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Thank Ya All!!

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I don't really like leaving notes, but this one is for YOU GUYS!!

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So I really try to not leave notes outside of my little sign offs or whatever at the end of chapters/oneshots, but this is a special little thing for all my crazy ass readers.

I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!! I mean honestly with all the shit going on in my life and not being able to write as much as I used to, ya all have just been pretty patient and have yet to try to kill me.

Honestly I have no words to even start to describe how much you guys mean to me. You know more about me than about half my family. And it seems I've met some of you on here at AFW last year. And some of you found me on fb during March On Monday.

You guys have put up with so much bs from me, including notes in my stories and teasing with sexy stories and it's just hsiabsisbqhs. I honestly have no clue why you guys love me so much. I'm just a weird girl hanging out in Kansas running around scaring little kids and cosplaying.

I mean honestly there's only a handful of things I'm okay at and about two I'm great at. That's singing and photography.

Which neither of those will get me anywhere in the real world. Which is...well not just fine, but I'll learn to deal with it.

Anywho, onto the point of this note. I know a lot of you leave comments and I don't ever answer half the time.

Usually because when you guys leave them, I'm busy with chores, dog sitting or set plans. But, this upcoming week, I have NOTHING going on. So, starting Monday June 3rd, I will take requests for stories. But!

But but but! I'm only writing from Monday to Monday. So the first seven entries are the ones I'll do. The seven authors I choose will be mentioned in an update on THIS note. In which I will give you guys my email.

Also for my fans who live in Kansas and more importantly, in Wichita, I will be at AFW this year as well. All three days.

Oh! And if you don't know, the last day is Hug a Prussian day. And I shall be Prussia that day so YAY!! If you see me, hug me!

And if you can't go to AFW or if you don't know what that means or you're not in the area, I'll be making a big, huge video of all the pictures and even some video clips of what all happens and I'll have a link on here the second I get it done.

Also, for those who want to go but have no idea where to start, go to this website

If you can come, that'd be awesome! Try to find me if you can and if you do, we can try to hang out as much as possible.

And in advance if I lose you in the crowd, I'm sorry. I tend to get pulled in different directions by a bunch of different people. So yeah it if ya see me, I'll try to talk to you. I usually hang out in the vendors room until things start happening. Last year I was in the blind date thing, the karaoke room and the bigger tournament.

This year I plan to be Irene from Blood+ on Friday, an OC on Saturday and Prussia on Sunday. The OC you'll understand why I'm keeping it a secret till then, but I'll be in a white lace dress with REALLY short brown hair.

So that's basically all I had to tell ya. Enter as fast as possible in the thing I was talking about before and all that.

Hugs and Tacos,
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