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Hi there peoples :)

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Tiny little rant to begin with, just as my mood is good, so I'm not gonna go all shit-storm mania on ya. Just a tiny rant. The rest'll be good k?

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Tiny rant to begin with.

Okay, so, yesterday I noticed someone want me to stop blogging here. I'm not going to, just cuz someone said to. Okay, I get this is a fiction site, but I don't see a fucking rule here saying 'no blogs'. And, I've put it in the original, so I'm not spamming the MCR section. Don't get me wrong, I still do stories. Half the things on my profile is either poems or stories. I'mma keep my blog here, so I can show my real side, a personal side, to my readers, and have casual interaction. I know, there's Facebook and Twitter and shit like that to talk to others, but what if they aren't on Facebook or Twitter? Or, in Ash's case, what if the internet is being a major fucking douche and doesn't allow Facebook or Twitter, or even email. Also, I do this blog so it's creativity, and I make it enjoyable, which is what writing is all about. Okay, enough of this rant. Hope I didn't sound like a bitch okay, sorry if I did.


Right, now with that over.

We had non-uniform today, it was cool. Ellie cried over the posters in Kerrang! (MCR tribute posters..) and another girl (who was wearing a BVB top, good taste there) said she was jealous of me, for having Kerrang!. Well, that's cool. Ellie also FINALLY watched the Band Member Harlem Shake. She didn't laugh though. Is she even human? how can you NOT laugh at that?!
We're doing a new song this term for Music. Emilie Sande - Next To Me. I got the tamborine, it is incredibly easy.

Also, ASH AND SAM HAVE BEEN TOGETHER FOR THREE FUCKING MONTHS AWWWWWWWWWW..... sobs into ice-cream as I don't have what they has

I'm 27 days clean today. 27. Days. Wow. Good going fo' me.



A diamond bullet and a gun made of gold, she was covered in blood last seen in San Fransisco ~ Pierce The Veil, Besitos.


I'mma update This Blood Evacuation today, I have a little idea on how to write it. Ash wants the sad ending. You get the sad ending. Because, as they say, most love stories have no happy endings. At least, I think that's what they say, whoever 'they' are.. eh. that's what I say then.

I'm also playing Skyrim today. Was gonna play Skyrim yesterday, and the day before, but I ran outta time. But, it's Friday, so I get two late nights. Perfect.

I watched Ted last night, it was sooo funny... I nearly cried when they tried to fix Ted, oh god is that weird?

runs away because I'm so awkward right now jesus christ
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