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Nothing's gonna change tomorrow

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Jade west knows Maria Kanellis isn't the girl for Tori. she is. Will jade finally admit her feelings to Tori, or will it all be a fluke?.

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Jade’s P.O.V.

As I’m sitting at Tori’s house, waiting for her, because she wants to hangout with me, I’m sitting at the table, drinking a virgin pina colada. Today has got me thinking about all sorts of things. Why I even said “yes” to John Cena when he asked me out, is beyond me. And why Tori would want to be with a girl Like Maria is also beyond me. I think this is all a waste of time. Just like every guy or girl I used to like, it was a waste of time. Tori shouldn’t go for someone as fake as Maria. I hate saying shit like this, but Tori is too good for her. And I believe somewhere in this heart of mine, Tori should be with someone like me. I can deal with having my emotions crushed. She can’t. She would just cry and a week later get over her heartbreak. Even though she is a pain in my ass I love this damn girl. And maybe it’s more than love. I HATE feelings, but when I have them for Tori it’s different. Everything is just different when I’m around her. I don’t mean to break her happy, cheery mood but I will have to break the news to her that Maria doesn’t see her as she thought she does.

Tori’s P.O.V.

I walk into my house and see Jade. “Hey boo!”.
“Eww.Don’t call me that”. As jade smirks and rolls her eyes.
“You know you like when I call you that, Jadey Boo!”. I say as I smile.
“Bite me, Vega”.
I walk over to Jade and Bite her lightly on her shoulder.
Jade snaps. “Tori, what the hell!!”.
“You said bit you. So I did”. I sit on the couch, hoping Jade would sit with me.
“Hey Tor….I have to tell you something”. She says as Jade sits next to Tori on the couch.
“I want my hug first”. I say as I smile and open my arms, making a gesture for her to hug me.
“Tori, please. I have to talk to you”.
“Not until you hug me first!”. I give her my sad puppy look eyes at her.
Jade sighs and says” Fine!. You’re such a child, Vega!”.

Jade’s P.O.V.

Though this hug isn’t very long, seeing how she gave me the typical puppy eyes sad dog look, made my heart melt. God, I sound like a girly girl!. But how badly she wanted me to hug her, I too wanted to do the same.
Tori’s P.O.V.
“What’s on your mind, Jadey?”.
Jade shakes her head and says” tor……Maria doesn’t like you the way you think she does”.
“Oh. I know. I read it on twitter”.
“And your not sad about it?”. Jade says as she starts to get annoyed.
“No. Honestly, I….”
“You what?”.
“I tried to replace her with the feelings I have for you. And it didn’t work out, but that doesn’t I don’t want to be with you”.

Jade’s P.O.V.

I freeze for a minute and say” So you tried to replace the feelings you have for me, with some another slut who is now making out with my ex boyfriend?”.
“I’m sorry, Jade I-Wait! So it’s true. You do have feelinsg for me”.
“Don’t be so…so…I don’t!. I like you, but-but I don’t love you!”.
Shit. Saying that, I screwed up my chances with her. I love her. Why the hell did I say that for? I feel horrible. I didn’t mean to but it was the heat of the moment. I do love you, Tori. I just…Shit. Nice going, Jade.

Tori’s P.O.V.

“You, uh , okay. I mean I….You don’t, uh, you don’t love me. I want to be alone. Can you leave. Please?”.
“Tori, I’m….I’m sorry. I said that because….”
“Because it’s John, you want. Isn’t it?”.
“don’t worry, Jade. I understand”.
Jade chuckles and says”You are so you, Tori”.
“What do you mean?”.
“You easily get your heart broken. It’s time to get a grip. Your not 4 years old anymore where some peson says you have a fat head and you just cry about it and tell an adult. Your 18. Take a look at yourself, Tori”.
I do something unpredictable. I slap Jade.

Jade’s P.O.V.

After she slapped me, I stand there shocked. Angrily I push her against the front door of her house. As we stand face to face with eachother, she jusmps on me, wrapping her legs and arms around me. I kiss her passionately and fiercely as I walk up the stairs into her room. I put her on her bed and kiss her agressively. As I start to take her clothes off little by little, her body and her beauty is exquisite. I put my hands all over her. Tori breathes heavily as she pulls me closer to her,and starts taking my clothes off. Our body language is a collision course. Before we start to make love she says”Jade…Are we having sex because we want to. Or do I mean something to you?”. I look her as I smile and say”We are having sex because when I’m around you I want to let go. I want to lose control and love you like no else could. A milion words can’t describe how I feel about you. I love you. And I promise you, after tonight, nothing’s gonna change”. Once we are naked I start kissing her below her waste. After we make love,I whisper”I love you”. She smiles and says”I love you my cuddle bug!”. We cuddle up next to eacother as my feelings for Jade increase more and more and we are now a couple.
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