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Chapter 17: Tsunade and Hana

by HunterBerserkerWolf

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A/N: Read Chapter 13.5 first!

Chapter 17: Tsunade and Hana

Naruto slowly extracted himself from Ichibi, making sure to carefully remove himself from the cuddly woman. It had been a while since he got a normal mission and he was hoping to get one, maybe a nice and easy C-rank that would let him escort a merchant or something to a town. Naruto’s current mission record was either dealing with Shinobi, or was D-ranks.

“Can’t I get an easy one?” he asked himself as he quickly showered and got dressed in his usual orange jumpsuit. He paused a bit, it was starting to get tight, like he was bulking up a little bit and thus straining it.

Naruto sighed and soon shrugged the jacket of the jumpsuit off and tossed it back into the closet. He then tore off the sleeves of the mesh body armor to give his arms more movement. He paused at the package he had received from Sanosuke back before his date with Hinata. He grabbed it from the top shelf of his closet and soon pulled out the crimson coat and slipped it onto his shoulders.

He had been practicing with it about as much as he possibly could. He figured for a simple C-rank, if he could get one, he would be good enough to keep it from being damaged too much.

But as he thought about it, he removed it and tucked it away once more. It didn’t matter how good he was at the moment with it, he still had to grow into it a little bit. Alas, the pains of being short.

Naruto was soon running along the rooftops towards the Hokage’s Tower, his feet were barely landing on the tiles of the rooftop before his foot was in the air once more. He landed in front of the doors to the tower and soon walked casually inside.

He passed by the open office where Tsunade sat busy at paperwork. When she glanced up he offered a wave.

“Naruto, come in here for a moment.” Tsunade called out.

Naruto looked a little surprised and soon slipped inside of the office, closing the door behind him. He wondered what this was about. It had been a long time since he pulled a prank on anyone.

“ANBU, leave.” Tsunade said suddenly and four shadows blurred out of the room, the door shutting firmly behind them. Tsunade then touched a panel on the underside of her desk, sealing the room. “Can you make a double layered barrier seal that blocks entry and sound from leaving?”

“Hai Hokage-sama.” Naruto said, nodding. He then kneeled down to the middle of the room, biting his thumb and weaving the seal in his blood. Markings spread out all over the room, allowing for a secondary layer of protection from any bugs in the room that may be there. Naruto then stood up straight, his back straight and his arms behind his back. “What is this about Hokage-sama?” Naruto asked in a business like tone.

Tsunade leaned forward on her desk, her fingers interlaced in front of her face. “Please, don’t lie to me about this Naruto. I’ve been doing my own investigations into how you came across your abilities.”

Naruto bit the tip of his tongue, but held it to keep from spouting out things. He was tired of people getting into his business. But Tsunade was also the Hokage, she had free reign to do as she pleased. She was likely making sure the method he used didn’t affect the Village Security or anything.

Tsunade watched the blonde, having expected some sort of outburst, but he seemed to have himself under control, well enough to hear her theory at least. “I believe that, somehow, your abilities tie in when you have sex with a woman.” Tsunade’s eyes were still sharp, and she was a veteran. She could see the slight widening of Naruto’s eyes: Surprise, shock, maybe a hint of fear. It would seem her guess was spot on. “I haven’t figured out how yet, but that is what I believe. Now answer me truthfully Naruto, is this how you are gaining your abilities?” she asked.

Naruto stood a little straighter and inhaled deeply, thinking of his words. “Hai Hokage-sama.” Naruto said simply. “I can’t give you the complete mechanics, but you are correct in believing that my abilities tie into when I have sex with a woman, thus when I had sex with you-“ Naruto began.

“You obtained the Mokuton and my Super Strength Technique.” Tsunade finished for the blonde. Her eyes hardened on the Chunin. “How many women have you had sex with?” she asked in a sharp tone.

“Fifteen, I’ve had sex with fifteen different women.” Sixteen by the game’s count, but Tsunade wouldn’t count Tayuya’s Cursed Mark level 2 form as a separate woman. Naruto noticed Tsunade about to say something else, but feeling a little bold he spoke up. “And I care for most of them, I’m not abusing the gifts they have given me and if they needed me to, I would defend all of them with my lives.” His eyes were now hardened, focused on Tsunade, not quite a glare but definitely him taking control of the conversation.

“You’ve had sex with fifteen different women! How can you care for them?” Tsunade asked.

