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Chapter 2

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The boys, incognito, unknowingly bump into each other at the zoo.

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It was just an ordinary Friday afternoon at the London Zoo. An old man sat down on a small bench to rest his feet. He’d been walking all over the zoo, slightly surprised no one had suspected a thing about his appearance. A cap kept his hair in place and made sure it wouldn’t fall into his eyes. Makeup covered certain parts of his skin and gave him wrinkles, as well as other evidence of old age. A simple pair of trousers with its matching jacket completed his wardrobe, and he smiled with satisfaction.

The old man pulled out a small bag of bread crumbs and began to feed some pigeons that flew around the zoo. What a simple life/, he thought as the small birds created a small crowd around the piles of crumbs. /It’d probably get boring after a while, though, now wouldn’t it?

“Feeding the pigeons, eh?” a voice asked, breaking the old man’s thought. He looked next to him to find an large, old woman wearing a long, pale blue skirt and a white shirt filled with flowers. Her grey curls hung out of her sun hat and around her face. She, too, was wearing plenty of makeup, but the man did not feel it was polite to stare at her and never noticed. Instead, he nodded and turned back to the birds.

“They get hungry, y’know,” he said somewhat quietly. When he glanced back at the woman, she was sitting closer to him with a gleam in her eyes. He quickly scooted himself away from her and continued to feed the birds.

When he felt a warm breeze around his neck, he looked picked up his head again and jolted. The woman was now right next to him, her body almost touching his. He gulped. “C-Can I help you?”

“You know,” cooed the woman, “women get hungry, too...” Suddenly, the old man jolted as a hand was placed too far into his inner thigh. He jolted and tried to remove the woman’s hand.

“Hey!” a local policeman scolded. “We don’t need any of that ‘ere! There are children at this zoo, y’know!”

The old man was horrified. “But--”

“No buts! I don’t want to have to warn you again!”

The old man grumbled, the old woman batted her eyes innocently, and the two went on their ways. The officer straightened his cap with a sudden sense of power. Wow/, he thought, /it actually worked! They think I’m a real policeman! He smiled to himself and whistled.

He turned to look at cars parked outside of the zoo to find a man tending to various parking meters. However, as he noticed the locks of hair falling out of the man’s cap, he realized this was no man--this was a woman! He grew a bit curious and walked closer to her to make sure he was right. When he got a better look of her face, he could tell she was a woman all right--the most beautiful woman he had ever seen.

The woman didn’t realize someone was gawking at her. In fact, she thought only a fool could fall for her disguise. As she set down another fake ticket on a car window that only read a simple, “Have a nice day!” she glanced up at the eyes that studied her. She blushed a bit, worried the policeman could tell who she really was underneath her makeup.

“Wait!” he called as she tried to walk away. She froze where she stood as her face grew a bright scarlet. /Run/, she told herself, /he knows you’re a fraud/. But it was too late; the man was now right behind her.

“Hello, madam,” the policeman greeted.

“C-Can I help you, officer?” she asked.

“Well, you can start by turning around.” The woman turned around slowly, and the policeman smiled. “Wow...” his voice whispered. His breath smelled of cigarette smoke, as well as a touch of something familiar to the woman; she couldn’t figure out what it could be.

` “What’s the matter, officer?” the woman asked politely.

“Nothing... It’s just... You’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen...” The woman blushed even more, relieved he hadn’t caught on to her act. “What’s your name?”

Shit, I need to think of something fast... “Um... It’s Ri-Rita...”

“Rita,” the man repeated dreamily. “What a name...”

“Heh,” Rita replied with a soft chuckle. “You can say that again...”

“Are you free?” the policeman asked, sneaking his arms around her in a snake-life fashion. Rita didn’t notice; she was too distracted thinking of a way to get herself out of the situation.

“Yes... I-I mean, no... I-I mean... I thought...” Before Rita could speak more, the officer pressed his lips against and slipped his number in her pocket. Rita’s eyes widened as she froze once again. Well... I guess I... Could... Play along a little...

The old man had been watching this even from afar. “Ah,” he said quietly as the true gentleman he was portraying. “Young love.”

“It still works with us older folks, y’know,” the old woman piped up from behind. The old man scowled and quickly left her presence.

As the officer opened his eyes during their brief embrace, Rita shrieked and ran away. She had finally realized the man’s true identity had to get away as soon as possible before he could figure out hers.

The officer sighed with a goofy smile as he watched the woman run down the street. He hoped to see her again, not aware he would when he would go back to work days later.
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