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Howdy Hey Hey

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Sup people of the Fanfiction world

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Hi guys!

How ya doin'?

I'm good. I'm just playing Sempiternal until my phone charges. It's just restarted for the fourth time now I think, maybe third. I don't know. Anyway, I love this album it is so good. And, Bring Me The Horizon are just, like, epic.

So, I've updated High School Never Ends today, and the next chapter will be split into two parts, each posted as seperate 'chapters'. The chapter will be called Party In The USA. Now, this basically gives away the fact it'll be the Party. So, that means smut. Which, Ash will write one smut scene and I will write the other. Now, basically because of the 'love-triangle' it will basically be Kellin smut and Vic smut. Ash, you may add Ashme in there if you so wish okay, and Jalex if you wants to. Make it like the party from These Things I've Done, and make sure Mia is in there too! Now, which smut part do you want, and do you want it first or second?

I wrote another poem thing last night, entitled King For A Day. It's not about suicide, just about how I class the bullies as Kings For A Day, and how I want to be like them, then realise what they do to others, then decide I'll be happy being me, which I am. Read that if you want.

Also, Ash why did you stop Chat Me Up? I LOVED THAT FIC LIKE GOD. Anyway, I was wondering now you're done with it, can I have the plot? and the style? can I? :3

I'm going to update The Origami Killer Returns tomorrow. I've made a timetable for my fics that I'm currently working on and want to complete. So, during the week, I shall update High School Never Ends, and weekends, I will update The Origami Killer Returns, with the occasional update of High School Never Ends.

So, how has your day's been?
Good? Bad? Do you want to just brutally murder someone, or smother them with hugs? Well, I volenteer as tribute! (Hunger Games ftw.)
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