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Chapter 7: An Unexpected Surprise

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Notes: Moved Chapter 5 to 7 due to added content, does anyone know of a good Dragon Ball, Kai, Z and GT crossovers fan-fiction, please continue to comment and review I rewrite this story in the far...

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Dragon Ball Pan's Adventure

Notes: Moved Chapter 5 to 7 due to added content, does anyone know of a good Dragon Ball, Kai, Z and GT crossovers fan-fiction, please continue to comment and review I rewrite this story in the far future so continue telling me if there anything that I should change in this or any of the chapters so far and future chapters still to come and remember Dragon Ball, Kai, Z and GT are all owned by Toei Animation and Akira Toriyama, all other plots, manga, characters, games and animation are owned by their respective owners.

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Ninja Dimension Saga Chapter 7: An Unexpected Surprise

In the last chapter, during Kakashi's flashback, earlier that day, after telling Sakura to stay behind, kakashi led Gero to a location that was just out of the girl's sight he began to ask questions to the android doctor, Kakashi thought that Gero would be in a state of fear due to being confronted instead the android doctor was completely calm and confident almost overconfident, then just after a sudden explosion Gero taking an advantaged, he leapt at Kakashi before the grey haired ninja could reacted, as he struggled to free his hands Gero began absorbing his life energy, suddenly the grey haired ninja somehow manage to free his hand and was now using them to make hand seals for his technique. After Kakashi yelled his attack, cutting through the android right wrist releasing him, the grey haired ninja was surprised as he saw that the fluid leaking out from his arm which looked like oil instead of what he was expecting blood, shortly after he fell to his knees with exhaustion. Seeing the weakened state of the grey haired ninja Gero kicked the grey haired ninja sending him backwards into the ground, leaving him unconscious.

Meanwhile back to the present, with Pan and the others as shattered pieces of wood fell to the ground with a surprised Pan shocked by the sudden substitution, then as Pan began to move towards the hidden ninja, the mysteries ninja began to form a seal with his hands. Pan into her fighting stance and waited for an attack which he did by summoning a dragon made of earth and covered it with explosive tags, Pan was surprised by the attacked as the dragon attack hit her, not finished the attacker as he sent his second part of his attack. As all the Shuriken hit the quarter Saiyan girl followed multiple explosions by the Explosive Shuriken attack and then as the dust had even settled Pan appeared to be almost perfectly untouched to everyone's surprise as they all stared in wonder on how she could have survived that onslaught. Suddenly the quarter Saiyan's kicked his shoulder, but instead making contact it went right through him to Pan's shock, as she backed away the unidentified ninja began dissolved into mud before the mysteries ninja his next attack, his voice came from another location directly behind Sasuke where he let loss a shower of rocks at him. Naruto tried to warn Sasuke, but it was too late, the shower of rocks battered the dark haired boy before the unidentified ninja placed his foot on Sasuke back. Pan now angry was about to attack only to be stopped by Naruto.

'I wonder... ...can Naruto fight him by himself?, does he know what's he's up against?...' thought Pan as she wondered what the blond was about to do.

'What could you be thinking, Naruto?...' thought Sakura as she also wondered what the blond haired ninja was about to do.

"Well brat, you can make the first move if you want..." said the still unidentified ninja humouring the boy.

"You better take me seriously..." said Naruto as he began to move his hand for his Jutsu, 'I've got to take him down fast...' he later thought to himself.

"Whatever kid, it won't make any difference..." replied the unidentified ninja with a sigh waiting for Naruto's attack.

'I do hope he knows what he's doing...' thought the quarter Saiyan girl as she walked to where Sasuke and Sakura were.

"...All I see is a brat with a death wish... ...a kid like you won't last long in this world..." said the unknown ninja with a smirk.

"We'll see..." replied the blond as he formed hand seals, "Multi Shadow Clone Jutsu!" he yelled as multiple clones appeared.

"Shadow Clones?, with all the... that all you can come up with?" asked the unidentified ninja with a chuckle.

"Shut it... ...alright let's go!" yelled Naruto as a small group of clones drew there Kunai and a larger group drew Shuriken 'I don't know how strong he thinks he is, but this will wear him down' he thought wondering how strong his opponent was.

"You're a fool..." said the unidentified ninja under his breath as the clones with Kunai began their attack.

