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It's come to my attention that there's been some drama in this site recently.

Guys, this is getting tiring!
I HATE it when my friends fight or argue or whatever. You're all great! I love you all and you all deserve to be loved.
Some, most, of you guys have so much in common. With that in mind, do you REALLY want to disagree and lose a friendship, or a possible friendship, over something so little compared to everything else?!
This site is toxic. No doubt in my mind that every aspect of it is fucking poison. Do I care? No. I said this before and I will say it again:
It's the fucking amazing people that keep me here.
It's the incredible personalities that keep my heart alive and passionate.
It's you all that make up this site and keep it throbbing.
FicWad is great site and it's so amazing to think that one site can connect all of these people with a passion, no matter where they are.
Do we really want to fight and argue more, after everything that goes on in our lives? After everything everyone here has ever been through? After all we still have to go through?
We are all connected in more than one way, and we shouldn't argue.

I think that's the end of my little rant. Sorry to everyone stuck in the middle.

Bye guys. Enjoy your day/night.
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