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A Nightmare

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A short, unorganized, visual poem

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This is how the real nightmare devours you whole with its jagged teeth and bloodied hands. Scars with a grisly effect paint over the monster with that twisted and gnarled sneer it has come accustomed to wearing. There shall be no out... you will be pulled in as long as you continue to sleep and as long as you cannot tell the difference between reality and the dream realm whilst you slumber.

Your heartbeat quickens. Your breathing halts. Time slows to the point where you feel as if you were trudging through tar yet it is too swift to cease anything from happening.

You cannot stop the falling once you slip. It will tear and shred at you as long as you fight it... however the moment you let up is the moment the demonic shadows and the blinding light and the uncontrollable flames and the bone-chilling ice seep inside.

Your mind cannot process time and speed.

Your eyes cannot see outside of the tunnel vision that you believe leads you the way out.
You have no voice to cry for help.

It is numbing... but it has an unexplainable sharp-shooting pain that drills up your spine.

It will not spit you out until it is done with you. You cannot climb out; the walls are acid...

When you awaken there will be that fear and the unnerving panic that can't ever settle in your gut. There will be sweat and tears that you don't remember crying. But it will wash away. Your temperature will cool, your panic will calm, the sweat will dry, and you will remember that it was only a dream. A nightmare. Nothing more. And you will realize that it is now okay.
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