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Our time is now

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Cat and Beck have been having problems with there relationship. She has a secret crush on Andre, but will he win her over, or will she stay with Beck?

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Cat's P.O.V.

After a fun day with Andre I head home to see my boyfriend, Beck. As of late me and Beck have been having trust issue. Relationship complications. I'm not sure if I love him anymore. He used to be my prince charming, he used to be someone I used to think that at the right moment I wanted to spend my entire life with him, but those days are over. From time to time he has anger problems which scares me. And sometimes I sneak away to Andre's house to sleep over, because I'm afraid of what Beck will do to me once he gets drunk, or even worse if he finds out that I sneak out of the house to see Andre. I feel like Andre is my super hero. Kind of like how in the first spider man movie where spider man saves Mary Jane from the green goblin. Parking my car,and walking into the house I see Beck standing in front of the door with a small glass of whiskey.

" Oh boy, your home". He says sarcastically.

"Hey baby!". She says in a nervous yet happy tone.

Beck sighs and says" Where we you for six hours?".

Trying not to be scared she says" Me and Andre went to the movies then we hungout. We lost track of time. I-I'm sorry". She tries to hug him and he pushes her off him. Beck says" Don't hug me. You were cheating on me weren't you?".

A look of shock and disbelief is on her face as she says" What?! No! Beck, if you think that then that's your problem but-"

"But?.....C'mon Cat! Spare me the bullshit,okay? You fucked him. I know you did".

"Beck, I know you've had a long night. You're drunk. Go to bed".

"Yeah, because of you. I love you. Cat. But I take it back. I take it all back. I regret seeing you. I regret the first day I met you. I hate kissing you. Hugging you. Screwing you. Everything I do with you I fucking HATE. Move out. Get out. Get out my fucking house!".

Cat's P.O.V.

Right then and there my heart shattered into pieces like broken glass. As tears started to fall from my eyes, I go into my car and drive to see andre.

Andre's P.O.V.

I hear a knock on my door. Opening up the door, Cat rushes in and sits down on the couch. "Oh, hey little red". I say. Their she is. Crying hysterically. I walk over and sit next to her and ask " What's wrong?". She tries to calm herself and says" Beck and I are through. He-he regrets everything. Me. Oour relationship". Before she could say more she cried again. I held her as she was letting the tears fall on my shoulder. I said "Aw, I'm sorry".

Cat says" what did I do that was so wrong?".

I say" Nothing. Don't blame yourself. Beck is too blindsided to see what an amazing girl you are. Guys like him will be lonely. I know your heart is beyond broken, but maybe what I made for you will cheer you up".

She sniffs and says" What is it?".

I said" Do you know you like to pick out random letters and tell a story of what that letter means to you, and how much you love to do crossword puzzles?".


" Here. Try it." I hand her a flipbook with three pages in the form of random letters and a pen.

She starts to look for one letter on the first page.. She says"I". Cat scrambles carefully looking closely at the all the letters. She flips to the second page and finds a word. "Love". She looks on the third page and flips through the book a couple more times. Feeling confused and lost she says" Uh oh. Andre, I can't find the rest. And i've searched this book all over for the last word. "I. Love."

Before she says another word I say" You".

She looks at me with those big Cat like eyes and says" Aw! I love you, more!". She gives me a quick kiss on the lips. I ask" What was that?". She said" What? That was a kiss". I say" No that wasn't. This. This, is an actual kiss". I lightly put my hand on her chin, bringing her lips to touch mine,as a new love in her heart embraces mine.
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