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Patron Saints.

by AmericanHorrorStory 2 reviews

Pure teenage self-hatred & angst. R & R?

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A/N: This is... I don't even know what it is.

I've lied through glass eyes,
Told you it's alright.
A million miles away,
You couldn't see the guilt etched on my face.
I told you I loved you,
I meant it when I did.
I'm sorry for the heartache,
And I'm sorry for the tears.
There's hate beneath these hazel eyes,
And I can't shake it away.

I'll lie my body down in a bed of thorns,
I'll scratch away at what's left of my sickening sanity.
You'll be crystallized and worshipped,
As the girl who got over it.
I'll play the role of the shadow caught behind a mirror,
I'll watch you live your golden life and I'll hate myself because of it.
I'm the one that breaks your heart,
You're the one who breaks my neck.
I'll be the patron saint of everything negative,
And you'll just be a saint.
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