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We First See the Unraveling

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FUCK YEAH!!! I gots a new story...oh yeah, no summary because it's a suprize. And yeah, it's something different.

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Chapter 1- We First See the Unraveling

The two inch red stiletto clicked against the cold concrete alleyway as I made my way down the seemingly never ending stretch. Being fully aware of my surroundings, I tightened my coat around me and breathed, letting the cold instantly turn it to frost. And that's when I saw him standing at the back door, his pinstriped suit developing a slender appearance. His hat was tipped so you could not see his face, and the only light that was illuminating him was the tip of his cigar he held firmly to his lips. As soon as he saw me he let out a low chuckle and tipped his head up to let the moonlight catch just the slightest part of his face. I was not afraid, I was never, after all these encounters, I was never afraid. Taking one last puff, he threw it on the ground and crushed it with the tip of his toe, and took a cautious step before raising his hands to his suit and tugging it forward, stating his attitude. I smugly smiled and stood straighter, letting my attitude yell back.


That's right, I was a straight link to mobsters, which would explain the dark setting, the think Brooklyn accent and the probably illegal cigar. I nodded and took the precaution of having my hand ready. My motives were always clear.

"Rastelli," I smiled and you could already hear the bitterness in the air.

"Word says you working for the enemy," he spat and I licked my lips, not taken back.

"Now, now...girls gotta do what a girls' gotta do to survive," the man smirked and tilted his head back more.

"The last link...I'm still shocked Massino kept you alive," he paused and cockily flicked his wrist into the air.

"There's a reason for everything when you're a mobster," I paused and smiled, my full red lips slightly shocking him, and I could sense it.

"Would you care to explain?" It was my turn to smirk. Slyly I shrugged and felt the cold air blow the length of my red dress back a bit.

"I'm their secret weapon," I could instantly picture his eyebrows shoot up in surprise.

"The assassin?" Ah, the magic words. Slowly but quickly, as redundant as that sounds I raised my gun.

"Fraid' so," Cue gunshot. Fatal gunshot.

It's never what you think. That's what I've learned in my years, even if they have been 21 very short and disaster filled years. Filled with blood and cigars, murders and money, sex, drugs and everything else you could think of. My life was just one big plot to a movie, and I knew it the moment my father was killed. Right before my young eyes, I might add. Sighing I shook my head at the now dead body and re-applied my red lipstick after a hard nights work. Reaching into my small purse, I pulled out a deck of cards. Smirking, I pulled out the trademark to my killings.
The Queen Of Hearts
It was my nickname, of course. But don't get me wrong...I was only doing this because if I didn't, my own life would be on the line. That night, when my father was killed, I was only a baby, raised and became too smart for my own good and realized just what was going on, and they threatened to kill me. Instead, they made me do the dirty work, and as in dirty work, I mean the work they were to afraid to do. As bad as that sounds, it's true and I had a reputation already as the bitch, the bitch who was the last standing, known link to the Galante family. But, I packed attitude, and they realized it. I was Alessandra Galante and unfortunately, not too many people knew that. Few victims did, and that was only because they worked closely, and knew who I was, but didn't know...that I was 'the secret weapon'. The plan was always the same. Seduce, get information and then kill. But that was for people who didn't know who I was. I always used an alias; as much as it was dreadful living like this, it was who I was, how I was born, and just how I was meant to live. And that night when my two inch heels clicked against the cold New York concrete in the wee hours of the morning of a bone chilling September, I realized just how much of a criminal I had become.

"Yo, boss want's ya," I groaned and smacked my gum annoyingly in Sonny's face.

He was the only nice one around here, clean cut and didn't look as Italian as the rest of everyone else around here. Sonny was the only nice one, and respected me for the fact I was a woman, the only woman my age in the 'family'.

"God..." I mumbled and sat up, walking into the back where The Boss himself was sitting, smugly behind the small desk. Sonny gripped my shoulders and sat me down in the chair across from him.

"Alessandra...darlin'," I slightly sneered but crossed my arms and nodded.

"At your service," I said as presentably as I could.

"I got a new job for ya," I smirked through my nose and shrugged.

"What you got this time?" Massino leaned forward and brought out a folder.

"I need you to hit this guy," I looked down at the picture and skewed my mouth to one side.

"He doesn't even look like he is linked to the mafia," I mumbled and he snapped his head up.

"He is...he's linked to that dumbass Brasco...some long lost cousin or something," I shook my head.

"He's not a threat," Massino smirked.

"He could be, we're just taking precautions," I leaned back in my chair and licked my lips before sighing.

"Killing the innocent," he dryly smirked.

"I think your forgetting you do it all the time, Alessandra," Stealing a glance back down at the paper I sighed.

"What's his name, and where can I find him?" I raised an eyebrow and was handed a plane ticket.

"You leave for Chicago tonight," he then looked over to Sonny. "Sonny is coming with you, to help you...keep an eye on you cause' this is an extended case," shook my head.

"What's his name?" He smirked.

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