area or perverts trying to spy on the naked beauties. She found the basement a little creepy, mainly since it seemed that Kiyomi was gearing up to turn the room into some sort of lab. But she pushed that out of her mind as she climbed the steps up to the mansion proper. She had just about reached the top when the door opened to reveal Kiyomi who said, “I take it you’ve come to a decision.”

Ayame shook her head in the negative as she replied, “No, my decision was made the moment I gave myself to the man I love.”

“Are you sure? The path ahead is going to be quite painful.”

Ayame smiled as she remembered what she told Naruto when he had told her to brace for the pain of having her virginity taken and repeating those words said, “It would be worth any amount of pain to be with him. I’m ready to begin when you are.”

Kiyomi studied her for a moment, but seeing the woman’s determination stepped to the side and waved her in as she said, “Then let’s get you started on this new path you’ve chosen for yourself.” Ayame nodded and preceded up the steps in order to begin the long journey towards becoming one of the pillars that would help support Naruto’s ambition.

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