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It's always been about you (chapter 1)

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Kaitlyn and Cody Rhodes one shots

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Cody's P.O.V.

After my match against Zach Ryder (which I won by the way), I walked to find Damien because we apparently have a date with the Bella's of some sort. I wasn't paying attention to what he was talking about. My mind was too distracted on Kaitlyn. I'm so stupid. Right then and there kaitlyn should have known how I felt about her. Don't get me wrong.....the Bella twins are hot, but they are just two.....brats. Putting on a fake smile and a fake, charming personality is exhausting. I sigh then Damien and the Bella twins are behind me.

Damien: Hey there, Cody!.

Cody: Oh. Hi.

Damien: It's time for us to go. Tonight is our date with these precious, sexy ladies.

Cody: No thanks. I'm good.

Damien: But Cody.....Oh, I get it. That Kaitlyn girl, right?.

Cody: Yeah.

Brie Bella: Her? Ms. Sasquatch?

Cody: Hey! To you she might nothing, but to me she is beautiful. Kaitlyn, is she the only woman who makes me feel different. She makes me feel what I could never feel with you. With her everything is real. Everything blossoms when I see her, or talk to her.

Kaitlyn: That's what you feel about me?.

Cody: It's how I always felt.

Kaitlyn walks a little closer to Cody. She says" You three get lost". Taken back by he feels, she glares at him lovingly. She hugs him and says" You're such a sap, Rhodes". He chuckles and says" I know, but If I'm dashing and crafty". She smiles and says" You're my dashing and crafty Rhodes". He kisses her and the fireworks in both there hearts paint a picture of there hearts colliding as one.
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