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today sucks a bit..

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I grazed my knee in PE today, it was my last lesson. I'll set the scene.

We were warming up, we were doing discus on the Astro Turf. On the Astro Turf you have this sand-stuff on there which is slippery. Anyway, for our warm up we had to jog up to a certain line, so I did that, and when I got to that line, BAM. I slipped up, and fell straight to the ground. No tears though, just my knee and hand hurt like a fucker..

Also, I was on my way home, listening to Pierce The Veil, as I do, when Amber and Jordan (bitches at my school.. -_-) SLAPPED me on the back REALLY HARD. I was so so tempted to throw them off that bike they were on, but I thought not, and instead thought "i hope you do something really stupid and die.." (if anyone gets that danisnotonfire reference I will love you ok) and continued to listen to Pierce The Veil all the way home.

So, that was the bad bits of my day. Currently wearing a My Chem shirt, and skinnys and my slippers..

I'm going to write another fic, that Mouse challenged me to do. She challenged me to write a story with NO BAND MEMBERS. Band names are allowed, just not the member's of the band's names. I have a vague plot for it, I know the summary and the title of the fic. I'll make it.. say... 9 or so chapters? Depends if I get any sparks for ideas for the chapters. So, here's the name and summary of my fic.

Name Of Fic: You're Already The Voice Inside My Head.

Summary: Sadie has had the same voice in her head, ever since she was a little girl. But, what happens when the voice in her head becomes real?

So, in this fic the second main character will be Danny, my male OC.

Now, can one of you guys tell me if it is socially acceptable to have a crush on one of my OC's? because, I kinda do. To be fair, Danny was the guy in my dream, the one I wrote a oneshot about, so would that be weird or?

Eh. Whatever.

(Also, I swear to fuck I heard his voice today.. weird..)

Anyway, how was your day guys?
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