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read these. c:(intended for someone in particular, I'm pretty sure you guys have read these already)

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It's all chapters, I'll suggest one shots later. Read on!

Karma Police - It's a really good high school au where Gerard's an asshole.

Nuts and Bolts - Steampunk Frerard, 'nuff said.

"A Misfit's Guide to the Twenty Ways": - Highschool au. Frank wants Gerard really bad, it's funny and kinda reminds me of Scott Pilgrim.

Be My Detonator - It's summer and Gerard falls for his stepsister's boyfriend, Frank. (it's really funny trust me)

"You'll never fit in much, kid": - Angsty and stuff, but holy shit I love it.

Full of Holes - Lost tales of Warped Tour '05.

Cigarettes and Sass - Frank is a famous pornstar and Gerard is in love with him.

Gold Digger - 1849, California during the gold rush. Frank meets Gerard, who takes him in.

Ink Mathematics - Gerard is a failed artist, Frank is a tattooist.

(more to come!)
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