“Five of them are living under my roof; it’s been through my money that Kin, Karin, Tayuya, Ichi, and Temari have all been able to live in Konoha. Granted, three of them are slaves but I still care for and support them. The only ones I don’t necessarily care for are either in another country,” Koyuki and Tsunami, “told me that I was just scratching an itch,” Anko, “And you damned sure know Kurenai’s case.” Naruto was actually getting angry with Tsunade’s accusations.

“And what happens when one of those girls gets pregnant? Or Kami forgive us if all of them get pregnant?” Tsunade asked, standing up now and glaring at the blonde, her hand on her desk and leaning over it some to focus on him more. She was now angry; it was like Naruto was treating this as a game.

“You think I haven’t stayed awake for nights thinking about that possibility?!” Naruto shouted. “I’m well aware how lucky I am that no one has gotten pregnant yet! Damn it Tsunade, I’m not some wet behind the ears Gaki that doesn’t realize how big of a step things like this are! I’ve been living on my own for years, barely scraping by on a monthly stipend.” Naruto’s nostrils flared and he was inhaling heavily, his fists balled up with his nails digging into his palms in the hope of calming himself down. It worked, somewhat.

“Every chance I get, I save up some money, I build up contacts, I build up reputation, all in a plan for the future. You think I want to continue living in a one bedroom apartment? No! I want to get a house of my own that I can build and expand on no matter what comes my way and I know things will come my way. I want a place to raise any child of mine in security.” Naruto tried to back down, tried to get thinking rationally.

Tsunade still was angry; her temper was something that had developed over the years by a certain Super Pervert. “And what will happen when you get a girl pregnant? You sound like you’d do the right thing and take care of the child, but what about the mother?”

“That all depends on her.” Naruto answered. “If she wants to be with me and she’s pregnant, then I will take things further. I won’t do anything that will hurt the woman who got pregnant.”

Tsunade grabbed the front of the mesh shirt that Naruto was wearing. Most Shinobi wouldn’t wear only it over their forms, why would they after all? It offered little protection by itself. So either Naruto was arrogant about his abilities or confident in them. “Why?” Tsunade finally asked. “Why are you after the power?” her voice was in a low tight tone. It was obvious she was going to hurt the blonde if she didn’t like his answer.

Naruto looked down, trying to think of an answer that was truthful. He never really thought about why he was after power. He wanted to be strong enough to protect his precious people, of course, but… was that why he was after power? “I… I didn’t really want it.” He finally said and felt the fist tighten on his mesh shirt. “I want to be strong to protect those precious to me, including you Tsunade.” He said softly. “But power and strength are two different things. Power can corrupt. Strength is just there.” Naruto was having difficulty with his words. “I don’t care about knowing every Jutsu in existence or about immortality. I just don’t want those I care about hurt, and… I don’t want to be the one to hurt them.”

Naruto looked up to Tsunade’s honey colored eyes. “If you feel it necessary, Order me to stop Hokage-sama and I will.” He would hide the book away forever; make sure no one else would ever find it. He knew there would be repercussions if he did so, but he would do what would be necessary.

Tsunade stared into those bright blue eyes; her fist was tight around the mesh shirt. She wanted to order him to stop, she wanted… Tsunade paused a bit. She wanted the blonde to herself. She realized she was jealous. She was reminded so much of Dan by Naruto that she had grown immensely jealous at the idea of having to share. And she wasn’t even jealous of having to share Naruto; she had mistaken him for Dan!

Tsunade put the blonde down and fell back into the chair, pinching the bridge of her nose and exhaling as she tried to get her feelings under control. This job was already stressful enough.

Naruto watched as Tsunade sat down. He didn’t say anything, but he slowly moved over behind her and began to rub her shoulders, using his new found massaging abilities to make it feel good for her. She almost immediately groaned as she felt his hands working at her stiff shoulders.

Tsunade groaned as she felt a particularly painful knot get worked out of her shoulders. “I’m sorry Naruto.” She said softly; she leaned back, her head against the blonde’s chest. “I just… for a moment I mistook you for Dan. I felt betrayed and jealous.” She said softly.

Naruto could understand. While tensions between the women he had sex with were bound to be lowered given his perk from the game, there would still undoubtedly be tensions. Personally, he had expected it to happen sooner. He applied a touch of his Medical Jutsu abilities to Tsunade’s shoulders, soon working his hands lower on her back, feeling the tension from not only her sizeable breasts but also from the tension of the job.

