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Will You....

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4 months had never went by so fast

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Will You...

It's like 1:30 in the fucking morning; so bear with me

The shorter girl walked into the familiar, classic messy room. This room of course belonged to her girlfriend. But rather than being greeted by the taller girl; Ash was only greeted by a piece of paper on the girls desk

"I've written this almost 10 fucking times. Each time not working out! Like forfucksakes, I WILL DO THIS!"

A small grin of amusement played upon the girls lips, as she read on

Will you be the Alex to my Jack?
The Squidgy to my Austin?
The Matt to my Josh?
The Deryck to my Cone?
The Steve to my Tom?
The Pierre to my David?
The Danny to my Ben?
The Whatsername to my St.Jimmy?
The uh...
The Vic to my Kellin?
The Vic to my Jamie?
The turtle to my Tony?
The Frank to my Gerard?
But better yet,
The Ash to my Sam"

Standing, unknowing on what to think of this note, Ash stood still. Admiring the adorable amount of ships her fangirl girlfriend shipped.

In an instant, Ash felt a familiar pair of arms weave around her, only to hear her girlfriend whisper.

"I'd ship us."

Happy 4 months hun, I fucking love you
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