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Grammy Winner

by BipolarUnicorn 1 review

Category: Poetry - Rating: G - Genres:  - Published: 2013-05-27 - 138 words

sometimes our breathing sounds like thunder,
and our mind begin to plunder.
other times or breathe stops,
and stomach drops.

when you realized the worst has happened,
and there is so much damage.
you feel like its all your fault,
that your friendships came to a halt.
all you want to feel is less alone,
but they've already hung up the phone.

you know they don't care,
not anymore, you swear.

just want to be loved,
not shoved.
by the person you care about the most,
but you know you're no longer close.
that tears apart your heart,
like a movie, you want to restart.

your just an actress,
waiting for the director to call cut.
ending the scene,
drinking the caffeine.
to keep you awake for one more night,
'cause then you know everything will be alright.
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