Tsunade leaned forward, giving a groan as she felt the blonde work on her back. “Right there.” She said giving another soft groan as she felt his hands working lower. Shizune sometimes used acupuncture to help Tsunade with her sore muscles, but it just didn’t beat a good old fashioned massage.

Tsunade’s eyes closed as she just thoroughly enjoyed the blonde’s hands rubbing up and down her spine. She soon reached back and grabbed Naruto by his hair and pulled him down, pressing her lips to his own and slipping her tongue into his mouth. She moved one hand to his and drew it forward, slipping it into her top so he was palming the front of one of her breasts.

Naruto was a little surprised by the turn of events, but he wasn’t going to complain. He began to squeeze Tsunade’s breasts more, his tongue sliding against her own and getting a moan out of her. He soon moved his hands to make her breasts spill out of her top, and he used both hands to grab and grope them, being surprisingly tender with them, rubbing his fingers over her nipples and teasing her some.

Naruto drew back from the kiss and from Tsunade’s breasts, soon slipping his arms under her own and lifting her up. He moved around and sat in the chair before peeling down Tsunade’s pants and the underwear she had on under the pants. Looking to her pale skin, he decided to give it some color by slapping Tsunade on her ass.

Tsunade looked over her shoulder, surprised at the bold move Naruto just did. She watched as he undid his pants and slid them down along with his boxers, pulling out his cock. She was drawn back into his lap. She could feel the heat of that thick hardness pressing against her body, against her pussy. She reached down and rubbed the cock a bit. She shuddered a bit as she made it press against her clit. She was going to do something to make sure she never made the mistake that Naruto was Dan. Naruto was Naruto. She may have a few slight pangs of jealousy at the thought of him being with another female, but damn it she was better than that and would work through her moments of insecurity.

Naruto moved his hands to Tsunade’s hips as she drew herself above his cock. In one movement, he plunged himself inside of her wet body, feeling her tight pussy gripping his cock as she moaned out, her back arching lewdly. Naruto need to make sure this never happened again. He began to vigorously work Tsunade up and down on his cock, leaning back into the chair a little bit. The Hokage’s Chair was extremely comfortable and it felt slightly empowering to sit in it. Naruto drew his hands behind Tsunade and summoned a clone in front of her.

Tsunade was surprised to see another Naruto in front of her before she was leaning forward. She put her hands on the thighs of the clone just before the cock was working into her mouth. She moaned a little bit as the real Naruto hit a certain spot inside of her, making her body tense a little bit. Her tongue slid along the thick shaft of the clone, savoring the taste of the chakra construct as she was being fucked by the real blonde. She wouldn’t be making the same mistake twice. Not with the steady fucking Naruto was giving her at least.

Tsunade went a little wide eyed when she felt the hands on the back of her head, pushing her mouth further down the clone’s cock. At the same time, Naruto spread her legs a little further apart, making her body tighten up on his thick cock. She dug her fingers into the pants of the clone moaning quite loudly as she felt his hips jerking up into mouth. She ran her tongue over the large vein that ran the length of the organ.

Naruto slid his arms underneath Tsunade’s legs, keeping them spread wide and lewdly while he fucked his cock inside of her. He had an upwards angle making his thrusts slightly shallow. He looked up over his clone and nodded. The clone moved and sat on the desk almost at the same time Naruto stood up with Tsunade’s legs still in his arms. The clone helped support her, one hand moving under her to grab and grope Tsunade’s breasts. Naruto knew it was all up to him and his clone to support the Fire Shadow.

Naruto was slightly still pissed at the female Sannin though so he wasn’t gentle with her. He fucked her, he fucked her as hard as he would some of the other girls, Temari included when he had got his pent up aggression at the Suna Kunoichi out. Naruto grunted a little bit and felt some sweat begin to form on his brow.

Tsunade was gagging in this position, her throat was full of cock and the hand intertwined in her hair was forcing her to keep a fast pace with her sucking. She was practically drooling, both her mouth and her pussy, at the roughness of the blonde and she was loving it. She could already feel some aches forming, but the pleasure was plenty to make sure that they weren’t too bad.

Tsunade’s eyes rolled into the back of her head briefly when Naruto found her spot once more and began to hammer into that spot with his cock. Her body gave a few spasms and she tried to stave off what was undoubtedly just the first orgasm but it was too much. Her throat clenched around the clone and her body arched and she came, dousing fluids all over the Chunin’s thighs.

