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Thoughts. Part one.

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Scotts thoughts on Rogue and Jean when Rogue tells him how she feels. Scotts POV.

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AN: i own nothing. This is my first POV so be nice.

When she told me, what did she expect me to do? Proclaim my love for her? Tell Jean that it was over? She wasn't clear. She didn't even give me signals that she liked me. But that's just Rogue: keep your feelings hidden from everyone and then let them out suddenly to confuse people. Maybe that's what she wanted. Me to be so confused so that I had no idea what was going on. Well she succeeded. I was well and truly confused. I always thought of her as nothing more than a friend; a little sister, even, when she was in a good mood. And I never doughted that that was what she saw me as. A friend, I mean, not a little sister 'cos that would be weird. Great, my head hurts more now.
I'm pacing in my room, trying to keep my dinner down. Not that the thought of her makes me feel sick. Why now? I mean, there were plenty of times for her to tell me but she chooses when I'm dating Jean! I don't even know why she decided to tell me now. Nothing happened today, it was actually quite boring. Its been raining all day so we couldn't even go out. Its gotten worse now, there thunder and lightning and the rains changed to hail. You can hear it drumming on the roof and against the windows. But I'm getting off track - which never happens so you can tell how much this has messed me up - the fact is, there was nothing that could of motivated her into telling me this now. Unless it's the fact that I had to stay in the house. Maybe that's it, she cornering me. But that doesn't seem like Rogue... not really. Maybe she was just waiting till I got comftable with the way things were going, and then she would shake things up. But she seemed sincere. No, she was telling the truth. I could tell by the way she was fumbling for words, blushing as she stuttered, refusing to meet my eyes - but maybe she couldn't find them - and the look in her eyes as I walked out. Nobody could fake looking that hurt. I hadn't said anything. I was stunned, shocked, speechless what ever you call it - I was it.
She's just a friend to me, I've only ever thought of her as a friend. But had things changed? Did I see her differently now? She was beautiful, in a dark way, and had a great smile. Her body was slim and her hair was soft. She was nice - when you got to know her and if you stay on her good side - and she actually had a good personality. She wasn't as moody as people thought she was. But no. I only saw her as a friend; I couldn't imagine being anything else to her. She obviously could. How do you tell someone that you don't like them that way? I've never been in this situation before. Terence? Terence was different. I certainly didn't like her like that but she wasn't a friend, so there was no risk. With Rogue, there's a risk. A very, very big risk. We're friends. Team-mates. House-mates. If out friendship was destroyed then the team could be broken up. Plus in this house, there are no secrets. If something happened, everyone would know. People would take sides and more friendships would be in jeopardy. The team would be in jeopardy. Maybe I could sugar-coat it. Tell her that I do like her but that nothing can happen. Ever. I'll be using the team as an excuse. I'll tell her that for the good of the team nothing can happen between us. She'll understand...I hope. I just hope that this wont get to Jean.
I'm out of my room now. Walking down the hall, towards the stairs. Going over in me head what I'll say to her. I'm in the main hall, there's a light coming from one of the studies. One of the smaller ones with shelves full of books covering the walls and a very old looking fireplace. I know this house by heart, from the Hanger to the roof, from the fount gate to the stone bench right at the back of the garden that's shadowed by trees. I could describe every room in this house easily. I could tell you how to get to it, what the wallpapers like, what type of floor, what's in it, who'll you'll probably see on the way and who's probably in it. The only ones in the small study now were Logan, Storm and Jean. Logan and Jean were reading - though Logan had a magazine hidden in the book do it looked like he was reading a book - where as Storm was watching the small T.V. They all looked up when I walked in. Logan and Storm looked up only briefly before going back to what they were doing. Jean smiled warmly at me as I came over to the couch she was on and sat next to her. The fire was lit, burning brightly. The flames danced in her eyes and she squeezed my hand and then turned back to her book. She didn't know. I could tell. Between our link and the fact that we knew each other better than anyone else did, it was hard to keep secrets. But I had spent most of my life hiding feelings from people so I was pretty good at it. She had just had a bath. Her skin was still warm and it was glowing. Her hair was in its natural curls, she usually straightned the top of it while letting the ends flick, but now it fell down her back in deep crimson waves. I slipped my arm round her shoulders and she lent into me, still reading. I focused my face towards the television but my eyes were on her, no-one could tell because of my glasses.
Rogue could wait till tomorrow. Maybe I would just tell her I like her as a friend. I wasn't going to lie, I'd tell her the truth. Rogue may like me but I don't like her that way. She would have to deal with it. It sounds harsh but its they way I feel, I cant help it. This must be why Rogue hates Jean so much, well, hate is a strong word - dislikes is a better way to describe it. I used to think no girl would ever like me because of my mutation, now there's two! Most guys would love it if two beautiful girls wanted them, but not me. I like Rogue and maybe if she had told me sooner, things could have happened. But it wouldn't of lasted. I love Jean. She's the one that I'm meant to be with. Our link makes that clear. That night I fell asleep on the couch, with an angel in my arms.

AN: R n R please! If people like it i might do one from Jeans and Rogues POV! Thanks for reading.
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