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Message To User Who Keeps Rating My Stories

by Banesraver666 9 Reviews

Read the damn title!

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  • Message To User Who Keeps Rating My Stories

    (#) Obsessive-Fangirl 2013-04-15 04:46:25 AM

    Sorry you have to deal with this. :/

    Author's response

    It's all good. But people like he/she is the reason I don't really like to get on big sites like this but, I'm over it. My stories aren't "good enough" for their standards. Oh well, I'm gonna keep wiriting. Because, I may suck at wiriting but, I'm doing it for pure enjoyment & nothing else. :) I love wiriting, it's gotten me through the past two months. (My boyfriend died two months ago.) So, other then, my menthol cigs & crying/ grieving, wiriting's been keeping me together.

    So, I'm very blessed to have/ be on a site where I can pour my emotions out.

    Thank you for the review hun. I reallyam thankful for it. :)
  • Message To User Who Keeps Rating My Stories

    (#) XxPerfectTomorrowxX 2013-04-15 05:27:06 AM

    Don't let it get to you.
    Some people just love being douche-bags.

    Author's response

    I'm over it now. I was just seriously pissed off at the moment in time. Oh well, that person is just another bully, who has nothing to but, hurt someone's feelings.

    I've been wiriting to damn long to let someone like that bring me down. It just makes me mad when someone basically tells you that 'your not very good' (or in this case) rates you a -1, all the time. Besides, I may not be a good author but, at least I'm not backing down. I'm sure even the best authors (at one point in time) had some kind of a bad book/story that someone didn't like & their probably rich now because, their was a hundred million fans that happened to like it.

    So, I'm gonna just brush it off my shoulders & not care. Because, maybe one day, karma's gonna come around & bite them.

    Thanks for the review, I'm really thankful for it. Good luck in your wiritings & thank you (once again) for the review.

  • Message To User Who Keeps Rating My Stories

    (#) Balquao 2013-04-29 03:24:11 AM

    It seems to me that you are unable to deal with an Archive with standards. I, for one, know that the HP archive is extremely strict.

    All of your stories usually involve a self-insert OC, that's a no-no.

    The chapters are extremely short, another no-no.

    Your formatting and grammar tend to be a little loose, another no-no.

    Your spelling and word choice leave a bit to be desired, but could be overlooked if your stories actually had substance.

    All of your stories also seem to promote the all-of-a-sudden-for-no-reason puppy-love, another no-no.

    And lastly, they generally make no damned sense.

    I'm writing this as I read through all of your HP stories and chuckling over you getting butt-hurt about your negative scores when you obviously put no real effort into these fics.

    Happy to clear that up for you, have a nice day!

    Author's response

    Hmm, I really don't care. Yes, some of my stories are a little short but, i'm usually doing something when I write them.

    I'm glad your reading my harry potter stories but, I've written more then, Harry Potter on here hun.

    I don't care about your thoughts on this matter.
  • Message To User Who Keeps Rating My Stories

    (#) Balquao 2013-04-29 04:05:54 AM

    I forgot the tips for improvement, sorry.

    1. Get a beta.
    2. Write longer chapters.
    3. Don't use OCs unless you have a good reason to use them.
    4. Be more realistic with your romantic entanglements.
    5. Think of a plot-line that hasn't been over-used and go with it.
    6. Avoid Severitus and Draco-love, they aren't particularly well-liked in this archive.

    If you want to continue writing at your current level, do so by all means. However, switch to the MC or other band archives they have on this site, or go to Both are much less strict and much more....friendly than the HP archive on Ficwad.

    Author's response

    I seriously don't care. I write what I love. If you people don't like it oh well. I'm over the negative ratings. So what. Big deal even the best authors had to have a bad story or two. My grammar isn't perfect but (usually) my spelling is and (I think) spelling is more important then grammar.

    I personally wouldn't waste my time my time writing a band fic. Why? Because, I don't care about them.
  • Message To User Who Keeps Rating My Stories

    (#) COLD1 2013-04-29 10:04:42 AM

    Balquao FTW!
  • Message To User Who Keeps Rating My Stories

    (#) Vatic-Toxicity 2013-05-04 11:00:42 AM

    You say you're over being bashed, but if you've written stuff like this you obviously aren't. In addition, you obviously can't accept even slight criticism or people that are genuinely trying to help you.

    Either you are a troll, or you are so butt hurt you write stuff like this and then try to act "tough" by saying you're over it when you obviously aren't.

    Author's response

    Seriously! Shut the hell up! I AM OVER IT!

    I didn't realize that this site was full of assholes!

    Were all writers we should be trying to help each other not be assholes. I know that some of you are trying to help me but, I never had a beta writer before so why should start having one now?

    As for my harry potter stories, I've given up on them. I don't have any ideas for any of them. I just posted them because the idea was rolling around in my head. I know they suck but, I don't have any inspiration to write them anymore.

    So all of you just back the fuck off! I'm seriously tired of begin bashed. You guys are the reason I don't join these big fan fiction sites.

    I'm a wirter just like you guys are. So what if I suck at writing harry potter stories, that's not all that I write. You guys need to get over yourselves. Seriously. Grow the fuck up!

    This note is and will be deleted in a few days. Now go pick on someone else!

    I was expecting a more friendly welcome then this. But whatever.
  • Message To User Who Keeps Rating My Stories

    (#) Korisovra 2013-05-05 05:32:55 AM

    See, that's the thing about it. Most of us have been members of this archive for years, and we are very set in what we like or don't like.

    Yes, the HP archive is very harsh and critical, mostly because we see and deal with a large amount of almost illiterate writers that throw a bitch-fit because their stories are rated into the negatives.

    For almost every page in the past 4 years, you'll see at least one negatively rated story. Some of those writers have stepped up and become extremely high rated, others complain to the Admins and get told to get over it, and yet others quit writing here and go to

    We're a sink or swim type of archive, and we're proud of the fact that a positively rated story is usually worth reading whereas a negatively rated story is usually rated that way for a reason. Most of us at least glance through the negative stories, and if we disagree, we rate that story up.

    I just finished glancing through both your HP and Naruto stories, and I don't disagree with the ratings, so I left them as is. I apologize if you don't understand or agree with our stance, but it is what it is.

    If you want to improve, take the criticism to heart, if not, post your stories elsewhere.

    Author's response

    I am. Damn. I feel like a loser. Throwing a bitch fit wasn't worth it. I honestly don't feel welcome here. So I guess I'm just gonna leave.

    When I posted "Way of the Fists" I wanted to write something different but, I get the feeling from most users on here that I'm not very welcome here.

    The reason I came on here was because, my site that I used no longer exists.

    I love wiriting and it hurts me to know that I'm not welcomed here. Which sucks.

    I can see now that I didn't really belong here or that I don't fit in to any "clicks" on here. Yes, my wiritng's different and yes, I know all my stories suck but, right now it's the only thing that's keeping me together. I never expected to be so hated on here just because of my stories or my bitch fit (which I deeply apologize for) but, I can see I'm not welcome here. So, I guess I'll delete my account in a few days.

    I guess I never belonged here anyways. Thank you guys for showing me how bad of a writer I am but, that's not going to stop me. I have a few friends who like "Way of the Fists" so, I will continue to write for them.
  • Message To User Who Keeps Rating My Stories

    (#) redvines 2013-08-11 08:58:17 PM

    Writing isn't for everyone.
  • Message To User Who Keeps Rating My Stories

    (#) bekkihaiti 2013-11-18 10:03:24 PM

    Wow, I'm almost scared to publish another chapter on this site.

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