Naruto eased himself out of Tsunade, though his clone seemed plenty happy to enjoy the way Tsunade’s throat gave a few spasms around his thick shaft. The clone eventually pulled out of Tsunade’s mouth, a long string of drool connecting to her lips from the tip of the cock.

Naruto eased Tsunade’s legs back down to the ground as his clone hopped up onto the desk and laid down on it. Tsunade moved up and straddled the chakra construct with a bit of help from Naruto. He watched as she slid down onto the slick throbbing cock, moaning as she did so.

Tsunade knew what was going to happen next. She was no stranger to some of the things men liked and she had to admit, there was a certain level of kinkiness to this that she was going to enjoy. She turned to look at the blonde and gave a nod to what he was going to do. IT wouldn’t be her first time and she had supplied plenty of juices to lube up his cock for this event.

Tsunade rolled her hips on the clone and she was surprised by the appearance of a second clone that moved up onto her desk, standing on it. She turned her head and accepted the cock into her mouth, feeling the blonde purposely press into her cheek. Tsunade closed her eyes; Naruto was definitely doing a good job. She relaxed her muscles as best she could as she felt the tip of his cock press against her ass.

Naruto kneeled on the desk behind Tsunade and he was holding onto her hip and his cock, steadily pushing his cock into her body. He felt her body shudder as she was taking his cock into her ass. His clone under her was still, allowing him to savor the feeling of Tsunade’s tight body.

Naruto began to slide out of her body before pressing in, starting at a slow but steady pace. The clone under her began to bounce Tsunade up and down a little bit, slowly finding a rhythm to the fucking they were about to give Tsunade. The clone even grabbed Tsunade’s large breasts and squeezed them tight, digging his fingers into the soft flesh before he leaned up to suck on Tsunade’s nipples.

Tsunade moaned a little bit, feeling the three blondes experiment and get into a rhythm. The feeling of her breasts began squeezed and sucked on felt wonderful. How could she mistake Naruto’s glorious ministrations as her deceased Lover, she would never understand. Tsunade pressed her hips both backwards and downwards in alternating fashion to try and get both the Naruto’s to go a little bit faster.

She reached down with one hand and pressed it into the blonde hair, forcing the clone to take more of her breast into her mouth. Tsunade felt a shudder go through her as she kept sucking on the second clone’s cock. She gave a little yelp though as she felt her ass get smacked and she wiggled her hips a bit to entice another strike on her skin. She was not disappointed when she felt a hand strike her ass again

Naruto grabbed Tsunade’s shoulder with one hand and began to thrust harder and faster inside of her body, feeling her slowly getting used to the full feeling she was undoubtedly experiencing. It was good, he wanted to fuck her and he was steadily picking up the pace to keep giving her the experience she deserved to have.

The clone in her mouth began to fuck her mouth, giving her the cock like he would do at another hole and Tsunade had to keep a lot of focus on the clone to make sure she still sucked on the thick cock. The clone under her was thrusting up vigorously, and Naruto could tell an orgasm was building inside of her.

Tsunade was breathing heavier, pushing herself back against the clone and the real Naruto more and more. Her eyes were closed and she could feel sweat slowly sliding down from her brow. She was getting closer to her second orgasm once more and something told her it would be quite powerful. She fondled the balls of the clone she was sucking on a little bit, reaching up with her free hand to do so.

Tsunade gave a whine of pleasure as she felt the blonde inside of her body thrusting against a particularly sensitive spot and she eagerly met each and every thrust head on to feel the pleasure of having that spot struck once more. She could feel it building inside of her, begging to be let out

The clone under her let out a loud moan of pleasure before he released inside of her, making Tsunade’s closed eyes open in surprise and pleasure. Her eyes fluttered closed as the clone in her mouth gave her a salty treat that she thoroughly enjoyed.

She then felt rather empty as the two clones dispelled causing the real Naruto behind her to thrust and let out a loud grunt/growl of pleasure as he filled her ass, triggering her own orgasm which left her screaming and her body splaying out. It felt wonderful, much more wonderful than she had anticipated.

Naruto slipped out of Tsunade and fell back into the chair, panting a little bit as he tried to get his breathing under control. He looked over at Tsunade, her body leaking with some of the cum and she wasn’t moving asides from breathing as heavily as he was.

