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If You Really Knew Liz...

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This is important, okay?! I don't care who you are or how you feel about the Liz and Reno situation, this is important!

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Okay, so I am obviously NOT in a good mood right now, if you couldn't tell that, well now you know. You wanna know why I'm not in a good mood?

Well, the answer is quite simple, IF you even bothered to read the title.

See, I woke up this morning, about 3-4am, I don't remember, to my phone ringing. (And by ringing, I mean playing Firestarter by The Prodigy REALLY loud, as it's my ring tone.) I answered it, and it was Liz's cousin, Zoey. She sounded really freaked out when I picked up. She told me I needed to get to their place as soon as possible, and Liz had just been taken away in an ambulance. I knew Liz had either tried to kill herself or the reason she would probably die young was happening much sooner than expected, and something in my gut told me it wasn't the latter. So I got over to Zoey's house, where Liz was staying. Zoey told me to go to the bedroom she and Liz shared, and I did. The sight that greeted me was something I never thought I'd see.

Blood. Everywhere. My suspicions had been confirmed: Liz had attempted suicide again.

Zoey, her parents and I drove to the hospital where Liz was. She was in the operating theatre, the doctors doing everything, ANYTHING to save her. After an hour or two of waiting, a doctor came out to tell us Liz's fate. He told us her heart had stopped beating but they had managed to restart it, and she would be okay and would be released within a week or so.

Now, this left one question: Why? Why did she do it?

Just at that moment, Zoey told me there had been a note under Liz's pillow addressed to me. Zoey handed it to me, and I went outside to read it, as I wanted to be alone when I did.

The contents of the letter shocked me.

The following is written in italics, as it is Liz's note. I am leaving out some parts as I feel they are too personal.

First off, let it be known that I love you, no matter what happens, and I'm so, so sorry I'm doing this to you. I know how much it hurt you last time I tried to do this, and I know it'll hurt you more this time given the circumstances.
I know you, Axel, so I know you're probably wondering why I did this. Short edition: I fucked up big-time and a sinner like me doesn't deserve to live, so I'm doing us all a favour.
Now comes the long, full edition.
Remember when we were 5, and I had that imaginary friend, Reno? The one I always about as though she were real? Yeah, turns out she never left me. To me, she's still here.
Anyway, back then I didn't decide anything about Reno's looks or personalities or background or whatever, but recently, Reno became like a real person, a real person with her own personality and background and stuff. This new, improved Reno was born from some of my greatest desires, as well as former desires and the things I sometimes wish didn't happen. I've always wanted to dye my hair bright red, you know that, but I can't really because of how it would look with my skin tone. As such, Reno has bright red hair. It's the same with Reno having blue eyes-I want them, but it would look weird with my skin. I wish my dad didn't die, so Reno lives with her's. My mother and I have an estranged relationship, so Reno doesn't talk to her's. I sometimes think it would be cool to be the new kid on the block often, so that's what Reno is. The list goes on.
I made an account on Ficwad as though I am, or was, Reno. You know me, I need to escape from myself sometimes, and I felt slipping into Reno's character would be a good way to do so. Unfortunately, I wasn't too careful, and I posted a review on Reno's account as myself. See how I fucked up here?
Next thing I know, all the people I thought were my friends are turning on me. A bit here edited out because it goes into deepest, darkest memories of her past And that is why I'm doing this.
If, somehow, I survive, remind me never to go on Ficwad again. They don't want me there. To be honest, why did they in the first place? Ficwad's a place I once felt safe and secure from the stereotypes and judging-it's lost that feel now. Recently every time I've gone on there, my heart beats like crazy and I get jelly legs. (Hehe...jelly...) A part left out here because some secrets are told Tell the Ficwaddians that I love them and that while I will apologize for upsetting or offending them, I will NOT apologize for posing as Reno.
Well, it's time for me to go now, Axel. Tell our friends I love them too. As for you, I want you to move on from me if I die. Build yourself the future you wanted, find love again, live life to the fullest. I know it'll hurt for a while, but keep smiling for me.
For possibly the last time.
xxxxx Liz

If you can't see exactly why I'm pissed after reading that, read it again. And again. Keep reading until it gets into your head.

Oh, and to the user by the name of MCR-99: It's not identity theft. It would be if Liz actually knew someone called Reno, and since she does not, it isn't identity theft.

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