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it's that time again..

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So, I updated TWO new chapters on As Long As You're Here With Me. The next chapter is the FINAL CHAPTER.
Read Chapters Eleven and Twelve NOW! Rate and Review them so they can be good!

Updated Chemical Kids too. Chapter Three is up, just go to my Profile and it's there! (it's probably shit because I was trying to write with fucking Writer's Block ugh.)

Also, as you may see.. I updated on my Angsty Poems And Oneshots.
The poem sounds bad omg.

Read it anyway?

Right. So, that's the end of the daily progress report.


So. I might go and do some Singing Practice. Then go to Skyrim.


That is for any of you who haven't seen the Harlem Shake with SWS, OM&M, PTV and ATL. Or, if you feel like watching it again and can't be fucked to search it yourselves. I watched it like five or six times today, and it never stops being funny.

Right. I'M GONE.

(and I'm going to bed early tonight. at 10pm. I need to get a good sleeping pattern again, for school..)

Jazzy, I'll read the update/updates you post of Save Yourself tomorrow alright! I promise! FANGIRL'S HONOUR.

Right. Have a good night guys and I'll see ya tomorrow! xoxo Sadie
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