It took several minutes for Tsunade to finally stand up from the desk and moved to a nearby bathroom, also sealed as it was part of the Hokage Office, to wash up. She came out fully dressed once more to a fully dressed blonde. Tsunade looked to the blonde for a moment, thinking on the situation. “What if a woman wants to be with someone else? You won’t be some sort of stalker or rapist, will you Naruto?” she asked

Naruto shook his head. “No. If a woman wishes to leave me, then I will step aside let them go. I would hope to stay friends with them but if that’s not possible, then I can deal with that.” He said.

Tsunade nodded softly. “Get going Naruto.” She said and watched the blonde unseal the room. She unsealed the original layer and watched him walk out.

Naruto headed home, deciding to get a quick shower before he tried again for a mission.

Hana raced across the rooftops, panting a little bit as she tried to get plenty of air. She had to race home from the vet clinic she worked at to confirm something, then she had to race over to the hospital at full tilt to make sure that Kiba and Akamaru were okay and that her hotheaded brother wasn’t about to do anything while still injured.

And now she had to run to Naruto’s place. She needed his help, badly. She got to his door and opened it up, just as the blonde was coming out of the shower in nothing but a white towel wrapped around his lean hips. Hana’s mouth went dry and she felt warmth shoot through her at the sight of the blonde and she licked her lips. ‘Oh hubba hubba…’ she thought to herself, “Down girl.” She told herself before looking to the blonde. “Naruto, I need your help with something.” She said sounding more than out of breath.

Naruto had seen Hana entered through his door, and he watched her look at him like a piece of meat for a moment. But the second she said she needed help, Naruto moved. “Walk and talk Hana.” Naruto headed to his room and started getting dressed.

Hana bit her knuckle, seeing the muscular form of Naruto as he bent and made sure everything was put into place. He had bulked up a little bit since she had last been with him. “Okay here’s the thing. In my clan, it’s assumed anyone can become the leader through a battle against my mom and winning. That’s not quite the case though. You need to be of the main bloodline for lack of a better word, so in other words, Kiba and I can challenge Mom for the position of leader.” Hana inhaled. “Also our spouses can challenge Mom for position of leadership as they would technically be part of the main bloodline.”

Naruto nodded. “But I thought I was sort of the unofficial clan head that’s being kept a secret.”

“You are.” Hana said patiently. “When you finished dominating Mom before the finals, you had already finished dominating me, marking me even as your mate. Mom later told me that your pedigree was certainly good enough to be considered a prospective mate for me.” At the blonde’s nod, even if Hana didn’t know why Naruto was considered ‘certainly good enough’ she began again. “Well thing is there’s a Jonin that recently gained enough standing that he wants to be my mate.” She was pleased to see the anger in Naruto’s eyes. “And my mom is only a Tokubetsu Jonin, so technically she outranks him in the clan setting only. If Ryoji is able to mate me, he can make a power play on Mom.” Hana paused a moment.

“So why me?” Naruto asked simply. “I’m not saying I won’t help or anything Hana-chan, but what do you need me to do?”

Hana licked her lips as Naruto turned; fully dressed in the ANBU outfit Mikoto had given him. The blonde was quite the striking figure. She quickly got back on track though. “I can’t mate with him, even if I wanted to, so long as I’m with you. I don’t want to mate with him either.” Hana paused. “He’ll kill Mom if he gets the chance.” She whispered. “He’s loyal, but he’s ambitious and he feels his place is at the lead of the pack and Mom won’t submit. Not in a fight.” Hana swallowed. “But he has his right to challenge you to the right of being my mate and has initiated such a challenge.” Hana was looking worried

Naruto was pissed. “Don’t worry Hana-chan,” Naruto told her, going over to her and kissing her, getting a surprisingly hungry kiss in return. “I’ll put a stop to this.” Naruto promised.

Naruto and Hana both raced out, a small book left forgotten in Naruto’s nightstand as he raced to help Hana with this current problem. It didn’t take them long to get to the Inuzuka Compound where there was a bit of a gathering. Naruto landed in the middle of it with Hana, and he could see all the dogs looking at him warily with their pack members.

Naruto’s eyes were drawn to a man with a standard Konoha Jonin ensemble, so flak jacket, Shinobi pants, sandals, long sleeved shirt under the flak jacket and a Konoha headband around his head. The man had slicked back black hair and was quite muscular. The dog standing beside him was a black beast with some nasty scars in the fur. All in all, the pair looked like quite the assault team.

“So you’re the little Gaki who managed to claim Hana-chan as your own.” The man said with a deep base voice.

