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Sincerely, us (chapter 4)

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It's no different than last time. All I want is something different...maybe I'll find it within you.

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Gardner sits up on his bed, confused and a bit disappointed. His ex boyfriend and companion Dave, cuddles up next to him.

"Good morning. Gardner? Gardy? Hello? GARDNER!".

"What, huh?".

"I said good morning".

", you too".

"Is everything okay?".

"yeah. I'm just a bit distracted. That's all".

"Is there anything I can help you with?".

Dave winks at him flirtatiously as he slides his fingers down Gardner's arms , landing a small peck on his muscular shoulder, then on his arm.

"Yeah. I, uh, I have a problem....with my entire body. Especially on my lips, neck, and you know...down there".

"Oh. I think I can fix that. Just lay back and don't tense up".


Dave gets on top of Gardner and leans over him with his hands on the sheets on the bed. He whispers in his ear "You're all mine. No one else's'". Dave places a gentle kiss on Gardner's neck and cheek. he slowly puts his dick inside his own ass. Dave starts bouncing on his like a fuckin kangaroo and as his dick starts to stiffen up, he gets off and suck his cock, taking it deep into his mouth.

Gardner groans, then Dave starts stroking his dick hard, sighing and breathing heavy. He ejaculates all over his hand as it blasts out on the bed, down his balls. Though the sex was the same thing every time, it was predictable. Just like with Ashley. But with April, it would be different-something he hasn't encountered with Ashley.
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