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We See Through The Little Doll's Eyes

by AmericanHorrorStory 4 reviews

FRERARD! Gerard Way - 22 year old serial killer. Frank Iero - his 16-year-old target. NOTE IN THE PROLOGUE!

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"Gee?" Frank asks timidly, his voice trembling and shaking as he grips onto his boyfriend's hand, russet eyes wide and laced with fear.

"Oui, Frankie?" 23-year-old Gerard looks down, slightly unnerved by the glassy look in his little bunny's eyes. Stopping their movements, Gerard pulled softly away, the air between the two males dense and sickening.

"M-Mom and D-Dad found out. A-about us. I-I-I'm not allowed to see you anymore." Frank's words tumble out of his pierced lips, cheeks flushing a dark red before breaking away from Gerard, sprinting full-pelt away from the man. Gerard simply stands, eyes wide in shock and heart pumping viciously against his ribs, almost as if it were a bird pecking at birdseed.

"I-I can't see you anymore?" Gerard echoes brokenly, tears filling his hazel eyes at the burnt image of Frank's frightened russet orbs, nibbling away at his lip.

As he watched the boy's quickly retreating, skinny form, Gerard grit his small, off-white teeth, long pale fingers clenching into a fist.

"If I can't have you, Frankie, no one else can."

A/N: So, that was a quick prologue. I guess I should introduce myself, no? My name is Claire Isabella Willis, I'm currently 14, I write Waycest and Frerard and my favorite band is My Chemical Romance. I think you all know me well.

Ah, the note I was talking about. Well, guys, this plot is my brainchild, and it's gonna get me somewhere. I want to know whether you'd like to see it as a graphic novel or an actual novel.
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