Naruto cracked his neck. “Let’s get this show on the road; your ugly mug is insulting my mate.” He said looking to Hana with a slight smile. The Inuzuka, always eager to see a fight, began to quickly back up so that the contestants had plenty of maneuvering room.

Ryoji was confident. He knew who the Kyuubi Gaki was and he was going to enjoy thrashing the blonde. “Since I’m a Jonin Gaki, I’ll take it easy on you. I won’t use anything outside my Clan techniques.” He said it in such a way as though he was insulting Naruto’s claim to being part of the clan. “Garôga!” he shouted out. Showing his experience, his rank, and his skill with the clan techniques, Ryoji didn’t even need to transform into the dual headed wolf with his hound to start the mighty rotation at the blonde.

Naruto rushed ahead, meeting the charge head on. “Rasengan!” he shouted, spinning up the blue ball and making it spin faster and stronger before driving it into the point of the drill, clashing with It and causing massive winds to be kicked up, blinding and deafening the blonde.. Naruto purposely caused his Rasengan to spin in the opposing direction of the Garôga.

“Now!” Ryoji shouted. Naruto heard the distinctive sound of a Garôga from behind and got drilled by Ryoji’s partner, blood flying up from the twister and from Naruto’s body as he was passed between the two drills. Naruto landed in a lump and slid a ways, blood smearing on the ground.

Ryoji landed and looked over to the blonde with a confident smirk. “Humph, some Shinobi you turned out to be.” He said. It hadn’t even been a challenge to win Hana from the blonde.

Naruto growled. “I’m not dead, and I’m not unconscious. And I’m not submitting.” Naruto knew that there was more on the line than Hana realized. Naruto was technically the clan head. Tsume wouldn’t even get to fight Ryoji if Naruto was beaten here and the arrogant prick was rubbing Naruto the wrong way for Naruto to want the man to lead the Inuzuka clan.

Naruto slowly pushed himself to his feet and looked around, trying for a tactical advantage. His blood was everywhere, even dripping from the mutt’s maw and the bastard’s claws.

Wait… His blood was everywhere.

Naruto’s mind was going miles an hour and he quickly summoned up his clones, using his ‘go to’ Jutsu. Only he summoned them up in a mass that surrounded Ryoji and the mutt. It was a tactic that couldn’t hope to win and could be seen as a desperation move.

Ryoji smirked a little bit. He wouldn’t even have to resort to using any more special moves for this. “Let’s Go Mochizuki!” he shouted and rushed forward. He began an onslaught through the clones with his hound, slashing through their pitiful guards with his claws and strength.

One didn’t dispel though, instead having their cheek ripped through and bleeding. Ryoji grabbed this one by the collar and lifted him up, his hand poised like a spear, ready to rip through the blonde’s throat. “Ready to submit little pup?” he asked with a feral grin.

Naruto spit blood into his face. “Go to Hell.” He said.

Ryoji barely restrained himself. “Then any last words?” He asked drawing his hand back further so he had the additional momentum.

Naruto chuckled. “Yeah, I’m a fucking Uzumaki, Bitch!” Naruto said and kicked the man in the groin, making Ryoji howl and drop Naruto who jumped back. “Seal!” he shouted, pressing his hand to a blood marking on the ground. Lines lit up around Ryoji and Mochizuki, lines interconnecting to various seals drawn in Naruto’s blood.

Ryoji dropped like gravity was crushing him. He tried to lift himself, even use his chakra, but he just couldn’t move. He howled in fury baring his teeth. A sword was placed up under his chin, poised for his throat.

“Ryoji-san is unable to break free.” Naruto told the Inuzuka watching who were surprised at the upset.

One of the advisors of the clan stepped forward to confirm this. “Uzumaki-san is the winner.” He said before turning and walking away, his word on the matter final. There wouldn’t be a chance to refute it. While a slightly dirty method of winning, Naruto had won.

Hana moved over and checked Naruto’s back. The blood was already drying and his back was mostly healed, in just a few more moments she saw that his flesh was slowly brought together. Hana activated a small healing Jutsu and healed his mouth and chest, accelerating his own healing. Hana then spun him around and kissed him hard on the mouth, full of tongue even. “Thank you, thank you, thank you.” Hana said and hugged the blonde tightly to her chest.

Naruto grinned at the feel of Hana’s chest before he eased himself back. He sheathed his sword and nodded to Hana. “Anytime Hana-chan.” He told her.