"Don't worry... ...I've got a surprise for you" replied Naruto while the group ran directly at the unknown ninja.

"Running at me... ...with Kunai blades, what a pathetic strategy" said the unidentified ninja thinking out loud, 'what could this idiot be thinking?' he thought while fighting the Kunai welding group of clones.

"Hmm... ...hey Sakura, do you still have it with you?" asked Pan as she walked towards the pink haired girl while looking at Sasuke as Naruto's clones were attacking the unknown ninja.

"W-what?" asked Sakura as she diverted her sight from the fight, 'what is she talking about, what do I still have?...' thought the pink haired girl not sure what the quarter Saiyan was talking about.

"The Senzu bean I gave you... you have it?" replied Pan asking her if she still had the bean.

'Senzu... ...the bean?, why is she still talking about that?...' thought Sakura while she looked at the bean in her hand, "yes, I do... ...why?" she asked wondering why she brought it up so suddenly.

"Do you remember what I said about them?, I want you to give it to your friend, Sasuke" said the quarter Saiyan girl.

'There she goes again, but she did say that it heals what if... ...what she said is true?' thought Sakura Wondering about what Pan said about the Senzu bean until she decided to do it, "Are you serious... ...alright, I'll do it" she said before bending over the dark haired boy.

'Why is Naruto, only sending a few clones at a time... ...and holding the rest of them back?' thought the quarter Saiyan as she wondered what the blond was going to do with all those clones.

"So is this, you're big surprise?" said the unknown ninja as more of Naruto's clones attacked him.

"No... ...that wasn't the surprise..." said the blond while the larger group with Shuriken jumped into the air before the larger group of clones let loose there Shuriken "This is... ...I like to see you try to dodge these!" he continued by yelling as a hail of Shuriken flew at the unidentified ninja.

"What!" yelled Naruto in a state confusion before sending the rest of his clones, 'I can't believe this, they all missed... ...not even one scratched him... only choice now is to try attacking at close range' he thought to himself.


Kakashi, who was still heading towards where he had left Sakura, was almost there until he was suddenly stopped by a Shuriken thrown by one of the group of three ninja that were now blocking his way "you three..." said the grey haired ninja.

"Look what we've got here...'s the guy who was with those brats we fought earlier" said the first who was a tall man with short brown hair sitting on a tree branch with his hand on his chin.

"That old man doesn't seem to be with him... he?" said the second who was a woman with short blond hair standing on the same branch twirling a Kunai.

"You don't look so good... about you have a rest with us?" asked the third who was a short man with black hair standing on different branch with arms behind his head.

'Not these clowns again...' thought Kakashi as he readied himself for a fight.

"What... ...looks like he wants to fight?" asked the brown haired man to others.

"I've got no time to deal with you three... ...out of my way" demanded the grey haired ninja knowing that his charka was low.

"We'll let you go... ...if you tell us where that old man is or we can..." replied the blond haired woman before pausing as he stopped twirling the Kunai, "...beat the information we need out of you" he continued with a smirk.

"Fine, if you three don't want listen and let me pass... ...then I guess I have no choice, but to take you all down" replied Kakashi as he sighed, 'darn it I still don't have enough charka, so I may be forced to rely on taijutsu alone' he thought ninja thinking about his situation.

"You're in no condition to us to fight all of us... ...just from looking at you..." said the short man with black hair as he moved his arms from behind his head, "...but just how did you get in that state?" he asked looking at the grey haired ninja state.

"Why on earth do you want to know how?" asked the first as he turned his head to the third.

"Why...? Because I'm curious that's why!" answered short man with black hair in anger.

"Stop it you two!" yelled the second as she turned her head before sighing, "we're supposed to get the information on where the old man is remember?" she continued trying to persuade the other two.

"Oh yeah... ...I forgot" replied the third.

"How could you forget?...'s the reason we're here, it is a part of our mission" said the brown haired man in confusion.

"It didn't seem important so..." answered the short man with black hair.

"Didn't seem important!?" replied the enraged first.

"I said stop it you two!" yelled the blond haired woman in anger, "let's just take him down now we'll interrogate him later..." she continued after a short pause.

"How do we do that?" asked the third after he turned his head back to where Kakashi was.

"What do you mean?..." replied the first not sure what the short man with black hair meant while turning his head to the same direction noticing that the grey haired ninja was missing, "what are... ...darn it! Where is he?" he said in confusion.

