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When Summer goes from Fall to Winter to Spring.

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these nights that need last forever,
so lets go back to seventeen,
when we were young and free.
stuck in the party scene.

during the summer of '05,
our bodies began to intertwine.
we'd sit back and watch the days go by,
and watch the shooting stars in the summer night sky.

skip a few months,
on that cold December day,
it was lightly snowing and the wind was blowing.
when i looked and you in a different way.
we talked by the fire,
feelings began to soar.

fast forward to the spring of '06.
when we went our separate ways,
with my mind in a haze.
everything began to change,
because of the cold winter day.

now i don't sleep at night,
all because of you.
my eyes don't burn as bright,
and i can't seem to pass through.

those summer nights,
kept my going.
now my flower,
no longer blooms.
all because of you.
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