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Hurricane love

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Kaitlyn has had heartbreak after heartbreak and she's tired of feeling lost. Cody has a crush on her, but she doesn't know it. Will he tell her how he feels?.

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Cody's P.O.V.
After my match with David Otunga (in which I won), I shower, change,and eat something in my hotel room. Damien went out with Nikki Bella on a date. I'm sitting on the couch eating grilled chicken and brocolli with brown rice, watching the movie MoneyBall. I hear a knock on my door. I put my food down to see who it is. I unlock the door and see kaitlyn who looks miserbale and sad. I ask her"Hey! Are you okay?". With her eyes getting watery she says"Yeah". I ask"Are you sure?". She says"No". And starts crying on my shoulder. I close the door, and I hold her tightly. I ask her"What's wrong?". Kaitlyn wipes her eyes and says"I feel worthless. Me and Drew broke up , and the week after that we had sex,after we left the club. And he broke up with me just now". I say"Aw,I'm sorry". We sit down on the couch, as she puts her head on my chest.

Kaitlyn's P.O.V.
"I-I don't know what I did wrong. Am I ugly? Am I too manly? I'm sorry if I'm no girly girl who played with barbie dolls and nail polsih! Is there something wrong with me?".

"No. No there isn't. Guys like Drew are bumbs. And Drew is a bumb. He is no good. The way he treated you is absurd. And seeing beautiful you are, you can better than Drew. But he can't no better than you".

"Thanks. Cody?".


"Why you so good to me?".

"Because if I'm not good to you, no one else will".

She smiles a bit and says"No, for real".

Cody says"Because you deserve to be treated good. I hated seeing you with Drew, because all I could think about is, seeing me with you. I've seen yo get your heart broken and cry a dozen times. It's time for someone new. Somone different.

She looks up at him with an innocent, yet adorable look. She wraps her arms around him and kisses him. He pulls away and says"Kaitlyn, you just broke up with Drew. You should wait a while".

"What? Why? Am I not the one for you? Am I not good enough for you?".

"No. That's not it. Let's play a game. Do you know how I know sign language?".

She says"Yeah. Why?".

As she looks at the motion of the letters from his hand she says"I. L. O. V. E. K. A. I. T. L.Y. N. I love you kaitlyn?". Cody nods his head and she jumps on him and kisses him aggressivley. He smiles and says"I've been waiting to tell you that I love you". Kaitlyn smiles and says"And I've been waiting to tell you, that your love is a hurricane. It drives me crazy". He kisses her again, only slowly and romatically.
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