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Sincerely, us (Chapter 3)

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Two first blood cousins who can't seem to find the love they had for each other, also struggle to find there balance in the bedroom.

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Ashley heads to Chelsea's house for the night. They lay on the bed and split a botte of vodka with coke-cola.

"So....No Gaedner lately, huh?". Says chelsea.

"No. I don't know why, but we've lost track of our sex life. It's been off the blocks for a while".

"Maybe he's not cutting it anymore for you".

"No, I doubt it".

"Hmm.....I think you need some vraiety in your life".

"How so?".

"Just wait".

Chelsea pulls our a vibrator from her draw. "Tonight let me strenghthen your pleasure for your appetite of satisfaction". Chelsea uses the vibrator. Her right hand is free as she squeezes her boob,and starts fingering her. Hearing Ashley moan she starts kissing her body slowly-from her cold, soft kips, to the soft spots on her neck,then to stomach. She takes her tounge making a path licking her body below Ashley's waist near the inisde of her thighs. Chelsea starts sucking Ashely's pussy, and sucking her skin intensively.

later the next day

Ashley heads home. She is washing dishes as Gardner is just getting home. He walks up to her and says "Hey babe".


"Can you do me a favor?".

"Like what?".

"I want you to do things to me. Kiss me. Take advantage of me".

"A-Ashley are you asking me to-"

"Yes! I want it".

The sex that day was horrendous. It was nothing like a few months ago when he took it to her against the bedroom door. That day he gave it his all, letting his anger go with each thrust. This time it was horrible. Almost close to being the worst she ever had. NO wonder why Matt and Chelsea are her go to people. This will start something new. An affair that wil carry to poisin the mind-not only for Ashley, but for Gardner as well.
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