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Portrait of Relena

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Drabbles on the Gundam pilots, starting with 'Party Night' why Heero couldn't kill Relena, and including a 'why Duo loves Heero' and 'why Wufei hates women'. More installations as they occur to me.

Category: Gundam Wing - Rating: PG - Genres: Humor - Characters: Duo, Heero, Quatre, Relena, Trowa, Wufei - Warnings: [!!] - Published: 2006-08-03 - Updated: 2006-08-03 - 332 words

Portrait of Relena Portrait of Relena
By gndmlvr01

Summary: Heero's still confused about Relena. This is every pilot's take on what is up with the former Queen of the World.
A/N: No one's in love with Relena, k? This is just a funny little ficlet I got off of the episode Portrait of a Ruined Kingdom, where Duo says, "She's not your average chick, trying to see the guy who wants to kill her."

Portrait of Relena
By tati1

"She's not your average chick, trying to see the guy who wants to kill her." - Duo Maxwell, Pilot 02

Heero always knew she was crazy. What sane person would bandage the guy that just tried to shoot her? Poor Duo was still sputtering over that one, even now that the wars were over.
Relena...Every time he said her name, she'd perked up like he's offered her the chance to marry him (not that he'd ever tried that, of course), never mind that he tended to try to kill, threaten, or turn her into an emotional wreck immediately after he said it. And she kept coming back for more.
What was with /that/, anyway?
Duo insisted she was crushing on him. Why else would she have made Duo look like the "bad guy"? Especially since he'd just saved her life.
Quatre thought she had been upholding her ideal of pacifism. The rest doubted it (though admittedly no one knew what Trowa thought).
Wufei was with Heero. The girl was nuts. She was a crazy onna, and Wufei was still trying to find an honorable way for Heero to avoid saving her life. She might be a strong leader, but she had scary stalker tendencies that had made him more than willing to help hide Heero whenever she discovered their new location (though Duo kept ruining the attempt).
Trowa, of course, still didn't say anything. He just laughed.
Heero stopped asking him. He was crazy, too. Not that he'd say that near Quatre.
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