“There is one other matter that you can help me with Naruto-kun.” She told him, leading him inside the main Inuzuka house, the one that was for her, her mom, and Kiba.

“What’s that?” Naruto asked as he followed Hana up to her room, the Haimaru brothers soon leaving as Hana opened the door.

Hana smirked over her shoulder. “I’ve been a good Bitch Naruto-sama; won’t you please reward your Bitch?” She whispered in a husky tone as the blonde closed the door behind him. While bitch is usually used as a derogatory term, especially with female members of the Inuzuka clan, in the context that Hana was using the word, it was more like a title for Beta, dirty talk slang for lack of a better word.

Naruto growled at the huskier tone. He stepped forward and gently pushed Hana forward so she was bent over the bed. He moved forward and grabbed those tight Shinobi pants and jerked his hands to the sides ripping them at the seams and exposing the red thong hugging Hana’s ass tightly.

Hana growled a little bit and she clawed at her vest, getting it off and throwing it to the side of the room. She felt her torso jerk a bit as Naruto ripped off the black tank top, exposing the matching bra. She was practically soaking her thighs at the roughness and dominance the blonde was showing. “Please Naruto-sama.” Hana whimpered.

Hana winced in pleasure as her ass was slapped. “Thank you Naruto-sama.” She said and was rewarded with another slap to her ass. “Thank you Naruto-sama.” She said again, her voice breaking up a little bit with both the stinging pain and the pleasure she was feeling.

Naruto quickly unbuttoned his pants and pulled his cock out. “Knees up Hana.” He told her and got her onto her hands and knees on her bed. Hana even lowered her torso down a little bit, making her ass stick out. Naruto tore off the thong and smacked her on the ass again.

The blonde then moved onto the bed and grabbed his cock with his hand. He pushed the tip inside Hana before he drove himself into her in one hard thrust, making Hana cry out in pleasure and grip her bed. Naruto grabbed the back of her bra and pulled back, feeling the metal clasps bend and release. Her breasts fell out of her breasts when he started to thrust into her, grabbing onto her pony tail as he thrust deep into her pussy.

“Fuck! Yes!” Hana howled out as Naruto started fucking her. She wasn’t even bothered by the rather rough removal of her clothes, she had more and she could get more. It was the blonde’s cock spreading her pussy that was what she wanted. “Fuck my cunt, please Naruto-sama!” she shouted clawing the bed a bit more as the blonde only got more vigorous with his fucking.

Hana pushed back against the hard thrusts of the blonde, she tried looking over her shoulder but Naruto kept pulling on her pony tail. Eventually he removed the band keeping it in place and her hair began to fall in front of her eyes. She looked up to the full length mirror across from her and caught Naruto looking at her face. Hana licked her lips erotically, causing him to pound into her harder. She wouldn’t be caught dead doing this with someone else.

Naruto adjusted his hips a little bit. He found it erotic to watch himself pound into Hana and have the busty Kunoichi just taking it quite thoroughly. Not only that, but he was mostly dressed, the ANBU jacket was hanging a little loosely on his shoulders, while Hana was stark naked and her hair was out of the ponytail, her hair bouncing around her face.

Naruto picked her up, hands scooping her up by moving up between her thighs and lifting her up. He held her up by under her legs, keeping them splayed as he bounced her up and down and driving his cock inside of her. Hana shook her head and Naruto leaned in, capturing her lips, probing her mouth with a forceful tongue.

Hana could barely think the new position had the blonde driving against her cervix and her g-spot with every thrust. She reached back and grabbed his blonde hair, kissing Naruto more while trying to work her hips to get more of the blonde’s hard fucking. Her other hand moved to maul at her breast, digging her nails into the flesh and groping it tightly. Despite her best efforts to hold back, she could feel herself getting closer quickly.

She broke the kiss and her head hung a little bit. “Fuck, fuck, fuck, yes, please, oh Kami, fuck me, fuck me!” she howled out, feeling the blonde Alpha fucking her tight body and practically reshaping it so only he would fit. It was an exaggeration, but at the moment she didn’t give a damn. “Fuck!” she screamed before she came heavily, splashing the blonde’s thighs with her juices and massaging his cock.

Naruto drew out of Hana, his own orgasm impending. He slowly set her down on the ground and grabbed her soft tits. He began to pump between them, her juices lubricating his cock quite thoroughly. Hana stayed there, tongue out panting and trying to recover while Naruto worked himself to his own orgasm.