"...You idiots you really done it this time!, because of your arguing... gave him a chance to escape!" yelled the second as she also noticed that Kakashi was gone, "Come on we've got to find him" she continued.

-Back to Pan and the others-

"Darn it..." said Naruto under his breath, '...what is he?, it's like he's not even trying...' he thought continuing in his head.

'...No more games... ...I guess I have to show them my true strength only then will he finally give up' thought the unknown ninja with a smirk while he increased his speed dodging all of Naruto's attacks.

'Odd, that guy's faster than I thought he would be... looks like the fight isn't going Naruto way...' thought Pan as she noticed the unknown ninja speed while watching the fight between the blond and the unidentified ninja.

"Sasuke...? Are you alright?" asked Sakura while she saw the dark haired boy got to his feet.

"...I'm fine..." replied Sasuke.

"...So you're up... ...good, Sakura give him the Senzu bean" said the quarter Saiyan girl.

"...Right..." said Sakura while the dark haired boy struggled to move, then as she held out her hand, "I don't know if this is going to work?, but if what Pan says is true..." she said while she handed Sasuke the Senzu bean.

"Don't worry it is true..." interrupted the quarter Saiyan.

"...As I was saying, if this bean can heal you... ...then maybe you should eat it" continued the pink haired girl.

'Bean?... ...that again, how can this small green bean heal people...' thought the dark haired boy as stared at the bean that was now in his hand.

"Don't just stare at it, eat it..." demanded Pan.

"...Fine I'll eat it... ...if that'll make you happy, but why?" replied Sasuke.

"I have a plan, I think Naruto is going to lose and when he does we'll need to attack that guy at the same time" answered the quarter Saiyan girl.

As Sasuke was about to eat the Senzu bean 'alright, he goes nothing...' he thought to himself, then as soon as the dark haired boy consumed the bean he instantly felt the effects of the Senzu making him speak out of shock "what the..." he said out loud in surprise.

'It feels like Naruto's losing his strength fast...' thought Pan while she turned her attention back to the fight.

"It's not over yet!, alright I hope you're ready for..." yelled the blond before being cut off by the unknown ninja, who move so fast that Naruto couldn't react and the blond was grabbed by the unknown ninja by his neck.

"What's wrong... ...brat?, you wanted to fight me... ...and here I thought you had the power to back up what you said..." said the unidentified ninja as he tightened his grip around Naruto's neck "I guess I was wrong" he said continuing his last statement before he chuckled to himself

"Darn..., you..." said the blond trying to speak.

The unknown ninja continued chocking him until he noticed the quarter Saiyan coming right at him and right when she was about to kick he raised his free arm to block to Pan's surprise "what... ...did you think I wouldn't notice?" asked the unidentified ninja.

'I didn't think that he would block my kick so easily...' thought the quarter Saiyan girl before she saw Sasuke behind the unknown ninja.

"Nice try..." said the unidentified ninja before hearing a strange sound, "wait... ...what's that sound?" he continued.

Just at that moment Sasuke launched his attack "chidori!"he yelled while as his attack hit the unidentified ninja shoulder exposing a mixture of blood and advance circuitry much to the dark haired boy's surprise.

"Curse you...!" yelled the unknown ninja as he dropped Naruto 'what did this kid do to me?... ...I can't move my arm properly... ...I can't win like this...' he later thought to himself.

"What are you?" asked Sasuke as backed off.

'Is he an android or?... he a cyborg?...' thought Pan as she grabbed Naruto and backed off, 'a new ki... ...I wonder who it is?...' she thought to herself as she suddenly sensed someone approaching.

"...It looks like I'm not the only one that had strange encounter..." said Kakashi as he saw the cyborg ninja.

"...Kakashi..." said Sasuke thinking out loud.

"Kakashi sensei!" yelled Sakura as she saw him.

'Kakashi sensei?...' thought the quarter Saiyan to herself.

"Darn it!" yelled the unknown ninja, "'ve won this time, but next time victory will be mine..." he continued as he tried to escape only to be stopped by Pan.

"You're not going anywhere this time!" yelled the quarter Saiyan girl as she blocked his way, then while the unknown ninja tried fight his way out Pan countered by punching him, but to the quarter Saiyan surprise he changed into a piece of wood with puff of smoke "No!, not this again... ...where is he?..." she said in surprise.

To be continued...

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