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Sincerely, us (Chapter 8)

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I hate getting my heart broken, but when its with you, its different.

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The bed is empty. Different. No Ashley. Thats the woman missing from my heart. The only woman to make me smile. I just cant seem to wrap my head around on what she sees in Matt. I'm sure she feels the same about April. As bad as it is hurting me to put myself at a position with money for sex, my heart is scrambled. It's bruised from all the hits its taken from how horrible i feel. But no matter how hard i persuade myself to re-kindle my love for Ashley, it just fades away.

The space in my heart is an earthquake. Gardner is not there to fill in the missing gap, that use to beat repeatedly. When we were younger me and Gardner were in love. We would hangout everyday, all day-it was the happiest i been with any other guy, with Matt it was an exception. When Gardner kissed me for the time the spark of our lips caused some shock in our hearts, a magical moment. I knew i was his and he was mine forever. But right now things are awry between us.

Ashley knocks on the door of Gardner's room crying and upset. He opens it and says with concern" Hey! Whats wrong?". She rushes into his arms and cries her hearr, spilling a waterfall of rain on his abs inside his shirt. In between sobbs"Matt...H-He...I saw him in a picture with another girl.....Kissing. I tried to tell him how i feel about him but he didnt....He didnt love me back".

"Oh , im sorry, Ash. He didnt deserve you....Not at all. Im here for you, Ash. Im right here. Im not going anywhere". Gardner begins to gently rubs his fingers around her back to calm her down. He lifts her chin up slowly and says"Dont....Dont, um, dont cry". He kisses her and shortly after that, she falls asleep in his arms the entire night.
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