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Stay with Me

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Jade West and Tori Vega always had a secret attraction towards eachother. What happens when they come face to face with there own emotions?.

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Tori's P.O.V.

Jade west. The only person who has my heart. The only one I can see myself with. Her wavy hair. The different colors of her eyes. Her cruel and dark humor that makes her sexier. What I wouldn't do for her to wrap me in her arms. What doesn't seem to cross my mind is why is she dating Cody Rhodes? He doesn't love her. Not one bit. Jade doesn't know what I know. She doesn't know that he can't stand being with her anymore. To Cody, she maybe quite dysfunctional and possibly a freak of nature, but to me she is far from that. She doesn't know that he has a thing for Kaitlyn. Her out of all people. Poor Jade. And most importantly she doesn't know how I feel about her. I can't tell her. Not now. Not while she is with that bastard, Cody Rhodes. She deserves better. A lot better. Even if she doesn't know it then she will. Her beauty appearence is intimidating , but her smile says other wise. I love you, Jade. I wish you knew.

Jade's P.O.V.

Cody loves me more than anything in the world. As far as I know, I love him too. But something is going on. I can feel it in my heart. Whatever it is it's going to piss me off for sure. What is bugging me is-is this love shit feeling for Tori. She is nerdy. And a complete mess. But I love that about her. She is georgous. Her long is kinda sexy. When she shows off her bubbly, happy-go-lucky personality makes me attracted to her even more. Ewwie. Get a grip, Jade. You fucking Love her. But you're too much of a chicken shit to say so . A genwine girl Tori shouldn't be John's girlfriend. He has a thing for Eve. I can tell. He doesn't love her. Everyday that he says" I love you" to her, he's lying. I love you, Tori. And if there is a way I could tell you, I would. I wish you knew. I wish you knew how I feel about you.

Tori's P.O.V.

As I walk to class, I see Cody feeling up and kissing Kaitlyn. I knew it. I'm scared to see Jade's reaction. I walk over and yell "Hey!".They both freeze and stare at me. Jade walks over and says"so much for I love you". As she speed walks, I follow her to the Janitor's closet. I said "Jade..."

"What?!". She answers angrily.

"I'm sorry you saw what you saw. It's not your fault".

"After all this time, somehow I still love him".

"I know you loved him, but he doesn't love you like you think".

"How would you know? And why the hell am I listening to you?". She says in a sharp tone.

"Because.....Because HE doesn't deserve you. Cody was leading you on, and used you so he can swap spit with Kaitlyn".

"Kind of like the way John is using you for Eve?".

As much As I wanted to go off on her, I'm tempted to believe she is right.

"Look on the slap, Tori. John and Eve are everywhere".

As my eyes get red in sadness and my skin gets hot from anger Jade says" I'm sorry. But John was never good for you anyway".

"Jade, you don't know shit about me". I leave the closet, and go home after school is over. Just a perfect way to start off my summer. I just want to curl into a little ball in my bed,and try NOT to think about what happened. As I walk in my house I get scared and scream "Ah!!". Jade is in my house. That's just great.

"Hey, Vega."

"Jade!!. You scared me shitless!".

"Oh hush!".

She follows me in the living room and I say" What do you want from my life? Haven't you done enough?".

"Your blaming me for what John did?".

"No. But you need to do me a favor and leave me alone".

"For a girl like you, your pretty stubborn".

I raise my eyes brows, and my eyes grow wide. Jade has a stupid smirk on her face.

"A girl like me?".

"That's what come out of my mouth".

"Your an irritating bitch!".

"That's what you love about me secretly isn't it? You want me. You need me. You love the fact that I give you ALL my attention so you can dip your feet. Dive in, and swim in it. But your too afraid to say anything, because your so damn vulnerable!".

I try not to ball my hands into fists. But I'm slowly getting more angrier. This girl is messing with my head. I wanted to slap her, but I held back.

"You know what? I........"

"You what? You can't stand me? You hate my guts? C'mon Vega! Make those words shine!". She says in an irritating tone.

"Just leave. I want you to leave, okay?." As I say in a regualr, soft tone. My voice starts to choke up. As I open the door, she walks towards it and shuts the door as she says "No." Her eyes go from evil to kind. "Tori....."

Trying not to cry I say "What do you want, Jade?".

She says" John never deserved you."

"And you do?". I say in an angry tone.

"Yes!". She says as he voice gets loud.

"Well you were about to walk out on me. On us. You were about to forget everything we had, so why don't do you do that? Show me who Jade REALLY is."

"I am not leaving. I will never forget what we have. Tori....I love you. I want to be with you. I was stupid for letting go of you, because I believed everything that Cody said when he told me how beautiful I am. I know your beautiful. But that word is not enough to describe to you, how much I miss you when we don't talk. You don't know how-how badly I want you, because without you my heart is miserbale. Without you, I feel lonely. But with you, you make me feel special. Your like the light to guide me through. Yeah, your a nerd, but I love that about you. But most importantly, I love you because to me, out of all the girls and guys in this world, Tori, I never needed you more in my life. So please. Don't leave me. And I will never leave you. I'm in love with you. Not tomorrow. Or next week. But today. Forever. Infinte plus infinte."

"Jade....I love you . You make the happiest girl in the world. And everyday, I'm falling for you. Who you are, and how tingley I feel on the inside because of you, makes me want to love you in everyway possible."

As Jade walks up to Tori, she says" I hope you never forget this." She kiss Tori. All the anger and every emotion bottled up was let go. And all the love in there hearts are re-found.
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