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When Bandit is the last one left, what will she do? It's post-apocalyptic warfare where she's at, and she can't seem to get her mind straight. -Oneshot-

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-Guys, I did what? I fucking updated. Enjoy!-
-Oh, Violence Warning!-Bandit sat back against the wall shivering. This panic room wasn’t the best, and her food supply was dwindling. She was the last of her group to survive: The last to go was her father. She had to come out soon, but was terrified.

She was out of water. It had been a few hours so her lips were chapped and she was panting, trying to get moisture from the air in her mouth. All she got was the taste of death and a lot of smog.

She was going a bit insane from all the malnutrition and the things she had seen. the gruesome, horrible things like the living dead patrolling, and her family being munched on Then, of course, her family patrolling as the living dead.

Her baby brother was the first to go. That was when no one knew of the attack. The government blocked off a city where they knew, but Bandit guessed one got loose or someone who had gotten bit ran and the CIA had no idea.

Well, Jacob, her brother was playing in the back when this guy shambled in, hungry as hell. Gerard found Jacob later on that day, and called the police, but all life was gone and his body was starting to come back as a monster’s.

Gerard knew, from countess films, what was going on. The deceased were coming back, and multiplying.

He of course got them to safety, for the most part. They lived on baked beans and countless jugs of water. Bandit grew up living in a metal box under ground. Was raised in such a small environment it blew her mind when she got to travel outside.

But now, by herself, she wished she was one of the first to go. She was alone. Well, almost. There was a bitten toddler roaming somewhere in the vents above her, but she didn’t know where.

It seemed that the dead were getting quite smarter. A turning doorknob here, someone trying to start a car, and a glance here or there at old family members. Bandit was afraid someone who knew how to get into her safehaven was smarter than the above.

And they were. Or someone, anyway. Gerard and Bandit where on a food run a few days ago. When they got close, the men inside the safe haven threw the metal doors open as Bandit and Gerard were trying to beat the corpses inside. No one knew Mikey had been bitten. Not even Mikey.

Mikey turned quickly, attacking someone from behind. Gerard saw and froze. He couldn’t put him down. People panicked even though they were trained. Mikey’s surprise attack, plus the mobs engulfing them where to great. Gerard laid down his life to save his daughters.

Everyone who was bitten fought until they turned, then turned into the enemy. Somehow bandit ended up in the room with two others. Both bitten, and both quickly committed suicide, or in other perspective, saved Bandit’s life.

Gerard was quite smart. In the back of his mind, Gerard knew there was food in the metal box. He also knew how to get in. He was starving. He twisted the knobs just the right way and this thing popped open. Then he shambled down the stairs.

He saw his daughter sitting against the wall. Bandit saw him, too. She laughed out a merciful laugh.

“You always saved me, Daddy,” She muttered to herself. “Are you saving me again?”

Gerard banged against the chain linked fence that separated the rooms. It could only be opened from the inside. He let out snarls and cries of displeasure. He wanted that meal so bad.

“Of course you're not,” Bandit crawled forward. “You're not my daddy anymore. you’re this thing in Daddy, aren’t you?”

Gerard got wilder, gripping the fence as much as he could. He started to to tug at the chain. Bandit gagged at the smell of death.

“But you are. You’re saving me, again. You just aren’t meaning to,” Bandit found the key to the padlock and shoved it into the padlock. Gerard moved hard against the fence.

“Oh, calm down, Daddy. I’m getting there. Stupid lock is old.”

Gerard gagged on his own blood. He was so excited. He could smell, he could hear, her heartbeat. Bandit opened the door and let him at her. He smashed into her and attacked. She screamed in agony. But she knew when it was over, she wouldn’t be lonely or hungry anymore.
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