Naruto grunted a bit and pulled out of her cleavage just in time to paint one cheek white with his cum, the hot seed sliding down and covering the red fang marking. A second blast caught Hana on the lips where she promptly licked it up. His third shot was aimed for her other cheek but her hair was in the way so white cum contrasted with her dark hair. His final blast of cum landed on her cleavage where she rubbed it in with her hands.

Hana was breathing heavily, looking up to the blonde. She wasn’t done and she hoped he wasn’t either. She moved back onto the bed, spreading her legs. After a moment of thought, she drew her legs upwards towards her breast, having to lean her head to the side to watch Naruto. “There’s still another hole you have yet to claim.” Hana whispered, offering up her ass by spreading her ass cheeks.’

Hana’s breathing hitched as she watched Naruto grab a bottle of lubricant that she had, for when she got lonely and was a little on the dry side, and he began to rub it in on her ass, spanking her after a while before she felt the oil being pressed against her asshole. She bit her lip, a little worried about Naruto’s size. She had never tried to take something so thick inside of her.

Naruto began to pump his length with a bit of the lubricant and moved to press into Hana. He was steady and he leaned in over her. He felt her legs bend over his shoulders, making her body as tight for the position as she could. She also grabbed Naruto’s head and leaned up, kissing him on the lips. Naruto pressed into the kiss, his tongue slipping into her mouth as he began to work in and out of her, taking it slow at first.

Only about three fourths of his cock worked in at first, but with each passing moment as Hana relaxed and was slowly getting into it, he was working himself a little deeper. His hand moved to her breast and he began to squeeze it tight, enjoying the feel and firmness of Hana’s breasts. Hana pulled back from the kiss when he did, her back arching and her head tilting back in a moan.

Hana was surprised by the feeling of fullness her ass was getting from being slowly, but steadily, fucked by Naruto. Her arms moved up to his back and she dug her fingers into the fabric of the jacket. The roughness of the cloth on her skin also felt good, especially when certain parts pressed against her pussy.

“More.” She whimpered softly. She moaned when he gave it to her, “More. Fuck my tight Inuzuka ass.” She whispered and felt the blonde’s pace begin to pick up. She tightened her hold on Naruto’s body, enjoying it and giving little sounds of pleasure. She was addicted to the feeling the blonde could give. She briefly thought about- “Oh fuck!” she cried out

Naruto began to fuck Hana harder, his hips smacked against her body and he was leaning in over her, forcing her body to compress a bit more and her ass to tighten up even more. Naruto was forcing Hana’s loud drawn out moans to turn into short breathy gasps that she couldn’t contain. He slapped her on the rear as best he could given the position.

Naruto could feel his orgasm building. He could feel it in the way his cock would twitch occasionally. He could feel Hana’s orgasm building given she had problem remaining still and was squirming, making her insides tighten around his cock. He grit his teeth and increased his pace a little bit more trying to drive her over the edge first.

Hana screamed in pleasure as she finally had her release. She could barely believe the sensation she was experiencing. It was a harder orgasm than most anything she had ever had before and she could feel warmth spreading inside of her, the blonde having released inside of her. Hana closed her eyes a little bit, panting heavily.

Naruto eased himself out of Hana, breathing a little heavily himself. He inhaled and soon relaxed himself, sitting on the edge of the bed.

Hana slowly sat up, her body feeling a little sore and stiff given the position she was just in. She smiled at the blonde a bit. Hana then went to the bathroom, cleaning herself up a little bit. “Why don’t you clean up and then rest here with me; take a short nap?” she asked as she moved to lie on her bed

Naruto moved to the bathroom and did clean up. He came out and stripped himself of his clothes before moving to lay with Hana. After fucking Tsunade, getting into a fight in which he got injured, and then fucking Hana, he was a little exhausted and wanted nothing more to rest for a few hours. A nap sounded good.

Hana smiled and pet the blonde on his head as he snuggled up to her side, his head on her breast. He must have been more tired than she thought. He passed out fairly quickly. Hana saw her door open, the blanket moved up over Naruto and over her other breast. Hana saw her mother looking in. “Yes Mom?”

Tsume smirked. “So… how was it?” she asked.

Hana smirked in return. “Wonderful as I’m sure you remember. But he was all mine this time.” Hana petted his head again pleased with the outcome.

Tsume snorted. “Don’t worry, I’ll get the pup to myself eventually.” Tsume said as she walked out of the room, closing the door behind her

Hana smiled and snuggled into the blonde to go to sleep,

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